Musikkfest Oslo – the beginning of summer in Oslo!


Photo by Sophie Thorell / Osloalive

It’s known as the “welcoming if summer” in Oslo: the first Saturday in June the city of Oslo arrange the marvelous festival Musikkfest Oslo (Music Party Oslo). Hundreds of artists perform spread on 40 stages, and everything is free!

The festival used to be called National Music Day, and heritages from the French equivalent Fête de la Musique, once known as the world’s biggest international music festival. Since 1992, Norway and Oslo have one way or another arranged a counterpart, in recent years known as Musikkfest Oslo.

This year, the date of the festival is June 3rd. All over town events will take place; H&M arranges H&M LOVES MUSIC at Vulkan Arena, concerts will take place all day long in Torshovparken. At one of our favorite pubs concerts will take place too, Schous Mikrobryggeri. Regardless if you prefer metal over jazz or want to dance to electronics, you’ll find it this day in Oslo.

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Happy Syttende Mai, Norway!


Photo by Aftenposten / Lien, Kyrre

Today we cheer and celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day – Syttende Mai (17th of May!) 

This year Norway landed FIRST on the list of the world’s happiest country, something that we celebrate that extra much today. What makes us so happy? In our opinion, referring to Oslo, it’s the green areas close to the inner-city, the accessibility, the nice people. What’s not to love?

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Three cool activities to go on this summer in Oslo

aktivitäten in oslo

Photo by Viking Biking

If you’re planning to go to Oslo this summer and want to experience something out of the ordinary, we have three awesome recommendations for you! Or how does island hopping, hikes and bike tours sound? Yeah, you better continue reading!

Whilst some of us enjoy sipping a glass of wine or spending our money where we can see it (hanging in our closets), others prefer to spend their time with cool activities. Oslo is a great location to do just that. Perhaps you like to get rolling by bike? Decide what area to explore, cause among the bike tours found in Oslo you can choose between a lot. Perhaps you haven’t seen anything of Oslo and want to be properly introduced? Say hi to Oslo Highlights. Maybe you’re interested in seeing the outskirts of the city, try Vikings & Beaches where you’ll get to see both the Viking Ship Museum and the gorgeous Huk Beach (so if you’re sweaty, go for a swim!). For the even more active, a hike might be an option – meet Oslo Nature Walks: Island Hopping. On this hiking tour, you will get to see not one but three amazing islands that you (probably) wouldn’t have gotten to on your own. Now that’s what we call a vacation with cool acitivites!

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Three places to go for a swim in Oslo


Photo by Sørenga Utvikling AS, MK AS , Tove Lauluten, Visco

If the temperature is rising and you’re longing to cool off, go for a swim! Oslo is a city surrounded by water in many ways, meaning there are plenty of places to take a swim in Oslo.

Sørenga Seawater Pool, Sørengkaia 69
It’s open year around and consists of fresh seawater, directly from the Oslo Fjord. At Sørenga you’ll find a swimming pool, a beach and a children’s pool. Sørenga pool is located in the fairly new neighborhood with the same name, which has plenty of restaurants and cafés if you get hungry from all the swimming!

Frognerbadet, Middelthuns gate 28
After your visit to the magnificent Vigeland Sculpture Park, take a swim at Frognerbadet! If you prefer swimming pools over seas this will be your cup of tea. Frognerbadet consists of an outdoor swimming pool complex split into two 50-metre pools, water slides, a diving tower and a children’s pool. The pool, that’s only open during summer, has been offering Oslo residents to come for a swim since 1956. At the premises there’s locker rooms.

Tjuvholmen Badeplass, Dyna brygge 4
Closer to the city center than this little gem is practically not possible! Out on Tjuvholmen lies the bath where adults can access the fjords and kids use the small beach located here. Surrounded by modern houses and restaurants, this is probably one of the coolest places to go for a swim.

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Want to experience true Norway? Visit this hidden gem!


If you want to indulge and feed your interest in food in Oslo, this hidden gem will do the trick. Located in the city center, right by the City Hall, Fenaknoken is a lovely little shop for the one interested in food. 

On Tordenskiolds gate 12 lies the tiny shop called Fenaknoken. If you’re a vegetarian, this is perhaps not the place for you, thus inside the store meat is hanging everywhere. At this store you can order one of their set Norwegian menus, or just try of the many charcuteries to be be found here.

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The Vikings are alive at the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo


Photo by Creative Commons

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo has for a long time been one of the most popular attractions in the city. Now, it’s getting even more better, when their new 3D-film have premiered in the museum.

The film is called The Vikings Alive and it’s situated on the ceiling and back wall inside the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. The film, that’s made with animation, presents a visual journey into the history of a ship. In the beginning of the film the Viking Ship is newly built, then it continues to the Norwegian fjords and ocean. The rest we will leave for you to see. The film is played in a loop all day, so you can go anytime. If you want to see a trailer of The Vikings Alive, go here.

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