Late summer in Oslo – fish market, biking and sculptures

spätsommer in oslo

Photo by Carl Martin Nordby

The end of summer is approaching, so let’s make the best out of the remaining days. Here’s things you can (should) do in Oslo during late summer. 

Enjoy the out-door life whilst you can
Not only does Oslo has lots of beautiful nature, it has super many parks. Three things that Oslo has, that not every green city have, is sculpture parks. Ekebergparken is a natural heritage park and sculpture park in one. Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park is located by the Astrup Fearnley Museum. Last but not least, we of course have the largest sculpture park in the world made by one single artist – the magnificant Vigeland Park. Not only does these three parks have amazing sculptures, you can count on amazing landscapes and colours this time of year.

Try fresh local fish on the new fish market
In July the new fish market open at the City Hall Pier. Here you’ll find fish and shellfish for sale (perfect if you’re renting an apartment and want to dine at home), but also a seafood restaurant plus sushi and oyster bar. If there’s any food you need to try during your vacation to Oslo it really is fish or shellfish. It doesn’t get fresher than here, since the food comes directly from the innermost Oslo Fjord, just a few meters away. The fish market is open daily and is located on City Hall Pier 4. Check them out on Instagram before you go!

Enjoy that fresh breeze of air on a bike tour
Let’s face it – it’s possible to go on a bike tour in Oslo year around, but it’s WAY nicer when the temperature is on your side, and the snow’s not blowing in your face. Late summer is the time to do it, hopefully it’s not too hot nor to cold, and most of the tourist season is over. Take on the city as if it’s yours! We offer three bike tours in Oslo: River Tour, Vikings & Beaches and Oslo Highlights (by bike).

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Death plunge diving – only in Oslo…

death plunge diving oslo

Photo by Red Bull

This crazy sport is definitely not for everyone… On August 19th, you can watch the World Championship in Death Plunge Diving. Yep, it’s a thing.

Some might not call it a sport, however Norwegian’s do… Death plunge diving is when participants jump off a diving board that’s 10 meters high and try to hold a dangerous pose for as long as they manage, before they hit the water when they (hopefully) have time to straighten up for a smooth landing. If you want to participate, you are free to do so. The World Championship in Death Plunge Diving takes place at Frognerbadet (Middelthuns gate 28) in the city district Frogner. The competition starts at 17.00 / 5PM.

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Open air concert at the Royal Palace Square in Oslo


Photo by Trond Isaksen

On August 17th, you can enjoy some funky grooves at royal ground, when Oslo Philharmonic arranges an open air concert at the Royal Palace Square, Slottsplassen, in Oslo. 

Just by the gorgeous building that makes the Royal Palace in Oslo you will find a huge square, that’s known as Slottsplassen. It’s right here that the concert will take place. Enjoy the summer evening to the tones of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blues” and Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story”, performed by Wayne Marshall and Measha Brueggergosman. There will be jazz, rhythms and melodies. The concert is scheduled to start at 21.00, be there on time!


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Music festival season in Oslo


Photo by Visit Oslo

If it’s any time of year that Oslo is crammed with music festivals, it sure is August. Wether you prefer jazz, unplugged or chamber music, Oslo got you covered. 

Oslo Jazz Festival
The jazz festival in Oslo has been arranged for 33 years now, a week long festival with up to 90 concerts in Oslo. This year it’s between the 12th and 18th of August. Spread on 15-18 places in the city center, you can experience all type of jazz, from international stars to local talents. On Karl Johan you can experience free concerts. The program can be found on Oslo Jazz Festival’s website.

Oslo Chamber Music Festival
Between the 17th to 26st of August, Oslo Chamber Music Festival takes place across Oslo. It’s for those who already have a passion for chamber music, and for those who wish to experience it. More information and full program can be found on Oslo Chamber Music Festival’s website and tickets can be found here. 

Øya Music Festival
Øya is a festival to count on; it’s one of Oslo’s largest music festivals that takes place in Tøyenparken (in city district of Tøyen) for four days. Every year international artists and newcomers comes to Øya Music Festival. This year artists like Lana Del Ray, Ryan Adams and The Hellacopters are coming. Get your tickets here.

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Three beaches that’s perfect for a hot summer day in Oslo!


Photo by Leif-Harald-Ruud

In July and August, the temperature can really be on your good side during your visit to Oslo! If you’re in the mood for some swimming and sunbathing, here’s three beaches and cliffs that’s perfect on a hot summer’s day. 

Huk, Schiøtts vei 11
Huk Beach and Paradisbukta (the paradise bay) is among the most popular places to go for a swim in Oslo. Located on the peninsula of Bygdøy, it’s the outdoor recreation area for locals year ’round, but for summer it’s great for swimming. Close to Huk Beach is a nudist beach, just so you know… To get here, take Bus 30 to station Huk and do it early, this place is popular!

Brekkedammen, Kjelsås
Brekkedammen is located at the northern end of Akerselva river, and is all year a popular recreation area. In the summer it’s a perfect place to go swimming, because of the refreshing water in the river. To go here, take the bus to Kjeldsås stasjon.

Svarttjern-parken, Romsås
Take the tram to Romsås and you will arrive to a cute little beach in between houses. The beach was renovated for approx. NOK 13 million in 2009, and is now accessible, clean and very popular among the residents.

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Classical Summer Concerts at Vigeland Museum


Photo by Kjetil Ree

If you’re into both art and classical music, this venue for a concert will suite you very well. Classical Summer Concerts together with the beautiful works of Gustav Vigeland, what else could you ask for?

Every summer, the Norwegian violinist Ole Böhn arranges concerts at the courtyard of the Vigeland Museum. The museum is located close to the Vigeland Park, at Nobels gate 32, and tickets (NOK 220 each) are sold at the museum at noon the same day as the concerts it to take place. The best thing is that if you want to explore the museum, it’s included in the ticket-price! Every concert starts at 14.00. In the schedule for July, you’ll find a mix of Bach and Mozart, the full schedule can be found on Vigeland Museum’s website.

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