Celebrate the cherry blossom trees in Copenhagen 29th of April


Photo by Highlyirregularstyle blog

Finally the trees are blooming at Langelinie Park in Copenhagen! Take the chance to celebrate the pink trees during the Copenhagen Sakura Festival. 

It’s one of the most beloved events in all spring if you ask the residents of Copenhagen, from the 29th to the 30th of April the Sakura Festival takes place at Langelinie Park, in central Copenhagen. It’s the Japanese tradition to celebrate the cherry blossom trees blooming. By the end of April, 200 trees are expected to be blooming and bursting in pink flowers. It’s the 10th year in a row that the festival’s been hold.

At the Sakura Festival, you can dive into the Japanese culture and watch drum shows, material arts and folk dance, or just sit down for a picnic! You can see the full program at Copenhagen Sakura Festival’s website.

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The Vikings are alive at the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo


Photo by Creative Commons

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo has for a long time been one of the most popular attractions in the city. Now, it’s getting even more better, when their new 3D-film have premiered in the museum.

The film is called The Vikings Alive and it’s situated on the ceiling and back wall inside the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. The film, that’s made with animation, presents a visual journey into the history of a ship. In the beginning of the film the Viking Ship is newly built, then it continues to the Norwegian fjords and ocean. The rest we will leave for you to see. The film is played in a loop all day, so you can go anytime. If you want to see a trailer of The Vikings Alive, go here.

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Stockholm Culture Night 2017


Photo by Kulturnatt.se

On April 29th, the city of Stockholm is painted purple and filled with culture. It’s time for Stockholm Culture Night 2017. 

Between 18.00 – 24.00, Saturday 29th of April, hundreds of fun events take place in Stockholm, and they’re for free. Stockholm Culture Night is an event to celebrate the diversity that exists in Stockholms cultural life, a chance to go and see something or do something you’ve never done before. We at OURWAY Tours are offering our Swedish tour Puss & Snusk, and there’s so much else to be found in the program. You can watch ballet at the Ballet Academy, check out Susan Philipsz – Lost in Space on Bonnier Konsthall, celebrate Finland’s 100 year anniversary at the Institute of Finland where a “Finntastic Festival” will be held or go to a DJ-course at Mäster Olofsgården. As you can hear, it’s a diverse program and we are super excited (and also a bit concerned about how we’re going to fit in everything we want to try!).

If you’re in town on the 29th and want to know what’s doable, you can head to the official information hub at Kulturhuset, Sergels torg. There they can answer questions and give you the program in English.

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Three places to go for a refreshing swim in central Copenhagen


Photo by travelandleisure.com

Copenhagen is a city very surrounded by water, perfect it you want to go for a swim on a hot day. The water in Copenhagen is fresh and clean, so why not? However, you can’t just go in everywhere (well, we don’t recommend it), so here’s three places where you can (read: are allowed) to go for a refreshing swim in Copenhagen. 

Island Brygge, Islands Brygge
Just a few minutes from the City Hall Square lies Islands Brygge. Here locals go for a swim and for sunbathing on the lawns and docks. There are four different deep pools with sea water.
It’s open daily and for free. Does it get more easy than that?

Amager strand, Amager Strandvej 110
If you prefer beaches over docks, it might be worth it to go the 5 kilometers from the city center to Amager. Amager is known as the riviera of Copenhagen and is accessible by bus or bike. Here you’ll find a 2 kilometer long beach in the shape of a lagoon on one side, and sand dunes on the other. If you get bored, they also offer kayaks and surfing.

Korallbadet, Teglholmshavnen
One of the newest addition to the city is Korallbadet (translation: The Coral Bath). It’s located in the south harbour, and is built on floating pontoons which creates a protected lagoon. There is a total of three pools: one of playing, one for bigger kids and a 25-meter pool with a jump tower. 

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Three luminous parks in Oslo that’s perfect for relaxation and picnics!


