Three cheap attractions (but amazing) in Copenhagen


Photo by Peter Hartley. Erik Bjørn & Kompagni A/S

Short on budget but excited to explore what the Danish capital has to offer? You can do it! Here’s three tips on cheap attractions in Copenhagen that all are more than amazing. 

1. The Round Tower – Rundetaarn
For only DKK 25 you can be a part of 1. amazing history 2. stunning architecture and 3. get a great view of Copenhagen. The Round Tower, located in the middle of the city center, is the oldest functioning astronomy observatory in Europe. It was built by Christian IV from 1637 – 1646, as part of the Trinitatis Complex (a combined church, observatory and library in one building). What’s so special about this building is that it, despite it’s 209 long spiral ramp, doesn’t have an elevator. In other words, you need to climb the winding corridors to the top of the tower. Once you’re up there, you’ll see why it’s worth it. The observatory is still used by amateur astronomers, and everyone else who has an interest to explore the skies. The Round Tower is open every day from 10.00 – 20.00 from May til’ September.

2. The Cisterns (Cisternerne)
Whilst The Round Tower takes you to wuthering heights, The Cisterns takes you down to the basement instead. The Cisterns is an exhibition space, located in a former water reservoir, under the park Søndermarken in Frederiksberg. It’s always completely dark here, since daylight never reaches the facility. The feeling down here will most likely make you think of catacombs. The cisterns are open Tuesday to Sunday between 11.00 – 17.00. The entrance fee is DKK 50 for adults, children under 18 years go for free.

3. The Tower by Christiansborg Palace
For a couple of years The Tower by Christiansborg Palace has been open to the public, after housing the Danish parliament for some time. The Tower is the highest tower in Copenhagen (with it’s 106 metres) and offers fabulous views. The most amazing thing of all? It costs absolutely nothing to enter. After you’ve captured the stunning view on your Instagram, head down to the restaurant located in the same building – the fika here is a amazing! The tower is open Tuesday to Sunday between 11.00 – 21.00.

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Five most bohemian areas in Copenhagen


Photo by Kontraframe

Do you prefer hipster people over fancy stores? Cute, quirky cafés over touristy stuff? Check out this list of the five most bohemian areas in Copenhagen!

Vesterbro – Istedgade
Istedgade is a street in the city district of Vesterbro, which in many ways presents a different Copenhagen. Here you’ll find student and hipsters over business people, families with children over fashion. It used to be a street filled with drugs and prostitutes, but is now filled with shops, cafés, restaurants and fun bars (even though it’s hard to learn an old dog to sit, don’t be surprised if you see something strange). Istedgade stretches from the central station in Copenhagen to Enghave Plads. Examples on fun stuff to do hear? Have a glass of wine at Malbeck Vinbar, a cocktail at Neighbourhood, have a coffee and botanise vintage at Sort Kaffe & Vinyl.

City district Christianshavn
Christianshavn is perhaps a bit big of an area to call bohemian, but the feeling to it really is. It’s the island separated from the rest of the city, connected via the bridge Inderhavnsbroen. With it’s canals flowing through the city, it resembles to Amsterdam. If you like art, check out North Atlantic House, thirsty music-lovers should head to bar Sofiekælderen located just by the canals and if you’re hungry for some food, head to Wildersgade and the surrounding streets, here there are plenty of amazing restaurants. If you really want to go deep into the bohemian way of life, visit the free-town Christiania.

Nørrebro – Jaegersborgsgade
Whilst Christianshavn is huge, the street Jægersborggade is not very long, it will only take you a few minutes to walk up and down. Despite it’s smallness, it’s filled with cool bars, cafés, many vintage shops and galleries. Two of our favourites are the awarded restaurant Relæ and wine bar Terroiristen. If you’re in the mood for some delicious vegetarian food, restaurant Astrid och Apornas Spiseri is located here. This quirky street even has it’s own website, you can check it out here.

Latin Quarter – Studiestræde
In the Latin Quarters, which on it’s own is a bohemian area on it’s own, you’ll find the street Studiestræde. Even though Studiestræde is just a few minutes from the touristy shopping street Strøget, it’s relaxed in a very pleasant way. It’s the perfect place to relax with a coffee on one of the many cafés, after you’ve gone bargain hunting in one of the many vintage shops located here, for example Wasteland. Enjoy a dinner at restaurant Krebsegaarden or take a cocktail at the bar named after the street, Studiestraede Bar & Spirits.

Vesterbro – Meatpacking District (Kødbyen)
Once upon a time it was the home to the meat industry business of Copenhagen (as you might have guessed), nowadays it is a food mecka. It still has three areas; White, Grey and Brown, referring to the colour of the buildings. Here, it’s hard to keep track on what restaurants are open since it’s so blooming. The feeling that something open’s up here once a week doesn’t feel that far off from the truth. Halmtorvet is a public square in Kødbyen that’s lined with cafés and restaurants, you just have to pick what you’re in the mood for. Try breakfast at Dyrehaven, look at the current exhibition at the venue Øksnehallen and have a drink on the outdoor seating of Karriere.

