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Cookie Policy

  1. General

    1. OURWAY Tours AB (”we”) is according to applicable regulatory frameworks, obliged to inform you that our website (the ”Website”) contains cookies, how and what the cookies are used for, how you can change your cookie preferences, decline and/or block cookies, and that your consent on allowing cookies to be stored on your computer or mobile device, such as mobile phones and tablets, is required to be able to visit the Website in the meant way.
    2. This cookie policy (the “Cookie Policy”) is for you, so you as a user can feel confident that we handle your information in an appropriate manner and comply with applicable regulatory frameworks governing processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector. Kindly read this Cookie Policy so you can understand how we are handling cookies. For further information regarding processing of personal data through cookies, we refer you to our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept what is stated in this Cookie Policy, please do not use the Website.
  2. What are cookies and how do we use cookies?

    A cookie is a small piece of data, in a form of little text files that the Website asks your browser to store or hard drive of your computer or mobile device, when you visit the Website. Cookies allow the Website to i.a. to provide you access to different functions, remember your actions or preferences over time and to optimize your use of the Website. We use cookies in order to be able to develop, to quality assure the Website and to continuously improve your user experience, the content of the Website and its IT-security. We use Google Analytics as a statistical analysis tool to collect statistical information through cookies, such as the duration of your visit at the Website, parts of the website that are visited and to study the behaviour at the Website. There are different types of cookies and following cookie types operate on the Website:

    Name Information Type Retention Information disclosure
    PHPSESSID PHP session ID Session Session No
    __stripe_mid Stripe cookie Permanent 1 Year Yes
    __stripe_sid Stripe cookie Permanent 1 day Yes
    _dc_gtm_UA-27357863-1 Google tag manager Permanent 1 day Yes
    _fbp Facebook Pixel Permanent 3 months Yes
    _ga Google Analytics Permanent 2 years Yes
    _gat_UA-27357863-1 Google Analytics Permanent 1 minute Yes
    _gid Google Analytics Permanent 2 days Yes
    _hjIncludedInSample Hotjar Session Session Yes
    cookie_notice_accepted Cookies accepted Permanent 1 month No
    fr Facebook Pixel Permanent 1 year Yes
  3. How to change cookie preferences, decline and/or block cookies?

    Most browsers support cookies, but you as user can generally set your browser to accept cookies or to decline them and delete them at all times, depending on the browser controls available to you. However, if you choose to block cookies, the Website may not work as it should or some certain areas of the Website or its functions will not be available to you and any preferences you have previously chosen, you have may lost.

  4. Changes in the privacy policy

    In case we need to make significant changes to this Cookie Policy, we will announce it on the Website.

  5. Contact details

    If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy or our personal data processing in conjunction with our use of cookies, please contact us at info@ourwaytours.com.