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Rooftop Walk Stockholm (Thunderbird)

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STOCKHOLM. 1,25h. The Rooftop Walk guarantees a 360 degree view of Stockholm. Shaking in your boots? Don't worry! Along with the walk it self comes two guides, a harness and helmet. You are safe! Challenge yourself, join our Rooftop Tour!

If you suffer from vertigo, this rooftop tour is certainly not the tour for you. However, if you are looking for an adventure and a walking tour out of the ordinary, the Rooftop Walk is it. With a 360 degree view and a rising pulse, you will be able to take in unbeatable views of Stockholm on a 75 minutes long Rooftop tour. 

On the island of Riddarholmen, located on the old parliament building, rooftop walk 43 meters above ground. In 75 minutes on shaky legs, you will get to hear stories of burning palaces, the city prison and construction of the City Hall.

Unwind and enjoy the panoramic views, you will be dressed in a harness attached to a wire system that runs the length of our walk. Walk on a metal walkway designed especially for the tour itself, relax - you are safe!

For the ultimate adrenalin-kick, don’t forget to look down! Rooftop Walk Stockholm - do you dare? 

Includes: Equipment / Guide 

  • 832 SEK /Erwachsener

Information zur Tour

Ort: Birger Jarls Torg, 11128, Stockholm, Sweden


Teilnehmer:Minimum 10, Maximum 12.

Länge: 1 stunde und 15 minuten

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