Get to know Copenhagen: Black Diamond


Photo by Arch Daily

If you take a boat tour in the canals of Copenhagen, or walk from Nyhavn to Christianshavn, you might pass a black box building. This building is known as Black Diamond. 

In Danish, it’s called Den Sorte Diamant, because that’s exactly what it is – a black diamond. The building itself is an extension of the Royal Danish Library, and is nicknamed the Black Diamond because of it’s black granite and angels, resembling to a diamond. The building was designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen and was done in 1999.

Besides being a library the building holds lots of facilities; a concert hall, bookshop, restaurants, café and roof terrace to mention a few. Inside the Black Diamond you’ll also find Denmark’s National Museum of Photography and a smaller museum for cartoons.

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Luxurious restaurants in Copenhagen


Photo by My Full House

Are you travelling to Copenhagen and want to have a dining experience out of the ordinary? Have a look at these luxurious restaurants in Copenhagen! 

Tasting menu at Höst
At Höst you can choose between tasting menus, for example three-course or five-course dinners. The restaurant is located at Nørre Farimagsgade 41, in the city district Nørreport. At Höst you’ll find Nordic flavours served in a rustic but modern design (which they have been rewarded for). The menu changes per season and the selection of wines is magnificent. Read more and book your table at Höst’s website.

AOC – Centrally located restaurant challenging senses
With two stars in in the Michelin-guide, AOC offers Nordic cuisine deluxe. At AOC, you can count on an excellent combination of food and wine. They focus on emphasising nature in their cooking and to challenge all of our senses. The restaurant is located in vaulted cellars close by Kongens Nytorv at Dronningens Tværgade 2. Like Höst, AOC only offers tasting menus. See a sample menu and book your table at AOC’s website.

Relæ – Michelin-stared restaurant and world’s most sustainable restaurant
The praises over restaurant Relæ doesn’t seem to ever end. In 2016, it was ranked the World’s most sustainable restaurant. In 2017 it got it’s first star in the Michelin-guide and the same year it was ranked number 39 on the list of the world’s best restaurant. Have we convinced you yet? The people behind the restaurant don’t want to be labeled as just another fine-dining, bistro or brasserie restaurant. They strive to be unpreintentious, even though their food is a-ma-z-i-n-g. Read more and book your table here.

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REFLEKTOR Light Festival


Photo by Kim Matthäi Leland / Reflektor Light Festival 2016

Now that it’s getting darker and darker in Scandinavia, we are happy to welcome yet again the REFLEKTOR Light Festival in Copenhagen. From 5-7 October, we’ll explore light and dark. 

Søndermarken in Frederiksberg is the venue for this light festival that was arranged for the first time in 2016. It consists of ten recognized and selected designers and engineers that participate with one light installation in the Søndermarken park. The dark and light installations together create an interesting and nice environment to explore. This year is the theme of Light & Dark. Through the installations, the organisers want the public to reflect on what bright and dark really means to us. The whole program can be found here. The festival is open from 18:30 to 23:00 during the two days.

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Things to do in Copenhagen in October


Photo by Zleep Hotels

October is approaching in the same pace as the leaves are turning red, yellow and orange – quickly! Here’s what you should to in Copenhagen in October.

Copenhagen Culture Night
In just one night, Copenhagen will offer hundreds of cultural events to the public. On the 13th of October, you’ll be able to visit places that are normally closed for the public and participate in plenty of events in churches, exhibition halls, museums, institutions and towers. To participate in the events of the Culture Night, you need to buy a Culture Pass for DKK 95, which will give you free access to all events and free public transportation. The full program can be explored here.

Visit the Open Air Museum
Cause this is the time of year to do so. The air is crisp and the nature is beautiful! The Open Air Museum in Copenhagen is a historical museum there you get to experience the countryside of historic Denmark. Explore how life was centuries ago, including homes, landscapes, buildings and people from the past. Visit the Open Air Museum’s website for information about opening hours and current exhibitions.

Halloween at Tivoli
From October 13 to November 5th, Tivoli will turn into a scary and enchanting Halloween venue. A new attraction for this year is Dæmonen (the Demon), which sounds exactly as scary as it probably is. You’ll be stukc in a rollercoaster passing 3 loops at 80 km per hour. Oh, and it has fire-sprawling dragons and demons exploding around you. Should be fun… Plan your visit to Halloween at Tivoli on their website.

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Flea markets in Copenhagen

flohmärkte in kopenhagen

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With summer behind us, what better way to spend a Saturday in Copenhagen then to go bargain hunting on flea markets? Here’s a few that takes place this autumn.

Autumn is really the season where the markets overflows in Copenhagen. The residents of the city are eager to get rid of their summer costumes and it’s your opportunity to make real finds.

Onkel Dannys Loppemarked, 24th of September, Onkel Dannys Plads at Halmtorvet 
Don’t let the name, translating to “Uncle Danny’s Flea Market”, scare you away. This is one of the most popular markets in city district Vesterbro. Here you’ll find everything from vintage clothing and accessories, LP records and toys.

Flea market at Ravnsborggade, Nørrebro, 24th of September + 19th of November
Ravnsborggade is, most of the time, a focal point and street for vintage and antiques. The street’s crammed with antiques shops! For two days the whole street will transform into a big flea market. Buy unique antiques and alternative art, as well as local vegetables and crops.

Copenhagen’s biggest flea market at Bella Center, 4 – 5 November, Amager
For the small price of DKK 40 you can be part of what’s Copenhagen’s biggest flea market, held at Bella Center in Amager. The metro line M1 stops at Bella Center. More details can be found here.

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Things to do in Copenhagen this month


Photo by 10times

Are you visiting Copenhagen in September? There’s, as always, plenty of fun things to do in the capital of Denmark. Here’s a few suggestions!

Indulge in beer & whisky on Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival
During three days, you can challenge your senses and try beer and whisky at Forum Copenhagen. Between the 14th and 16th, Copenhagen Beer & Whisky estival takes place here and gives you a chance to experience some of the best producers of Danish beer and whisky. By a ticket for this thirst quenching festival here.

The Golden Days are here
In celebration of Copenhagen’s 850 years, a festival is taking place under the name Golden Days Festival. From the 2nd to 17th of September, under 16 days, there will be events of all kinds in the city. Everything from exhibitions to food and drinks events. Most points on the program are in Danish, but there are some English delights as well. The full program can be found on The Golden Days website.

For the movie lover – CPH PIX
CPH PIX is the name of Denmark’s international film feature festival. From the 28th of September to 11th of October, you can choose between hundreds of movie screenings. On the program you’ll find everything from Danish producers to foreign film. The program is to be published on CPH PIX’s website soon.


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