Landmarks in Copenhagen: Glypoteket


Photo by Brian Bergmann

A sight in Copenhagen that suits perfectly the colder days of the Winter? Glyptoteket!

Its full name is Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, and it lies perfectly in the city center of Copenhagen. When the temperature starts hitting the lower degrees, this is the perfect place to visit if you’re in the mood for some art. Glyptotek has collections that include both modern and ancient art, all set in an impressive building with lovely architectural details. When you’re done strolling through thousands of years of history, check out Glypotekets Winter Garden. For special exhibitions, check out Glyptoteket’s website.

PS. Entrance is free on Tuesdays.

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The perfect Christmas excursion in Copenhagen: Frederiksborg Slot


Photo by Det Nationalhistoriske Museum / Frederiksborg Slot

December and Christmas is the perfect time of year to go for a one-day excursion from the city of Copenhagen to a lovely castle (or two!). One of our favorites is Frederiksborg Slot, located in Hillerød.

For every day of December, Frederiksborg Slot is offering a Christmassy setting and exhibition. Otherwise closed cabinets from the 1600s and 1700s are opened, exploiding royal gems like jewellery spices and letters. Another jewel are the tableclothes, from the 1600s in silk.

The castle on its own is also worth the trip. It was built in the 1700s as a residence for King Christian IV. It’s the largest Renaissance residence in Scandinavia. Frederiksborg Slot is located around 40 minutes from Copenhagen, and it’s easily accessible by taking the S-Train (Line E) to Hillerød. When arriving to Hillerød, you’re guaranteed a tremendous sight if you walk by the Castle Lake to the palace.

Frederiksborg Slot is open daily in December from 11.00 – 15.00.

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Landmarks in Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Theatre


Photo by Axel Kuhlmann

If you’re walking on the famous Kongens Nytorv square, you might spot a magnificent building in the corner of it all. This, most likely, is The Royal Danish Theatre. 
Det Kongelige Teater, as it’s called in Danish, has gotten its name from the fact that it used to be the actual theatre designated to the king. For most years, it’s been the theatre of the country. The theatre has been located here since 1748, and has been renovated and rebuilt several times. In 1874 the Old Stage was inaugurated, and is still the same today. What’s most remarkable about The Royal Danish Theatre is, however, the diversity, here you’ll find theatre, opera, ballet, and orchestras. Two persons who’ve had personal history and impact on The Royal Danish Theatre are Søren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen. Outside the museum, you’ll spot two statues, one of Ludqvid Holberg (Danish playwright, philosopher, writer etc) and one of Adam Oehlenschläger (Danish poet and playwright).

To see what’s happening inside The Royal Danish Theatre, go to their website.

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How to eat your way through Christmas in Copenhagen


Photo by NIels Ahlmann Olesen

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to eat good stuff in Copenhagen. If you want to dedicate a full day to it, here’s how to eat your way through Christmas in Copenhagen. 

Kick-off the day with Christmas porridge at Grød, Jægersborggade 50
Since 2011, the people behind Grød (translating to porridge), have been serving the residents of Copenhagen porridge. Actually, it’s the world’s first porridge bar. Located in the city district of Nørrebro they serve all kinds of porridge, as well as fresh lunch. Start your day with their Christmas Special, with ingredients like cherry compote, peanut butter and roasted coconut flakes, and we guarantee you’ll walk out of Grød happy and full.

Time for a traditional Christmas lunch in Copenhagen, Amaliegade 11
Located on Amaliegade 11, you’ll find the restaurant Amalie. This restaurant lies in a building built in 1754-1755, and since 1986 the basement has been Amalie as we see it today. This is the venue to head to when you’re stomach is hinting that’s time for lunch, and we’re not having just any. Here you can try dishes that are mandatory on the Danish Christmas table: pickled herring, smoked salmon and hardboiled eggs with shrimps and mayonnaise, to mention a few. Wash it down with a schnapps, and you’re practically Danish.

Get warm with gløgg at Hviids Vinstue, Kongens Nytorv 19
Centrally located in the corner of Lille Kongensgade and Kong’s Nytorv, you’ll find the venue with 300-year-old rooms. This little hidden joint speaks of a time when Nyhavn still was used as a real harbor. Hviids Vinstue is nowadays famous for it’s Winter Mulled Wine, served with delicious almonds, raisins, and cinnamon sticks. A glass of this, and you’re more than ready to head out in the cold again.

Finish with julebryg, the annual Christmas beer!
Every year, the beer brand Tuborg releases a Christmas beer, in Danish called julebryg. This beer can be found in almost every pub, just ask for a Tuborg Julebryg. A great way to finish a day of Danish Christmas traditions when it comes to food.

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Christmas markets in Copenhagen 2017


Photo by Cityavisen

It’s the most wonderful times of the year… What better way to spend it then to get cosy at Christmas markets? Here’s a few Christmas markets in Copenhagen we want to visit this year.

Nyhavn’s Christmas Market
The colourful houses by the canals will soon be accompanied by tiny stalls decorated with lights. Here you’ll be able to find special Christmas gifts like handicrafts and knitwear. If you’re hungry, you’ll find some Danish delights too – apple slices, gløgg and sausages. Nyhavn’s Christmas Market is open from November 14th to December 22nd.

Christmas at Tivoli
Regardless the season, the amusement park Tivoli is year around one of our favorite places in Copenhagen. Christmas is no exception. Tivoli is adorned with all the Christmas decorations you could possibly imagine, their Nisseband plays Christmas songs in the garden and together, the amusement park’s lights creates a wonderful painting in the sky. And as always, you’ll of course be able to shop til’ you drop too! Around 60 stalls will be set up at the market, where you can buy food and drinks (of course on Christmas theme), decorations and lots of handmade items. Christmas at Tivoli is open from November 18th to December 31st.

German Christmas market at Højbro Plads
In the middle of the inner-city lies the square called Højbro Plads, and it’s here that the German market takes place from November 18th to December 23rd. This Christmas Market is a classical market with decorated trees, a reindeer and Santa’s sleigh. The square will be decorated with 80 000 (!) Christmas lights and Visit Copenhagen have their own little Christmas village for you to visit. Since it’s a German Christmas market, you of course can enjoy some German delights: glühwein, hot chocolate with whipped cream, frankfurters sausage from the barbecue and apple punch. When you’re done exploring you can shop Christmas gifts at one of the many stalls.

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Winter weekend to Copenhagen – What to do?


Photo by Expedia

Winter is here and the temperature is dropping by the day. However, visiting Copenhagen during winter offers a lot of fun in other ways than being outdoors, but even outdoors can be fun! Here’s what to do during a winter weekend to Copenhagen. 

First of all, Copenhagen and Scandinavia in general can be absolutely stunning during winter. There’s a “blue light” in the sky before it get’s dark, and when it gets dark, thousands of light bulbs light up the cities. Here’s a few suggestions on things to do:

– Visit the Cisterns! Read more about this unique exhibition space here.
– Go on a excursion to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, read our blog post about it (link).
Go on a Christmas market at Tivoli (link), it’s pure joy.
– Celebrating Christmas in Copenhagen? Check out our list of things to do here.

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