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3 vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen that’ll make you drool badly


Photo by Souls

Scandinavia in general has always been progressive when it comes to vegetarian food. Since more and more citizens are becoming vegetarians, more dining places has had to adapt. Great news for vegetarians! There is a bunch of vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen, but here’s three that’ll make you drool badly!

1. Astrid och aporna Spiseri, Jægersborggade 39
Astrid och aporna has been famous in Sweden for a long time, creating vegetarian substitutes for sales. Among them you’ll find vegetarian sausages, burgers, pizza, fish sticks and fejcon (fake bacon). In 2014 they opened their restaurant Astrid och apornas Spiseri on Jægersborggade 39, a hip street filled with cute cafés and cool shops in Nørrebro. Their motto is “Feel good fast food”, meaning they’ll serve classic vegetarian fast food dishes with a twist, as much as possible with their own products.

2. Souls, Melchiors Plads 3
Souls is a vegetarian restaurant founded by two Australians. If you eat here, you can expect local food of high quality. This vegetarian restaurant is listed in the top 10 of vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen, and it’s no wonder; on the menu you’ll find everything from tofu steak to bbq mushrooms. Souls is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Why not combine a meal with a visit to nearby located Little Mermaid? Melchiors Plads 3 is located quite close to the inner-city of Copenhagen.

3. simpleRAW, Gråbrødretorv 9
Located as central as one can be on Gråbrødretorv 9, vegetarian restaurant simpleRAW offers vegetarian RAW-food of all kinds. Or how does hot-ramen-miso, poke bowls, zucchini noodles and rice paper with delicious stuffing sound? simpleRAW offer raw food in it’s finest; no colorings, additives, dairy products, sugar, yeast, gluten-containing products or preservatives are added to the mix and they only use their own recipes.

Up and coming: Noma has been one of the most hyped-up restaurants in Copenhagen for years. Well earned as well – in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, it was ranked as the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant magazine. Noma is closed for the bigger part of 2017, but is soon opening up again as a half-time vegetarian restaurant. During the warmer months, the restaurant’s going to be all-vegetarian.

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For party animals in Copenhagen: The festival Distortion


Photo by Festivalnytt

If you love a good party, festivals and to travel, perhaps you should head to the festival Distortion in Copenhagen this spring?

Between 31st of May to the 4th of June, Distortion takes place in central Copenhagen. It’s a festival celebrating international club culture and Copenhagen’s street life. Having approximately 100 000 guests per day it’s considered to be one of the largest gatherings in Europe. The festival isn’t located outside of the city (like many others in Scandinavia), it takes place on the streets of the inner city. It starts in the city districts of Nørrebro and Vesterbro and ends at the Copenhagen harbor.

During the festival, there’s plenty of things to do; you have street parties taking place in different districts between 16.00 – 22.00, distortion club taking place in different nightclubs and of course the final party. Even though the festival starts on May 31st, it’s Friday and Saturday 3-4th of June that has the biggest events. During the Distortion festival, Copenhagen’s street is almost turned into a huge nightclub. If you don’t like club music there is also a stage for classical music, pop-up restaurants and events for children.

A ticket for Distortion costs from DKK 650 (whole week). Read more about the festival and book a ticket on Distortion’s website.

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CPH:DOX – Scandinavia’s largest documentary film festival


For 10 days Scandinavia’s largest international documentary film festival takes place in Copenhagen – CPH:DOX! If you’re in town from the 16th – 26th of March and love documentaries, this is a must!

CPH:DOX is a festival aiming to show work from new talents, films that didn’t make it to TV or cinema, but also works from famous international directors and releases. It has it all, in other words. Every year since 2003, over 200 documentary films, from all over the world, are shown at CPH:DOX, making it the third largest festival for documentary film in the world, and the biggest in Scandinavia. Besides from watching documentaries and films you can join seminars, art exhibitions and parties. It costs DKK 85 to see a film, if you feel like one won’t be enough – buy 6 films for DKK 425.

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The new food market in Copenhagen – WestMarket


Photo by Steffanie Michela Nordahl Jakobsen

Copenhagen is getting more and more famous for it’s food, and the food markets have never been an exception. They have Papirøen and Tovernehallerne from before and now a third option has optioned in the city – WestMarket.

WestMarket is located in Vesterbro on Vesterbrogade 97, and is actually Denmark’s biggest. What used to be a building with never-visited shops and supermarkets, is now turned in to a food court. WestMarket, which is open daily from 08.00 – 22.00, have opening everything from cafés, flower shops to pubs. Food-wise? Well, you have everything from gyros to Danish Pølser. Everything you could possibly crave whilst hungry, thirsty or just in the mood to go strolling.

Find out more about what’s up in the food market on their Facebook-page or website. Velbekomme, as you say in Danish!

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