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The Citadel in Copenhagen

zitadelle in kopenhagen

Photo by OURWAY Tours

Around the corner from Langelinie and the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen lies the Citadel, a huge fortress originating from the 1600s. 

It’s not just any fortress, it’s one of the best preserved one in entire Northern Europe. The construction of it was initiated already in 1626 by the King (Christian IV of Denmark) and has since then been used for protection during many invasions since then. Today, its still used somewhat by the military, however it mostly functions as a public park and of course, as a monument of cultural history. The Citadels is formed as a pentagram, and have a couple of old buildings still found inside. You’ll among others find the old prison complex, a church, and a windmill. The Citadel is a perfect place to stroll on a sunny day. The closest station is Østerport. Here’s a Google Map link of where to find the Citadel in Copenhagen.

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Three price-worthy restaurants in Copenhagen

preiswerte restaurants in kopenhagen

Photo by Brasserie Barner

Traveling to Copenhagen on a budget? No worries! There are plenty of free stuff to check out and price-worthy restaurants to dine in the Danish capital. Here are three price-worthy restaurants in Copenhagen.

French delight at Brasserie Barner, Østerbro
On Aarhusgade 1 lies the cozy gem Brasserie Barner, offering delicious French food for lunch and dinner. On the menu you’ll find everything from tartars to gnocchi. Book your table here.

A toast to go for the road at Fætter Fætter, Nørrebro

Looking for a price-worthy lunch in Copenhagen? We love the simple concept of Fætter Fætter that focus on mouth-watering toasts. Sometimes, you just wanna have something simple to go, right? If you want to sit down for dinner, that’s possible too. You can even have a Gin & Tonic to your toast. Why not, you’re on vacation! See the full menu on their website.

Mediterranean food at Restaurant Gorilla, Vesterbro
Located on Flæsketorvet 57-67 lies Gorilla, a fun restaurant with plenty of options. Perhaps you are in the mood for a 10-course dinner for DKK 375 (!) per person, or just a simple pasta for DKK 95? See the full menu on Gorilla’s website.

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The Big Mermaid in Copenhagen


It’s hard to miss all the fuzz surrounding the most famous iron-lady of Copenhagen – The Little Mermaid. However, many have not heard about her sibling… The Big Mermaid. 

Only a few hundred meters away from the Little Mermaid, hovering tourists daily, you’ll find a twice as tall mermaid – The Big Mermaid. She was born in 2007, and is both designed and ordered by Peter Bech, a restaurateur in Copenhagen. If you want to see her during your visit to The Little Mermaid, just walk towards the ships at Langelinie (in the opposite direction of the city center), and you’ll sooner or later stumble upon her. She is 8´tall.

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Breakfast in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen


Photo by OURWAY Tours

Are you looking for a pleasant place to have cozy breakfast in Frederiksberg? The city district in Copenhagen is filled with lovely joints to have a great start of the day. One of our favorites is The Coffee Collective on Godthåbsvej 34B. 

The Coffee Collective is a coffee brewery with four bars across the city. In 2012 the bar in Frederiksberg opened in the form of a coffee shop, office, and roastery in one. Being set in an old industrial building, the interior is set after it. Try one of their many delicious coffees and something to eat and your tummy will thank you all day!

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Landmarks in Copenhagen: Glypoteket


Photo by Brian Bergmann

A sight in Copenhagen that suits perfectly the colder days of the Winter? Glyptoteket!

Its full name is Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, and it lies perfectly in the city center of Copenhagen. When the temperature starts hitting the lower degrees, this is the perfect place to visit if you’re in the mood for some art. Glyptotek has collections that include both modern and ancient art, all set in an impressive building with lovely architectural details. When you’re done strolling through thousands of years of history, check out Glypotekets Winter Garden. For special exhibitions, check out Glyptoteket’s website.

PS. Entrance is free on Tuesdays.

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The perfect Christmas excursion in Copenhagen: Frederiksborg Slot


Photo by Det Nationalhistoriske Museum / Frederiksborg Slot

December and Christmas is the perfect time of year to go for a one-day excursion from the city of Copenhagen to a lovely castle (or two!). One of our favorites is Frederiksborg Slot, located in Hillerød.

For every day of December, Frederiksborg Slot is offering a Christmassy setting and exhibition. Otherwise closed cabinets from the 1600s and 1700s are opened, exploiding royal gems like jewellery spices and letters. Another jewel are the tableclothes, from the 1600s in silk.

The castle on its own is also worth the trip. It was built in the 1700s as a residence for King Christian IV. It’s the largest Renaissance residence in Scandinavia. Frederiksborg Slot is located around 40 minutes from Copenhagen, and it’s easily accessible by taking the S-Train (Line E) to Hillerød. When arriving to Hillerød, you’re guaranteed a tremendous sight if you walk by the Castle Lake to the palace.

Frederiksborg Slot is open daily in December from 11.00 – 15.00.

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