Unique hotels in Oslo

hotels in oslo

Photo by The Thief Hotel

Are you on the hunt for the best hotels in Oslo? If you really want your vacation in Oslo to be special, have a look at these unique hotels in Oslo that we hand-picked for you. The top of the top at Grand Hotel Oslo Not only is it located on Oslo’s main street –

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Christmas markets in Copenhagen 2017


Photo by Cityavisen

It’s the most wonderful times of the year… What better way to spend it then to get cosy at Christmas markets? Here’s a few Christmas markets in Copenhagen we want to visit this year.

Nyhavn’s Christmas Market
The colourful houses by the canals will soon be accompanied by tiny stalls decorated with lights. Here you’ll be able to find special Christmas gifts like handicrafts and knitwear. If you’re hungry, you’ll find some Danish delights too – apple slices, gløgg and sausages. Nyhavn’s Christmas Market is open from November 14th to December 22nd.

Christmas at Tivoli
Regardless the season, the amusement park Tivoli is year around one of our favorite places in Copenhagen. Christmas is no exception. Tivoli is adorned with all the Christmas decorations you could possibly imagine, their Nisseband plays Christmas songs in the garden and together, the amusement park’s lights creates a wonderful painting in the sky. And as always, you’ll of course be able to shop til’ you drop too! Around 60 stalls will be set up at the market, where you can buy food and drinks (of course on Christmas theme), decorations and lots of handmade items. Christmas at Tivoli is open from November 18th to December 31st.

German Christmas market at Højbro Plads
In the middle of the inner-city lies the square called Højbro Plads, and it’s here that the German market takes place from November 18th to December 23rd. This Christmas Market is a classical market with decorated trees, a reindeer and Santa’s sleigh. The square will be decorated with 80 000 (!) Christmas lights and Visit Copenhagen have their own little Christmas village for you to visit. Since it’s a German Christmas market, you of course can enjoy some German delights: glühwein, hot chocolate with whipped cream, frankfurters sausage from the barbecue and apple punch. When you’re done exploring you can shop Christmas gifts at one of the many stalls.

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Unique hotels in Stockholm

hotels in stockholm

Photo by Hobo Hotel

Are you visiting Stockholm on a weekend and want to add that extra spice to your vacation? Choose a unique hotel! There are plenty to choose between. Here’s our favorite unique hotels in Stockholm.

Haymarket by Scandic
This boutique hotel opened in 2016 and has since then proved it’s spot in the hotel scene in Stockholm – it was needed. Located in a venue that in the 1920s housed the warehouse PUB, where Greta Garbo used to work, you can count on well kept details in the interior and design. It’s just something out of the ordinary, everything from the golden shower cabins to the bed setting. Haymarket by Scandic is located on Hötorget (Haymarket Square) in the middle of Stockholm, close to Gamla stan (the Old Town), the pedestrian shopping street Drottninggatan and many great restaurants. See more of the hotel here.

Another new star on the hotel sky is Hobo, which, opposite to what the name might state, is a new boutique hotel in the city. The room, that consists of approx. 200 rooms also houses a restaurant, a café, two floors of bar and a pop-up area. What’s so special about this hotel is the interior and decoration. If you look at the photo below, you’ll see it’s not our typical clean Scandinavian interior. Count on the exact same standard though, if not better! Read more on Hobo’s website.

Pop House Stockholm
If you’re a fan of ABBA, you’ll wanna live in Pop House Hotel and nowhere else. Located on Djurgården in Stockholm, in the same venue as ABBA The Museum, you’ll find a four year old hotel (inaugurated in 2013). Each room has panoramic windows and fancy interior, sometimes quirky. On Friday’s you can enjoy Pop House Live at the hotel’s restaurant, most often a new artist with focus on music produced in Sweden. Book your room here.

Hotel Kungsträdgården
Just by Kungsträdgården, Berzelii Park and with both Östermalm and Norrmalm nearby, lies Hotel Kungsträdgården. It’s a family owned hotel, located in a building that dates back to the early 1800s. This is something you’ll definitely notice once you enter, many interior details are kept from this era, especially wooden works. The hotel opened in 2015, and when it did, it was done with one of Europe’s largest chandeliers on the hotel’s lovely courtyard. Read more about this hotel on Hotel Kungsträdgården’s website.

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Premiere for the Christmas Market in Gamla stan


On November 18th, the most beloved Christmas market in Stockholm is finally opening for the season! We are of course talking about the Christmas market in Gamla stan, Stortorget. 

If you’re missing just a little bit of Christmas feeling, the only way to go is to Stortorget! Here, the Christmas feeling is alla round. The smell of roasted almonds and glögg is as set as stone, and the cute little red stalls with items for sale offers plenty of things to look at. The market is open until December 23rd, don’t miss it!

PS. If you’re longing for even more christmas feeling, check out our walking tour with Christmas theme.

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Winter weekend to Copenhagen – What to do?


Photo by Expedia

Winter is here and the temperature is dropping by the day. However, visiting Copenhagen during winter offers a lot of fun in other ways than being outdoors, but even outdoors can be fun! Here’s what to do during a winter weekend to Copenhagen. 

First of all, Copenhagen and Scandinavia in general can be absolutely stunning during winter. There’s a “blue light” in the sky before it get’s dark, and when it gets dark, thousands of light bulbs light up the cities. Here’s a few suggestions on things to do:

– Visit the Cisterns! Read more about this unique exhibition space here.
– Go on a excursion to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, read our blog post about it (link).
Go on a Christmas market at Tivoli (link), it’s pure joy.
– Celebrating Christmas in Copenhagen? Check out our list of things to do here.

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Christmas markets in Oslo – We know all about ’em!


Photo by Høves Royal Class AS

We are closing in on December, so why not indulge the coming holidays by visiting a Christmas market while in Oslo? Here are Christmas markets in Oslo that you can attend already!

Spikersuppa Christmas Market
The most centrally located Christmas market is the one in the area of Spikersuppa, which is the name of the pool/skating rink just by Eidsvoll Square. Here you’ll find anything you can possibly ask for in a Christmas market, from crafts to delicacies. There’s also a Ferris wheel and entertainment for kids. The market is open daily from November 18 – December 30, 10.00 – 20.00.

Swedish Christmas market at Margaretakyrkan
Well, you have travelled all the way to Scandinavia, so why not experience a Swedish Christmas too, while you’re at it? At the Swedish church called Margaretakyrkan, at Hammersborg Torg 8B, you can do just that. Here you’ll find a traditional Swedish Christmas market with Christmas food, items for sale and raffles. Once every hour you can also listen to delightful Christmas music in the church. The profits from the market is donated to charity. The market is open from November 24-25th, starting at 11.00 both days.

Christmas market like back in the days at Bærums Verk
We have been writing about Bærums Verk earlier (link to blog post here), because it truly is the cosiest place this time of year. When the Christmas markets starts, yeah, that’s peak season! From November 26th to December 18th, Thursday – Sunday, you can shop Christmassy stuff in the small shops located in the houses originating from the 1700s. Trust us, it’s worth the ride.

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