Photo by oslo-fjord-guide.no

Temperature’s a’ rising and we are longing for picnics and relaxing in the green. Are you too? To give you a hand, here’s three luminous parks in Oslo that’s perfect for both. 

Botanical Garden
If you like to be surrounded by plants and flowers, there’s no place like the Botanical Garden in Oslo. Located in the area of Tøyen, it has approximately 1800 different plants. The Botanical Garden in Oslo was founded in 1814 with a purpose to display the variety of plants from Norway and the rest of the world. As in any botanical garden there are green houses and exhibitions, but if you just want to hang out in the gardens, there’s no entrance fee and it’s open between 07.00 – 21.00 from March til’ September. PS. Don’t miss the waterfalls in the rock garden, it’s breathtaking!

Frogner Park
It’s the largest park in the city, covering 45 hectares and is open to the public at all times – with 1-2 million visitors each year. Frogner Park actually offers two parks in one; in Frogner Park you’ll find the famous Vigeland Park, the world’s largest sculpture par made by a single artist. This park is located in the borough of Frogner, and was landscaped as a baroque park in the 18th century and owned by a private person. In the 19th century, it was landscaped as a romantic park, and became public when it was bought by the municipality.

St. Hanshaugen
It’s one of the largest parks in Oslo and is a popular recreational area for the locals, say hi to St. Hanshaugen. It used to be a bare rock hill, but in the 1840s the name St. Hanshaugen was inaugurated, since it was a popular hill for midsummer celebrations. Now it’s one of the most popular parks, filled with bridges, ponds and beautiful nature. From the top of the hill you have an amazing view of Oslo. St. Hanshaugen is located in the area with the same name as the park, St. Hanshaugen.

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Three old cafés in Stockholm where locals go


Photo by Vetekatten.se

Well, if you have arrived to the country who invented the word “fika”, you’ve already put yourself in a position good enough. Good coffee can to be found almost everywhere, same goes for pastries. If you’re in the mood to visit a good old café, we got you covered. Here’s three old cafés in Stockholm where locals go. 

Vete-Katten, Kungsgatan 55
This little gem is located in the city center, and has been since 1928. The interior has practically stayed the same whilst the city changed around it, and the atmosphere is still the same here as we only can guess it was in the early 1900s. It was opened by a woman called Ester Nordhammar, 42 years old, who had an idea to start a simple patisserie. She wanted to offer bread, buns and pastries of great quality. She exclusively employed young women in her business, up until she died in 1961 there wasn’t a single man working at the café. Today, Vete-Katten has everything from a fabulous breakfast to lovely pastries. And oh, the coffee is great too. What else would you expect? There are three entrances to Vete-Katten; Kungsgatan 55, Klara Norra Kyrkogata 26 and Gamla Brogatan 30. The closest metro stations are T-Centralen and Hötorget.

Sturekatten, Riddargatan 4
The facility where you today find Sturekatten has been through many phases; it’s said that it was a brothel in the 1700s, and in the 1800s it was a sanatorium. In 1941, a woman called Anna Skog moved in with her sister Hiledgard and opened a café. Since they opened it in “their own home”, you’ll notice the personal touch in the interior, with a lot of the furniture in the café belonging to the sisters. The interior is well-kept with decoration, crocheted materials and older paintings from the 1900s, which will immediately take you back to another time, whilst the pastries and what’s said to be Northern Europe’s best baguettes are daily fresh and absolutely yummy. Sturekatten is located on Riddargatan 4, the closest metro station is Östermalmstorg.

Valand, Surbrunnsgatan 48
Valand is a café and confectionery located in the area of Vasastan in central Stockholm, and it has been ever since 1954. For over sixty years it’s been managed by the founder, Stellan Åström, together with his wife Magdalena, with a little help from their family. The interior here screams 1950s; there’s a brown wall panel in teak, lamps from Svenskt Tenn and leather covered chairs. It’s said that they haven’t changed as much as a screw since they opened. It’s still Magdalena who bakes everything. Hard to beat, huh? To head to Valand, take the metro to Odenplan which is the closest metro.

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