A quick lunch in Oslo: What’Soup

mittagessen in oslo

Looking to settle your hunger when in a hurry? One of our favorite places in Oslo when it comes to dining out is What’Soup. It’s the perfect place for a quick lunch in Oslo!

For an acceptable price, What’Soup offers soup like no other. On the menu, you’ll find plenty of options, most often topped with something delicious. To every meal comes some sort of bread and butter. The best thing about it? You get your food quicker than you can say What’Soup. What’Soup in Oslo is located in the department store Steen & Strøm, Kongens Gate 23, and offers juices and porridge too. Check out their Facebook-page for more info!

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The Citadel in Copenhagen

zitadelle in kopenhagen

Photo by OURWAY Tours

Around the corner from Langelinie and the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen lies the Citadel, a huge fortress originating from the 1600s. 

It’s not just any fortress, it’s one of the best preserved one in entire Northern Europe. The construction of it was initiated already in 1626 by the King (Christian IV of Denmark) and has since then been used for protection during many invasions since then. Today, its still used somewhat by the military, however it mostly functions as a public park and of course, as a monument of cultural history. The Citadels is formed as a pentagram, and have a couple of old buildings still found inside. You’ll among others find the old prison complex, a church, and a windmill. The Citadel is a perfect place to stroll on a sunny day. The closest station is Østerport. Here’s a Google Map link of where to find the Citadel in Copenhagen.

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Go Ice-Skating at Skansen

skansen schlittschuhfahren

Photo by Gunnar Lundh/Nordiska Museets Arkiv

From January 13th, the open-air museum of Skansen brings new life to an old tradition: opening an ice-skating rink where you can go ice skating!

Once upon a time, in 1929 to be exact, Skansen had an ice skating rink for a couple of years. In the 1940s, another one opened at Sollidenplan, and was alive and kicking it up until the 70s. Now, 2018, a new ice skating rink opens for the public. It will be open for as long as the weather allows it, available the same opening hours as the rest of the museum. The cost of renting a pair of skates is SEK 50 for adults. What a lovely way to embrace the Winter!

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Three price-worthy restaurants in Copenhagen

preiswerte restaurants in kopenhagen

Photo by Brasserie Barner

Traveling to Copenhagen on a budget? No worries! There are plenty of free stuff to check out and price-worthy restaurants to dine in the Danish capital. Here are three price-worthy restaurants in Copenhagen.

French delight at Brasserie Barner, Østerbro
On Aarhusgade 1 lies the cozy gem Brasserie Barner, offering delicious French food for lunch and dinner. On the menu you’ll find everything from tartars to gnocchi. Book your table here.

A toast to go for the road at Fætter Fætter, Nørrebro

Looking for a price-worthy lunch in Copenhagen? We love the simple concept of Fætter Fætter that focus on mouth-watering toasts. Sometimes, you just wanna have something simple to go, right? If you want to sit down for dinner, that’s possible too. You can even have a Gin & Tonic to your toast. Why not, you’re on vacation! See the full menu on their website.

Mediterranean food at Restaurant Gorilla, Vesterbro
Located on Flæsketorvet 57-67 lies Gorilla, a fun restaurant with plenty of options. Perhaps you are in the mood for a 10-course dinner for DKK 375 (!) per person, or just a simple pasta for DKK 95? See the full menu on Gorilla’s website.

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Things to do in Oslo in January and February 2018

winter 2018 in oslo

Early Spring in Oslo is very much focused on music! Clever Norwegians, they know how to cheer everyone up in the dark Winter. Here’s a few things to do in Oslo in January and February 2018.

Wine festival at Vulkan, Oslo
Calling all Wine lovers! On the 6th of February, it’s time for Vinfeber (Wine Fever) festival, held in The Food Hall at Vulkan. From 16.00 – 20.00, you can indulge in all types of wine and delicious food. Tickets are bought here.

A Classic Delight 
If your ears prefer opera and classic music over pop, consider January your lucky month. It’s swelling with classical music events in Oslo! A couple of highlights can be found on Visit Oslo’s website.

OURWAY Tours open for business
On February 3rd, it’s time for us to open up for the season in Oslo. Join our Oslo City Walking tour, Hipster Oslo Tour or Oslo Must Sees Tour.

A tribute to Django Reinhardt
Have you not heard of Django Reinhardt? For astonishing 27 years, the Django Festival has been arranged in Norway to tribute his memory. In other words, if you haven’t heard him, it’s time to look it up! Django Reinhardt was a gypsy guitarist, and he is celebrated each year in over 50 countries. This year, the festival takes place on January 19-20. Tickets to the festival can be found here.

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Three hidden places to visit in Stockholm


Photo by OURWAY Tours

Searching the hashtag #stockholm on Instagram, you’ll easily find great locations for taking those out-of-the-ordinary photos during your vacation. If you want to explore more than that, check out this list of hidden places in Stockholm. 

Svartensgatan and Katarina Kyrkobacke
Södermalm in Stockholm is known as the bohemian area of Stockholm. It’s also a mecca for vintage stores, cool bars, and hipsters in the many. On Svartensgatan and Katarina Kyrkobacke you’ll find neither of that. While Södermalm usually is bustling with people, the streets surrounding Svartensgatan and Katarina Kyrkobacke are often quiet. Cobblestoned streets, amazing view over the inlet of Stockholm and old houses are to be expected.

Sven Vintappares Torg
That Gamla stan (the Old Town) of Stockholm is a dream for great photos is not unknown. If you want to capture other stuff than Stortorget, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, and the Royal Palace, our number one tip is to get lost in the streets. If you need a few directions, Sven Vintappares Torg is a lovely little square, squeezed in between Västerlånggatan and Stora Nygatan. It’s the smallest square of Gamla stan.

Långa Gatan on Djurgården
Sure, the island of Djurgården is on its own a fantastic place to go loose with your camera, but there is one street that’ll take you that extra mile. Långa Gatan, translating to Long Street, is only a 150 meters long, but it’s the longest street in Djurgårdsstaden. Here you’ll find houses from the 1700s, most gorgeous is perhaps the old bakery.

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