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Experience Christmas in Oslo

Christmas in Oslo

Snow has finally made its way to Oslo and we couldn’t be more excited. Are you planning on visiting the capital of Norway around Christmas? Perfect. Not sure what you should do? Even better. We’ve listed our favourite places to see, to eat and things to do in Oslo. So put an extra jumper on

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Get Into the Christmas Spirit in Copenhagen

Christmas in Copenhagen

Wondered why the Danes are dubbed as the happiest people on earth? Visit Copenhagen during Christmas and you’ll understand why. The Danes are experts on making this dark and cold month the most joyful time of the year with their jaw-dropping Christmas decorations and lights. Besides that, there’s a bunch of other things you can’t

Weekend in Stockholm

If you ask us, Fall is by far the best season to recharge your batteries from the activity-filled Summer. Are you planning on visiting Stockholm during this colourful time of the year? Perfect. We’ve helped you plan what you should do, where you should eat and where you should sleep during your weekend in the

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Explore Stockholm this Christmas

Jul i Stockholm

While waiting for the Christmas decorations to light up the city, we’ve been writing down the absolute musts during your visit to the capital of Sweden. Looking for the most decorated places, a traditional Christmas dinner or cosy Christmas markets? We’ve got you covered. Most “Christmassy” places Nordiska Kompaniet One thing that not only tourists

The Inner Harbor Bridge, Copenhagen – The Story Behind It

Innerhafenbrücke Kopenhagen

The Story Behind the Inner Harbor Bridge, Copenhagen

The Inner Harbor Bridge binds Nyhavn and the islands of Christianshavn together and is frequently used on a daily basis. To build a bridge across the channel sounds simple though, right? Yet, it took ages to finalize, why? Here’s the story behind the project and why it took so long to finish.

Let’s take a step back

The Inner Harbor Bridge, or Inderhavnbroen as the locals would say, is a 180-meter, 590 ft, long bridge connecting Nyhavn and the islands of Christianshavn together. Prior to this bridge, the only way across the channel between the two busy parts was by boat. Otherwise, you could walk, or bike, about 600 meters south of here to the closest bridge, which was a bit of a hassle, obviously. So, the idea of the bridge was contemplated and debated about for years, until they finally decided to give the project a green light and began construction in 2011 with a completion date in 2013.

The “Kissing” design

The Inner Harbour Bridge has got an entirely new design, with two retractable platforms that can separate the bridge when needed to let boats and ships get through with no issues at all. This is where the nickname “the Kissing Bridge” comes from. This was meant to be a revolutionizing design unique to Copenhagen, which means that it came at a price, a steep one, 200 million DKK, about €27 million. With a project of this magnitude, you’d expect every detail to be exact and everything to work out well. However, pivot that idea and you’re closer to reality. This is where it went wrong…

“Trust me, I’ve got this!”

2012 comes along and right away there’s something wrong. The supporting beams are 60cm, just under 2 ft, too tall! This is a nightmare which delayed the project for 4 months. As the retractable platforms arrived from Spain in 2013 they showed some serious flaws, but the project had to keep going! Soon enough, the third issue came up, the surface had started to crack and needed immediate reinforcements. As the summer passed and more flaws needed to be addressed, the main contractors declared bankruptcy and stopped all work on the bridge for 9 months.

In December, a storm hits Copenhagen and floods the machine room and 2 engines beyond repair. At this point, it’s past the original completion date and the cost is rising. But, a new polish contracting group takes over the project! As the construction continues, in 2015 one of the draw-wires connected to the retractable platforms snapped, which means more delays!

As 2016 came along, they discovered that the wheel-system that retracts the platforms was too weak. This called for an entirely new system which was finished in April of 2016. On top of that, in May 2016 the cold water mixed with the warm spring air made the bridge bend and skew more than intended. However, this is something they should’ve seen coming, as the same thing happens more or less every year in Copenhagen.


After a nightmare-project filled with problems, it was finally opened in July of 2016 with another 100 million DKK added to the bill, which is now at a total of 300 million DKK. This creates the next issue, who’s going to pay? Think about that one…

Today though, it stands as the majestic bridge it was designed to be. It’s used daily by thousands and thousands of pedestrians and bikers.

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Stockholm Culture Festival & We are STHLM, 14-18th of August 2018

stockholm culture festival we are sthlm Gustav Adolf live stage

Photo by Pauline Suzor

Stockholm Culture Festival & We are STHLM, 14-18th of August 2018

Enjoy Stockholm Culture Festival & We Are STHLM between the 14-18th of August 2018 with lots of activities and performances. It’s an annual festival with over 600 program items revolving around anything that falls under the category culture, music, art, photography, acting, etc. Last year over 750 000 visitors came to the festival and the turn out this year is expected to be the same. Here’s what you need to know!

What’s On?

The Stockholm Culture Festival, and it’s youth-orientated sister-festival We Are STHLM, offers over 600 program items throughout the five-day duration of the festival. Guided tours, classes, entertainment, performances, art shows and more are provided throughout the festival. The theme of this year’s festival is Canada.
We Are STHLM is situated in the King’s Garden, Kungsträdgården, and there are lots of activities to do here during the days and live performances during the evenings.

Instead of listing 600+ items for you to read through, here’s a link that will take you to their official website on which you can easily navigate through the different events, CLICK HERE. (You can switch between languages if you click “Meny” at the top right and then click the Globe where it says “Språk”)

Pricing and Location

The festival is covering the whole downtown of Stockholm, but the main venues for the Stockholm Culture Festival are:
(all of the listed items are links which will take you to their location on Google Maps)


The Stockholm Culture Festival and We Are STHLM are both free festivals, with the exception of guided tours which will cost you. They are however cheap, most of the guided tours will only run you 30 kr per person.

So, enjoy the festival and make sure you visit the official website for more information regarding the festival. Have an amazing week!

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