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Freetown Christiania

freistadt christiania

Photo by http://whenonearth.net/

Freetown Christiania is a green and car-free district in Copenhagen, best known for the mentality and way of life of its inhabitants. In 1971 this was an abandoned military area in the Christianshavn district, where squatters started to settle down in the old barracks. They claimed the area as a free city with their own set of rules independent of the Danish government and of course also free of taxes.

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Food market in Copenhagen: Kødbyens Mad & Marked


Photo by http://politiken.dk

The food market Kødbyens Mad & Marked is located in the, you might have guessed it Kødbyens district. In English the district is called “the meatpacking district”, since it was once an area for butchers and wholesalers, but a lot has changed over recent years. The connection to food still exists though as it is a centre of culinary activity today. Here on the Kødbyens Mad & Marked you can either have a great lunch or buy whatever ingredients you need to cook for yourself if you have the possibility to do so and all that at a fair price.

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Man Meets the Sea


Photo by Wikipedia

If you were to arrive in Denmark from the sea at Esbjerg, you would be greeted by Svend Wiig Hansen’s giant sculpture or rather sculptures “Man meets the Sea”, or “Men At Sea”. The monument was built in 1994 for the 100th anniversary of Esbjerg’s independence as a commune and was revealed on 28 October 1995. The sculptures are meant to depict the encounter of man pure and innocent and the nature. Man when he was just born, is the moment as Wiig Hansen says when everything started to go wrong, when man got dirt on his hands. That’s why Wiig Hansen gave these figures this sterile look which kind of reminds one of a temple, or an Acropolis. The legs were also made so long for that reason, to make them look like columns of a greek temple.

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Open-Air Summer Cinema in Copenhagen – Zulu!


Photo by Kristian Sæderup / AOK.dk

On the 8th of August Copenhagen’s own summer cinema (or sommerbio as it’s called in Danish) open: Zulu. Zulu is a danish tv-station, during the summer months the station has a touring open-air cinema. It goes from city to city, and between the 8th til’ 12th of August, it’s time for Copenhagen. The spot for the open-air cinema is Fælledparken, located in the area of Østerbro. The movies realised so far are The Big Short, Deadpool, Sommeren 92 and The Revenant. Not too bad if you ask us! It doesn’t make it worse that the cinema is completely free, and that you will be able to buy snacks and drinks (or bring your own). The movies start after the sun has set, which means that the starting time – 21.00 – is preliminary.

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Pushing up daisies in Copenhagen


Photo by Kenneth Sørensen

There’s nothing more beautiful watch in summer than nature blooming at its full power. There’s no discussion that the best place to look for something like that in Copenhagen is the University of Copenhagen’s botanical garden. The university’s botanical garden holds the biggest collection of living plants in Denmark and is actually free to enter, how lucky is that? In the garden there are 25,000 plants with over 13,000 different species, to show how many that is you just have to compare it to the total number of Europe’s flora species, which is just 11,000. The purpose of the Botanical Garden is to maintain and develop scientific collections of living and preserved plants and fungi and make them available for research, teaching and public information, that’s why some small sections are only allowed for researchers, professors and students.

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Must do’s in Copenhagen


Photo by allstreetsblog.com

What is really the must do’s Copenhagen, if you ask us? Start your day with a coffee by the quay at Nyhavn and look at the city waking up. Now it’s time to really get to know the city, of course with us! Our Copenhagen Must Sees covers all you want to know about the city, and finishes at Christianborgs Palace. Time for lunch! Go to the blooming neighborhood Nørrebro, one of Copenhagen’s most hippest areas. Here you’ll find street food and fun restaurants. Once you are full, stroll up and down the streets. Is your shopping-nerve itching? Skip Strøget’s shopping street and go to Larsbjørnsstræde: in Copenhagen’s old Latin Quarters. If you somewhere see the name Pisserenden you are at the right place, it’s the nickname for this lovely area, filled with cool stores and vintage shops. If it’s a Friday, we’d end our evening at Carlsberg Fridays at Carlsberg’s Brewery. Enjoy!

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