What to eat in Oslo?


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We at OURWAY Tours love to discover a country through its food, as it says so much about it. If you’re planning a breakaway to Oslo this year, this is what you need to eat in Olso!

The Norwegian delicacy Brunost
Around 30% av all cheese that’s eaten by the Norwegians is the brunost, with its sweet-sour taste. The original Brunost (translating to brown cheese) was created by a woman named Anne Hov. In the middle of the 18th century, her residential area led by an economic crisis, Anne Hov, who then worked on a mountain farm got an idea. When she added cream to whey while boiling, she made a thicker, more solid product – like cheese. She named it to Feitost (fat cheese). Since then, the brown cheese has been produced, consumed and loved in Norway.

Fresh fish from Oslo Fjord
With its vicinity to the fjord, the city of Oslo is the perfect place to eat fresh fish. Try oysters, smoked salmon, smoked trout and marinated salmon. It’s a delight!

The dish is made by salted, dried ribs of sheep. The meat is then steamed in a saucepan on a layer of birch sticks or on a cooking grate. To pinnekjøtt you’re most often served boiled potatoes, lingonberries or mustard. Even though pinnekjøtt is a dish most popular around Christmas, you can still find it at restaurants serving typical Norwegian food almost year around.

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Tourist in your own city 2018

tourist in your own city

Photo by VisitOSLO

On Sunday the 15th of April, the city of Oslo will be the opposite of quiet when Tourist in your own city takes place again. For one day, museums, attraction, and businesses open up for the people. 

The event that takes place yearly, is done in collaboration with VisitOSLO and the city of Oslo. The goal is to make more locals experience what is offered in their one city – things they might be missing out, on a daily basis. Find more information about Tourist in your own city on their Facebook-event here. We at OURWAY Tours will offer our walking tour Hipster Oslo, completely for free. To participate in the day, you need a pass for the day. Go to VisitOSLO for more information.


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What not to miss in Oslo’s inner city


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Oslo is a small capital, meaning you’ll make your way around the core of the inner-city within an hour or two. We love it – it enables us as tour guides to show our guests the musts in a short amount of time. 

If you want to have a check-list of things not to miss in Oslo, here you go:

– Karl Johans Gate: the main street of the city center, stretching from the Central Station up to the Royal Palace.
– Oslo Opera House: the architectural masterpiece that allows you to walk on the roof. We will not forgive you if you miss this gem. True story.
– The City Hall: two towers raising towards the sky, and a clock that plays happy songs.
– Akershus Fortress: the old fortress offers medieval feelings and a tremendous view over the city.
– The Royal Palace & The Royal Palace Park. If you’re lucky, you might fit in the changing of the guards in Oslo too.

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What to do in a day in Oslo?


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Do you have one day and one day only to indulge in Oslo? Let’s spend it properly then! Lucky for you, the inner-city is small enough to walk around in one day. If we had one day in Oslo, here’s what we would do:

09.00 Start with breakfast at a Kaffebrenneriet. This chain of coffee places has a nice atmosphere and great coffee.

09.30 Walk towards the Royal Opera House. This magnificent building is beautifully located by Oslo Fjord and is built so you can walk up on the roof – the ultimate place to take a selfie (or a groupie!).

10.30 Go for a stroll in the city center and make sure you tick off the following sights along the way: The National Theatre, the Parliament, the Royal Palace and Karl Johans Gate.

12.00 Quick lunch at Steen & Strøm Department Store. In the bottom of this luxury mall you have a food court where you can find a bite to eat for little money or much – depends on what your wallet and time allow!

13.00 Time to jump onboard the tram number 12 and do a little sightseeing from the seat. Look at the houses when going pass Frogner residential area. When you’re reaching Frogner Park, it’s time to get off to do a little cultural sightseeing in Vigeland Park – the world’s biggest sculpture park built by one man.

15.00 When you’ve had enough impressions, it’s time to jump onboard and go back to the city center.

16.00 Perhaps you’re getting a bit tired? Nap-time! If not, perhaps an afternoon drink will do the trick? Why not hit one of the many rooftop bars in the city. In Tjuvholmen, you’ll find the design hotel The Thief, and we happen to know that the rooftop bar (link) is just as amazing as the hotel itself.

18.00 Time to change your point of view and head to the bohemian part of Oslo’s inner-city – Grünerlokka. Walk towards Youngstorget by foot and continue on Torggata. When you see the bridges crossing the river Akerselva, you’re about to arrive.

18.30 Pre-dinner drink at Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri is a micro-brewery with a bar in the cellar and the beer is, just as you can imagine, delicious.

19.30 Dinner at Vulkan Mathall. This indoor food hall has something for every taste and budget, and the atmosphere is nice to be in.

22.00 End the day with a drink at Himkok, one of the best cocktail bars in the city. This diverse place is enormously popular with the locals, so expect a crowd on a weekend.

A day in Oslo – at your service!

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Where to eat cheap in Oslo?

oslo günstig essen

Oslo is somewhat famous for being expensive, and it’s not for nothing. If you’re wondering if it’s even possible to eat cheaply in Oslo, we’d say it depends on what you consider to be cheap. We have, however, gathered a “few” tips for cheap venues in Oslo below:

If you want a full guide on restaurants in Oslo, check out our restaurant guide for Olso here.

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by:Larm 2018 – Scandinavia’s largest music conference


Photo by by:Larm

In the beginning of March, a recurring and beloved event is taking place in Oslo. by:Larm is known as the biggest music conference in Scandinavia. 

From 1st – 3rd of March 2018, by:Larm takes place in Oslo, whose main purpose is to present new artists to the public. These artists are often very close to breaking “for real”, in their country or abroad. by:Larm is often used as that extra push. by:Larm is different from other music festivals in Scandinavia, since it’s both a conference and a festival. The conference mostly takes place in Vulkan, Grünerløkka, and will include everything from seminars to Q&A’s, on subjects such as trends as well as topical subjects within the music industry. The full list of topics can be found here.

The music part of the festival will particularly take place on different clubs surrounding Youngstorget. Among the artists performing you’ll find Rhye and Sarah Klang, two artists in the loop. All artists performing on by:Larm can be found here. Tickets are available for all types of interests and levels of commitment, and you’ll find them on by:Larms website.

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