SommerKlassisk at Tivoli – the perfect classical music venue in Copenhagen

Tivoli SommerKlassisk

Photo by Tivoli

If orchestras and operas are like sweet music for your ears, you’ll love this seasonal event in Copenhagen’s amusement park Tivoli! SommerKlassisk is a program of classical music concerts taking place from 27th of May to 17th of September. 

For only DKK 50 you can enjoy wonderful classical music at Tivoli in Copenhagen all summer long. Weather you’re interested in listening to Mozart or Bond music, or want to experience prestigious orchestras like Norwegian National Youth Orchestra or Royal Danish Academy of Music, we assure you there’ll be something there for you! The full list of concerts can be found on Tivoli’s website, where you’ll also find opening hours and ticket prices. What a wonderful time to be alive!

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A must for the beer-lover: Copenhagen Beer Festival 2017

Kopenhagen Bier Festival

Photo by Olle Thorup

If your cup of tea is in fact beer, a visit to Copenhagen Beer Festival is an activity for you! From May 18th to 20th you can taste and explore both Danish and international beer. In the venue called LOKOMOTIVVÆRKSTEDET, exhibitioners, beer-makers and enthusiasts will gather to give you a beer experience out of the ordinary.

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Two things you need to eat in Copenhagen this summer


Photo by Kasper Thye

One of the most important things during a vaction, in our opinion, is the food. The food says so much about a country, and Denmark is no exception. Here’s two dishes you should try out during your vacation in Copenhagen this summer. 

Summery Smørrebrød
Smørrebrød is in many ways like a fancy, open sandwhich. The bottom is always made out of buttered rye bread, and the toppings is what differs the smørrebrød. Among the most popular ones you’ll find liver pie, salt roll, onion rings and sauce or lettuce, tomato slices, a fried paned plaice fillet, possibly poached egg, as well as shrimps and caviar.  One of the restaurants that’s famous for it’s smørrebrød is Aamanns.

The red hotdog – Rød pølse
This famous delicacy might look a big scary, but boy is it good! The brightly red, boiled pork sausage is almost known as a national course in Denmark due to it’s popularity. The rod polse is most commonly served with remoulade sauce, ketchup or mustard, pickled slice cucumber and fried onions. The famous sausage can be found in almost any hot dog stand, so why not pick one up on the way?!

…and what about the drinks?
The Danes are most known for (and proud of) their beer Carlsberg, famous all over the world. If you’re feeling really frisky, why not combine the beer with a shot of akvavit or Gammel Dansk? What that is, you’ll just have to find out.

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Two new private tours in Copenhagen

private Touren in Kopenhagen

As summer is coming closer, we are happy to present two new tours in Copenhagen! Meet Thirst Quenching Tour and Royal Copenhagen!

We are proud of both additions to make our range of tours even bigger. Royal Copenhagen is, as the name might tell, a tour of castles and palaces. Thirst Quenching Tour is our first food tour in Copenhagen and is perfect for the one thirsty for something new (see what we did there?). Both tours are also private tours, meaning they will be exclusive tours for you and your company. How great is that? You can find Royal Copenhagen tour here, and Thirst Quenching tour here.

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Three food markets in Copenhagen you don’t want to miss


Photo by CPH Insider

The time has finally come when it’s DOABLE to sit outside and eat. Oh, how we’ve missed it. Let’s celebrate the warm winds of spring with a list of three fabulous food markets in Copenhagen you don’t want to miss during your vacation.

Copenhagen Street Food @ Papirøen
It’s been referred to as the first “genuine” food market of Copenhagen. Located on the island of Papirøen (Paper Island), it’s a great place to relax and enjoy yummy food. On sunny days you can sit in the deck chairs on the pier and have a view of the whole city, and when it’s raining you can eat inside the big hall that makes the food market. At Copenhagen Street Food you can buy food from all over the world from the food trucks, and of course sip on some coffee or beer. Often they have events and activities in the market, if you’re lucky you can combine your meal with a show. To go to Copenhagen Street Food, cross the bridge Inderhavnsbron to Christianshavn and then cross the smaller bridge to Papirøen.

Torvehallerne in Nørreport
In the city district of Nørreport lies the market place Torvehallerne, a popular food market since 2011. Spread on 60 stalls, you’ll find everything from Italian to French delicacies, a store completely dedicated to The Stone Age-diet to regular street food. In Torvehallerne, you’ll find a place that’s always alive, with locals enjoying a glass of wine in the middle of the day or the family buying food for dinner. Enjoy a festive lunch or just take a sandwich to go – everything works! To go to Torvehallerne, go to Nørreport Station and walk to Frederiksborggade 21.

Westmarket – Vesterbro
It’s the newest and largest addition to the city of Copenhagen, Westmarket opened in 2017 and has since then been a great success to the neighborhood of Vesterbro. Located on Vesterbrogade 97, it’s centrally located and with it’s generous opening hours 08.00 – 22.00 – they’ve gotten popular quickly. Here you’ll find everything from smaller pubs to flower shops. Either sit down and have lunch or dinner at one of the many street food restaurants offer here, or take away to the park on a sunny day.
Three favourites in Copenhagen when it comes to food markets, enjoy!

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Celebrate the cherry blossom trees in Copenhagen 29th of April


Photo by Highlyirregularstyle blog

Finally the trees are blooming at Langelinie Park in Copenhagen! Take the chance to celebrate the pink trees during the Copenhagen Sakura Festival. 

It’s one of the most beloved events in all spring if you ask the residents of Copenhagen, from the 29th to the 30th of April the Sakura Festival takes place at Langelinie Park, in central Copenhagen. It’s the Japanese tradition to celebrate the cherry blossom trees blooming. By the end of April, 200 trees are expected to be blooming and bursting in pink flowers. It’s the 10th year in a row that the festival’s been hold.

At the Sakura Festival, you can dive into the Japanese culture and watch drum shows, material arts and folk dance, or just sit down for a picnic! You can see the full program at Copenhagen Sakura Festival’s website.

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