A dining experience out of the ordinary: Ett Bord


Photo by Bookatable

If you’re going to Oslo and want to have a dining experience out of the ordinary? Try Ett Bord (English: One Table) in Vika!

Located at urban space and car-free pedestrian area Vikaterassen, you will find the restaurant Ett Bord. The restaurant, opened by Carl Johan Bahre and Siv Svendsen, is built around the idea that the meals at Ett Bord are eaten in a social setting. How it shows? The restaurant only have one single dining table. 24 guests fit at the table, strangers or big group of friends doesn’t matter, there’s only one table. In the weekend, a 3 course pre-set menu is offered. The menu, that changes every week, consists of a soup, a salad, a vegetarian dish, a main course and a dessert.

If you can’t make it to dinner, you can have lunch at Ett Bord, which is offered at 11.00 – 15.00. One dish is served for lunch. Book your table or see what’s on the menu this week on Ett Bord’s website.

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Get to know Oslo: The Tiger


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It has become one of the most photographed sights in Oslo, it’s in bronze and it’s one of the first things you see when arriving to Oslo Central Station. Of course we are talking about The Tiger!

The 4.5 metre long bronze tiger, made by Elena Engelsen, was a gift to the city of Oslo, when they celebrated their 1000-year anniversary in 2000. The city of Oslo wanted a tiger, and that’s what they got. You think it’s weird? Well, there a reason, of course! Oslo happens to have a nickname: Tigerstaden (The Tiger City). It’s believed to be mentioned the first time by a Norwegian poet, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, who’s poem “Sidste Sang” (1870) describes a fight between a horse and a tiger. The horse is to represent the safe countryside and the tiger the dangerous city. Today the nick-name isn’t really known for the same meaning; it’s more of a way to describe an exciting and happening place.

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Oslo Winefestival – for all wine lovers!


Photo by Visit Oslo

Are you planning on being in Oslo between the 3rd to 5th of February? If you like wine, you’ll be happy. This weekend the Oslo Winefestival takes place in the city.

It’s for the 7th year in a row that Oslo Winefestival open up it’s gates on Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen in Oslo. During three days, winelovers will be able to participate in one of the 100 arrangements taken place, spread on 25 serving stalls. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate food and wine, and who doesn’t love that?! There will be all types of events taking place; wine courses and wine tastings are just a few of them. If you like us love a good guided tour, there will be plenty of those too. Tickets to Oslo Winefestival can be found here. Cheers!

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Shopping in Oslo: Grünerløkka


Photo by OURWAY Tours

Are you on vacation in Oslo, looking for some shopping out of the ordinary? Then you better go to the neighborhood Grünerløkka! Here you’ll find vintage stores and alternative brands.

Oslo is a great city for shopping. In the city center you will find the ‘regular’ Scandinavian brands such as H&M and Gina Tricot. Perfect if you’re into that! If you want to shop some brands out of the ordinary and go bargain hunting at vintage stores, we recommend you walk 10 minutes to the neighborhood Grünerløkka.

If you love vintage, start with the street Markveien. Conveniently enough, it’s one of the first streets that’ll lead you into the area of Grünerløkka and here the vintage stores line up after each other. For nice dresses, go to Frøken Dianas Salonger (Markveien 56), next to it you will see Ny York vintage & 2nd hand (Markveien 58), which is a perfect store for the ones interested in Scandinavian brands but still wants to shop vintage. A vintage store that supposedly have lots of famous brands from all over the world is Fretex Unika, located on Olav Ryes Plass 3. Fretex is a chain that belongs to the The Salvation Army of Norway. It’s Fretex own trend spotters that have chosen clothes from the main warehouse to this store. Sounds like success!

If you want to shop Scandinavian clothing and accessories, “Med og Uten” might be your cup of tea. On Korsgata 22 you’ll find the store that has clothes from all kinds of brands from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Do you love knitted clothing? Even better, this store love it too!

If you want to shop a little bit of everything, we recommend Skaperverket. It’s a store an organisation in one, with tributes from illustrators, clothing designers, graphic designers, jewellery designers and ceramists. Together they all sell stuff in the store located on Markveien 60.

Furniture might on the one hand be a little bit harder to take home, but it’s always fun to get inspired in a really good furniture shop, right? Futura Classics on Olaf Ryes Plass 1 is not an exception. Here you’ll find both new and vintage furniture, everything from lamps to interior details. Fun fact: the store once was a small vintage shop.

Almost made the list: Despite the fact that none of the office members at OURWAY Tours like to knit, we couldn’t help but stick our heads into Pickles, a knitting store located on Markveien 56. The amount of yarn that can be found here – in all types of colours and materials – is sort of breathtaking. In a knitting way. (Sorry).

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Get to know Oslo: St. Hanshaugen


Photo by krogsveen.no/

St. Hanshaugen is not only a big district in the middle of Oslo, it’s also the name of one of Oslo’s biggest parks. Get to know the area below!

The name St. Hanshaugen means “midsummer hill” and comes from the fact that citizens used to celebrate the summer solstice (St. Hans) in the park with the same name. In 1855 it was decided that the hill should be planeted and turned into a park, St. Hanshaugen, in the coming 30 years. The park was created in the years 1876 – 1886 by the city and has a reflecting pool and pavilion. In the square on top of the hill, where you also have a great view of the city, you’ll find the popular café Festplassen, which opened in 1936. This is a popular café both to locals and visitors of the city. Today the park is a great place for walks, relaxation or just hanging out. The neighborhood of St. Hanshaugen is located west and south of the park, and is a regular district with residential areas, shopping, restaurants and public transport. Southeast of the park is Aker Kirke and Vår Freisers Gravlund.

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by:Larm – Scandinavia’s biggest music conference


In the beginning of March, it’s time for the largest music conference in Scandinavia to take place in Oslo. It’s both a festival and a conference.

Between the 2nd of March until the 4th, by:Larm takes place in central Oslo. The festival concerts are open to the public, this year with artists from whole Scandinavia as well as the UK – the main focus is to present artists that are about to break through – on the verge of success. The concerts mostly take place in the area around Youngstorget.

The topics for the conference are many, for example “Breaking Into Berlin: The Electronic Marketplace” and “Equality in the Nordic Music Industry”. All of the topics and schedule can be found here.

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