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OURWAY offers tours in Scandinavia:

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Stockholm · Sweden

Stockholm’s true colours are green and blue, with its luscious parks and fresh water. Occasionally the sun pops out, beware of the sun-soaking Swedes and the hipster-daddy running by the waterfront with a stroller. Look, a Michelin chef’s food truck! Try it, Sweden is more than meatballs. Enjoy a candy cane-flavoured ice-cream in a former royal park. Vacation! The bells of the Cathedral chime, it’s 2PM. You’re just in time for your tour with us! Read more…Read less…


Copenhagen · Denmark

A fun and relaxed lifestyle, two of the key ingredients to make the happiest people in the world. Maybe it’s the man having his chocolate spread on his morning toast, before biking his kids to the inner city tivoli. Maybe it’s the couple discovering why Copenhagen is the beer-capital of Scandinavia, discussing whether to live on a houseboat or in an eco-house. Hygge, as the Danes would say! So unwind, slow down and meet our Dane. Read more…Read less…


Oslo · Norway

Passing a group of locals dressed in traditional folk costume, you’ll think it’s a musical. That the fjords are alive to the sound of music. The Norwegians just sound like they sing. Sit down by the quirky Opera House, dare to take a shot of Aquavit and try some freshly caught salmon. Kjempeflott! Oh, we forgot to mention it’s Sunday. Unfortunately all shops are closed. You better call us for a tour! Read more…Read less…