What to eat in Oslo?


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We at OURWAY Tours love to discover a country through its food, as it says so much about it. If you’re planning a breakaway to Oslo this year, this is what you need to eat in Olso!

The Norwegian delicacy Brunost
Around 30% av all cheese that’s eaten by the Norwegians is the brunost, with its sweet-sour taste. The original Brunost (translating to brown cheese) was created by a woman named Anne Hov. In the middle of the 18th century, her residential area led by an economic crisis, Anne Hov, who then worked on a mountain farm got an idea. When she added cream to whey while boiling, she made a thicker, more solid product – like cheese. She named it to Feitost (fat cheese). Since then, the brown cheese has been produced, consumed and loved in Norway.

Fresh fish from Oslo Fjord
With its vicinity to the fjord, the city of Oslo is the perfect place to eat fresh fish. Try oysters, smoked salmon, smoked trout and marinated salmon. It’s a delight!

The dish is made by salted, dried ribs of sheep. The meat is then steamed in a saucepan on a layer of birch sticks or on a cooking grate. To pinnekjøtt you’re most often served boiled potatoes, lingonberries or mustard. Even though pinnekjøtt is a dish most popular around Christmas, you can still find it at restaurants serving typical Norwegian food almost year around.

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Where to go shopping in Stockholm?

shopping in stockholm

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Scandinavian fashion is getting quite famous all across the world. We have brands like Filippa K, Acne but also worldwide famous H&M. If you’re urging to getting to know the city by shopping in it, here’s where to go shopping in Stockholm.

As a capital, naturally, Stockholm has lots of shopping opportunities. Whether you prefer vintage over luxury brands, Stockholm has it. Like other cities, much of the same thing is found at the same place.

Vintage on Södermalm
In the bohemian streets of Södermalm (locally known as Söder), you have one second-hand store after another in every corner. Myrorna (Götgatan 29 & Hornsgatan 96) and Stadsmissionen (Hornsgatan 58, Skånegatan 75, Fatburs Brunnsgata 26) are two “chains” of stores with cheap vintage clothing and accessories. On Hornsgatan 77 (close to Mariatorget), you have a Filippa K Second-hand store and Judits on Hornsgatan 75 also offers more selected clothing.

Luxury brands on Östermalm
The area that makes Biblioteksstan is the mecca for shopping luxury brands. Biblioteksstan is the nick-name for the blocks between the squares Stureplan and Norrmalmstorg, around the main street Biblioteksgatan. Here you’ll find brands such as Chanel, By Malene Birger, Gant, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and much more. All stores can be found on Biblioteksstans website.

Budget brands on Norrmalm
In the city center of Stockholm, also known as Norrmalm, the budget brands jostle with each other. The main street for budget brands is the pedestrian street Drottninggatan. Here you’ll find not one but three H&M’s, Weekday, Lindex and other Scandinavian chains.

If you want someone to take you shopping and tell you about Swedish and Scandinavian fashion, check out our tour Passion for Fashion.

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Three festivals to attend in Copenhagen in April 2018


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Copenhagen is a vibrant city throughout the whole year if you ask us, and April is sure no exception. Here are three tips on festivals you can attend in Copenhagen in April 2018.

48HOURS FESTIVAL in Nørrebro
From the 27-29th of April, the culture festival 48HOURS Festival hits off in the bohemian area of Nørrebro. There will be concerts, workshops, street parties and art exhibitions. The program will be published here.

Cherry-blossoms at Copenhagen Sakura Festival
The blooming of the flowers in Langelinie Park is a big happening in the city. 200 cherry blossom trees in the park blooming are the definition of Spring’s arrival if you ask us! To celebrate the Sakura trees, the Copenhagen Sakura Festivals takes place every year. In 2018, the dates are 28 – 29th of April. Expect Japanese traditions, culture, and atmosphere. Read more about the festival on Copenhagen Sakura Festival’s website.

Friday Rock at Tivoli
Starting the 13th of April, Friday’s will contain a bit more rock n’ roll, at least in the amusement park Tivoli. It’s then that Friday Rock starts for the season. The schedule for the whole season of Fredagsrock (meaning Friday Rock) can be found here. The concerts are included in the price of the entrance fee to Tivoli.

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Tourist in your own city 2018

tourist in your own city

Photo by VisitOSLO

On Sunday the 15th of April, the city of Oslo will be the opposite of quiet when Tourist in your own city takes place again. For one day, museums, attraction, and businesses open up for the people. 

The event that takes place yearly, is done in collaboration with VisitOSLO and the city of Oslo. The goal is to make more locals experience what is offered in their one city – things they might be missing out, on a daily basis. Find more information about Tourist in your own city on their Facebook-event here. We at OURWAY Tours will offer our walking tour Hipster Oslo, completely for free. To participate in the day, you need a pass for the day. Go to VisitOSLO for more information.


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Things to do in Stockholm in April 2018


The long Winter is finally coming to an end, and we are so grateful for April finally being here. If you’re coming to Stockholm in April, here’s a few things you should tick off your bucket-list.

Stockholm Culture Night
For one night and one night only, Stockholm turns purple and stuffed to the max with cultural events. Museums, art institutions, performances, and concerts are all offered for free and restaurants offer a discount. This year, Stockholm Culture Night takes place on the 21st of April. We at OURWAY offer two of our Stockholm tours for free; Gamla stan in English and Östermalm in Swedish. First-come-first tickets are found at Stockholm Visitor Centre, Kulturhuset throughout the 21st.

Department 2018
For everyone who loves electronic music, Department 2018 will be a festival of their kind. It takes place two times this Spring: club-night at the 6th of April at Berns, and with a block party the 26th of May at Slakthusområdet. Tickets and information about who’s playing can be found on their website.

Stockholm Liquorice Festival
Do you have a sweet tooth for licorice? From 14th to 15th of April, a 2000 square meter big licorice festival takes place in Annexet, Stockholm. Indulge in tastings, inspiration and licorice filled entertainment! Tickets can be bought here.

Celebrate Valpurgis Night
Valpurgis, or as we say in Swedish – Valborg – is the official celebration of Spring. We say goodbye to Winter and welcome the Spring with everything it has to offer. This is celebrated through lightning bonfires across the city. Our favorite? The one out on Riddarholmen, that’s usually lit around 20.30.

Go on a tour with us
Springtime is the perfect opportunity to go on a walking tour with us. It’s not too cold and it’s not too warm, and the city isn’t flooded with visitors. Djurgården is just about to be blooming, so why not try our Delightful Djurgården? All of our public, walking tours in Stockholm can be found here.

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What to see and do in Copenhagen?

top tipps in kopenhagen

Copenhagen is a big city and it has lots of features, areas, and points of interests. Which you should see, or what you should focus on, depends entirely on what kind of interest you have. However, to narrow it down to the things (we think) you really need to see, we made you a check-list of what the city is most known for. 

Nyhavn, the colorful line of buildings overlooking the canal. This area has been popular since day one, and you’ll totally understand why once you arrive. The cafés and restaurants lined up on the cobblestoned streets, the people strolling, seamen working on their boats…
– The public squares and streets! Kungens Nytorv, Sankt Annæ Plads, and Rådhuspladsen are all car-free squares situated in the middle of the city.
Kongens Have (the King’s Garden). The park linked to Rosenborg Castle is a fantastic place to stroll or have a picknick in during Summer.
Tivoli Gardens, because regardless the season and weather this amusement park is truly a magic wonderland.

If you want a full travel guide for Copenhagen and what to see and do in every district, go to our travel guide for Copenhagen.

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