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Experience Christmas in Oslo

Christmas in Oslo

Snow has finally made its way to Oslo and we couldn’t be more excited. Are you planning on visiting the capital of Norway around Christmas? Perfect. Not sure what you should do? Even better. We’ve listed our favourite places to see, to eat and things to do in Oslo. So put an extra jumper on

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Jamie’s Italian Aker Brygge – Restaurant in Oslo, Norway

Jamie's Italian Aker Brygge

Jamie’s Italian Aker Brygge – Restaurant in Oslo, Norway

Jamie’s Italian Aker Brygge, an authentic Italian restaurant by the famous chef Jamie Oliver located in wonderful Aker Brygge, Oslo, Norway. Open daily; it’s the perfect place to drop in for a coffee and something sweet, drinks, an authentic pizza or a three-course Italian experience. With a calm, relaxing atmosphere, indoor and outdoor seating, and the view of Aker Brygge, this restaurant suit most people for most occasions. 

The Location

Jamie’s Italian is located on Aker Brygge, with a view out towards the sea and the Akershus Fortress. It’s central, it’s convenient, and wow is it beautiful in the evenings. Aker Brygge is a very populated place in Oslo, especially during summers, and restaurants, cafés, and bars are everywhere, boosting the pleasant vibe. With it’s modern, contemporary architecture and its central location it’s one of the best places to go out for food in Oslo, and Jamie’s Italian is an excellent choice of restaurant.

The Food

Jamie’s Italian was founded by Jamie Oliver and chef Gennaro Contaldo, in Oxford, 2008. Their goal was to make traditional, authentic Italian food that captures the Italian, rustic feeling, for a decent price. Jamie’s Italian succeeds in all aspects and causes the mind to drift off to the hills of Tuscany.

The Drinks & Environment

We’ve already established that the location and food are about as good as it gets, so how about the drinks? With enthusiastic waiters with a drive to inspire, they happily recommend drinks, as well as food based on your criteria. According to me, they succeeded in this particular instance as well, with flying colours.

If you wish to learn more about Jamie’s Italian Aker Brygge, or book a table, visit their website here.

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Picnic in the Park – Festival 15th to 17th June 2018

piknik i parken

Photo by Ida Kroksæter / Piknik i parken

Picnic in the Park, Piknik i Parken – Festival 15th to 17th of June 2018

Picnic in the Park, Piknik i Parken, in Oslo is running for the 5th year in a row on the 15th to the 17th of June 2018. Don’t know about you, but a picnic in the park with some good music and a relaxed vibe is about the best thing you can do in the summer, according to us. Don’t miss out on this fantastic festival at Vigeland-Museet!

Relaxed with a good vibe

Picnic in the Park, Piknik i Parken, is a relaxed, laid-back festival organized for the 5th year in a row in Oslo. This year it’ll be at Vigeland-Museet in the southern end of Frogner Park. This is a festival that suits the more relaxed person, so bring your family, friends, a blanket and enjoy the music in the sun!


Spread over three days, there are a lot of artists performing live, Norwegians as well as international artists. Some of the performers are Susanne Sundfør, Phoenix, Travis, Jason Isbell and the 400 unit. The full list of performers can be found HERE.


You can buy tickets for individual days or the whole weekend; tickets can be found HERE.

If you wish to find more information about the event, have a look here at their website.

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Where to Shop Summer Outfits – Oslo 2018

sommer outfits in oslo 2018

Photo by unsplash-logoArtificial Photography

Where to Shop Summer Outfits  – Oslo 2018

Where to shop Summer outfits in Oslo 2018. Are you looking for those fresh new Summer outfits in Oslo? Summer is coming up and it’s time to get your outfits in order! Whether you’re looking for the outfit that will make you ‘pop’ in Grünerløkka, need a suit for the upcoming summer weddings or just need those basic items to work with, this is the guide for you! 

Basic Shopping

Oslo City Shopping Centre – This is the most visited shopping center in Oslo. Over 90 shops and restaurants spread over five floors, you should be able to find your basic items for your summer outfits here! Open from 10-22.00 Monday to Saturday all summer. More info here on their website.

Storo Storsenter – The largest shopping center in Oslo. With over 130 shops, cafés, restaurants and services, they accommodate most peoples basic needs and then some. More information can be found on Storo Storsenter’s website.

The Fancy Shops

Paleet – This is a shopping mall dedicated to more high-end brands and stores. There are over 30 stores from high-end brands, as well as cafés and restaurant available. The mall is located on the main street, Karl Johans gate. The general layout is more relaxed than your average shopping mall and is perfect for when you’re shopping for nicer summer outfits. Have a look here on their website if you want more information.

Eger Karl Johan – Norway’s largest fashion house. This is where you want to buy those special summer outfits. More than 300 great designers and brands with high-quality products are offered here, smack-bang in the middle of Oslo, on Karl Johans gate as well. More info here!

I want to be different

Gypsywagon – A second hand shop with carfully chosen pieces of clothing as well as shoes, bags, furniture and accessories for all people. This is the spot where you find those vintage pieces that you’ve been longing for, or maybe even had back in the day! Check them out on Ivan Bjørndals gate 34!

Ny York vintage & 2nd hand – A Second-hand shop located in southern Grünerløkka, what used to be referred to as “Ny York”. They’ve got garments specifically picked out for that vintage look! You’ll find the shop at Markveien 58 and more information here on their website.

If you want to learn more about the hipster-culture in Oslo, make sure you check out our tour Hipster Oslo!

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What to eat in Oslo?


Photo by Rema

We at OURWAY Tours love to discover a country through its food, as it says so much about it. If you’re planning a breakaway to Oslo this year, this is what you need to eat in Olso!

The Norwegian delicacy Brunost
Around 30% av all cheese that’s eaten by the Norwegians is the brunost, with its sweet-sour taste. The original Brunost (translating to brown cheese) was created by a woman named Anne Hov. In the middle of the 18th century, her residential area led by an economic crisis, Anne Hov, who then worked on a mountain farm got an idea. When she added cream to whey while boiling, she made a thicker, more solid product – like cheese. She named it to Feitost (fat cheese). Since then, the brown cheese has been produced, consumed and loved in Norway.

Fresh fish from Oslo Fjord
With its vicinity to the fjord, the city of Oslo is the perfect place to eat fresh fish. Try oysters, smoked salmon, smoked trout and marinated salmon. It’s a delight!

The dish is made by salted, dried ribs of sheep. The meat is then steamed in a saucepan on a layer of birch sticks or on a cooking grate. To pinnekjøtt you’re most often served boiled potatoes, lingonberries or mustard. Even though pinnekjøtt is a dish most popular around Christmas, you can still find it at restaurants serving typical Norwegian food almost year around.

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Tourist in your own city 2018

tourist in your own city

Photo by VisitOSLO

On Sunday the 15th of April, the city of Oslo will be the opposite of quiet when Tourist in your own city takes place again. For one day, museums, attraction, and businesses open up for the people. 

The event that takes place yearly, is done in collaboration with VisitOSLO and the city of Oslo. The goal is to make more locals experience what is offered in their one city – things they might be missing out, on a daily basis. Find more information about Tourist in your own city on their Facebook-event here. We at OURWAY Tours will offer our walking tour Hipster Oslo, completely for free. To participate in the day, you need a pass for the day. Go to VisitOSLO for more information.


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