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Get to know the boroughs of Oslo: Frogner


Photo by www.traveljapanblog.com

Frogner is a borough and an exclusive housing and shopping district on the west end of Norway’s capital Oslo. The borough is named after the Frogner mansion, which stands in front of the Frogner Park. The Frogner Park is the biggest park of Oslo and one of the most visited attractions of the city, for tourists and locals alike. In the center of the park is the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is the most visited park of Oslo.

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Sheep with a view


Photo by Visit Norway

Every year over 2 million sheep are let out into the beautiful nature of Norway. These adorable adventurers travel through thick woods, stunning mountains, walk along Fjords and beaches and even roam through the inner city. It’s not just the sheep that can enjoy this kind of freedom. In Norway the freedom to walk about freely has been a tradition since ancient times. In the year 1957 a law was even instigated called “allemannsretten” which means “the right to roam”. This law was to ensure that everyone could independent of their status explore the nature of Norway. Five of Norway’s finest sheep were chosen, to be fitted with GoPro’s to show us their own unique view of Norway. Who would be better to show us the enormous cultural beauty of Norway? Of course you don’t have to be a sheep to see what wonderful sights Norway has to offer, but it’s a cheap way to see a large part of Norway. For example, sheep Heidi in the photo above, will show you around Oslo. A great way to see the city before visiting! Follow the sheeps on visitnorway.com/sheepwithaview.

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A Norwegian treat: Brunost


Photo by nordicnibbler.com

If it’s one dish that the Norwegians hold close to their heart it’s the brunost (brown cheese), a cheese made with whey, milk and/or cream. The cheese has been around for what seems like forever in different types of forms and creations, but the modern Norwegian brunost came from a milkmaid – Anne Hov. In the 1800s, her neighborhood went through an economic crisis. Anne Hov, who in 1863 was working at a mountain farm, came up with an idea. When she added cream to the whey whilst it was boiling, it became a fattier, firmer product. She named it Feitost (fat cheese). Since then, brunost has been produced, consumed and loved in Norway. In our tour Oslo City Walk, a tasting of the famous cheese is included. If you’re not joining one of our tours, we can warmly recommend the deli Fenaknoken, home to some lovely brunost.

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Akershus Fortress


Akershus Fortress (Akershus Festning) is a castle from the medieval times, located in the city centre by the Oslo Fjord. It was built by King Haakon V in the late 1920s to protect the city of Oslo, after previous attacks. Since then, it has been used by the military, surviving all sieges, until the 1800s when the military use of the fortress ended. From here on forward, the using of the Akershus Fortress has been a little bit of everything; from prison to a national archive. Today, it’s used for official events and dinner parties for foreign heads of state and dignitaries. It’s however open for the public to visit, daily until 9PM.

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Get to know Oslo: the boroughs


Photo by Mapio.net

Oslo is more than it’s (beautiful) city centre: the city is divided in plenty of boroughs. One of our favourites is Oslo East. Resembling to Stockholm’s Södermalm, it’s an old working class area that has bloomed and become a borough filled with original shops, cheap restaurants and cool neighbourhood cafés. In the area you will also find Kampen, a little mini-village, located on top of a hill (see picture above). This area is filled with old wooden houses dating back to the end of the 1800s and 1930s. To get to Kampen it’s easiest to walk from the city centre, however, you can also take the metro to Tøyen or bus 60.

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The Silver Jubilee Park


Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

On June 13th, the Royal Palace Park in Oslo became a place for celebration – the Silver Jubilee Park – and will continue to be during the whole summer, when celebrating HM King Harald V and Queen Sonja’s 25th anniversary of their ascension to the Norwegian throne.

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