Stockholm’s New Design Hotel – At Six


Photo by Hotel At Six

On the 23rd of March 2017, a new design hotel is opening in Stockholm – Hotel At Six. Located on Brunkebergstorg, it’s believed to become the new ‘hip’ hotel.

At Six has some pretty strong names behind it: it’s operated by Nordic Hotels & Resorts together with Yasuragi Hasseludden, Hobo Stockholm and The Thief Oslo, among others. It’s located on Brunkebergstorg, a square in the middle of Stockholm’s city center, that’s for years has been quite dead. Once upon a time, in the 1800s, it was a centerpoint of Stockholm, full of life. Under the 1960s the older buildings around the square was torn, and up until today, the square has been dominated by financial institutions. The project Urban Escape Stockholm is hoping to bring the square back to life: they are planning to make the square alive again together with a couple of properties, squares, hotels, restaurants and much more, out of which Hotel At Six will be an important part.

At Six won’t just be any hotel; it’s an art hotel. It will have an art collection filled with works from some of the most famous artists such as Julian Opie and Olafur Eliasson. The 343 rooms at the hotel are all decorated gracefully; they all have a desk in marble and a cabinet for drinks made of brass, together with a special designed sofa by Edward Barber och Jay Osgerby. Hello, you had us at marble! The social areas of the hotel consists of two floors with restaurants, bars and lounges. On top of the hotel, famous Swedish chef Frida Ronge will run a new rooftop restaurant called Tak (English: Roof). It will also have a bar. Read more about the hotel and make a reservation on At Six’s website.

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Shopping in Stockholm: Drottninggatan


Photo by Flickr: jaime.silva

Our next stop on our shopping guide for Stockholm is the one and only Drottninggatan. Keep reading to find out why this pedestrian street is one of the most famous one for shopping in Stockholm.

Drottninggatan is an old street – it was laid out in the 1630s – 1640s and was originally named Stora Konungsgatan (The Great King’s Street). Later on, it was renamed the honour the Queen Christina (who ruled from 1632 – 1654) – therefore the name Drottninggatan (The Queen’s Street). Drottninggatan is 1,5 kilometers long and stretches from Riksbron (close to Gamla stan) to Observatorielunden (Vasastan). You could say that the metro station T-centralen is located in the middle of the street.

So, what sort of shopping is to be found on Drottninggatan? All, we say! But in general, it’s big chains, both Swedish and Scandinavian. You’ll find three H&M’s in a triangle (+ a pop-up H&M Home-store) and other chains such as Bikbok, Weekday and VILA. There are sports stores, electronic stores, small knick-knacks stores and much more. Almost at the end of Drottninggatan, close to Observatorielunden, you will find Beyond Retro, one of the most popular vintage-stores in Sweden. Maybe that’s why the street is so popular – the diversity appeals to all.

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Foodie? Don’t miss Krogveckan in Stockholm!


Are you in Stockholm on vacation sometime before the 12th of February? Don’t miss out on Krogveckan by Bookatable! During “Krogveckan”, you can eat cheaper meals at fancy restaurants.

That is the concept behind Krogveckan: to be able to try out new restaurants for a cheaper cost. On their website you can choose 2-3 meals for SEK 200/SEK 300. You can easily choose which neighborhood you wish to try out, or just scroll through the list of all 190 (!) restaurants available. Just go to Krogveckan’s website and book your table via the website to use the deals. Highly recommendable!

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The Spring Salon 2017 in Stockholm


Photo by Liljevalchs

It’s a recurring art event, many artists dream and plenty of Stockholmers arty highlight each year. Meet The Spring Salon at Liljevalchs Art Hall!

The Spring Salon (in Swedish: Vårsalongen) is a tradition that originates from 1921, started by the art hall Liljevalchs. Liljevalchs is owned by the city of Stockholm and was inaugurated in 1916 as the first independent and official art hall for contemporary art in Sweden. The building, in which the Spring Salon normally is exhibited in, was designed by the architect Carl Bergsten and is located on Djurgården. However, the building is under renovation since spring 2016. Instead the exhibition is held in Liljevalchs temporary premises on Malmskillnadsgatan 32 in the middle of the city of Stockholm.

So what does the salon and exhibition consist of? Well, anyone can apply to show their work. It’s a juried exhibition (with a different jury each year) and for many artists in the country it’s a life time goal to be accepted. Not only is it the honour, it’s the fact that approx. 80 000 visitors each year go and see the exhibition. It’s a great opportunity to be discovered, in other words, regardless if you work with paintings, installations, craft work, video or sculptures.

The Spring Salon is open until March 5th, is open daily and only costs SEK 20 in entrance fee. Opening hours are Monday – Thursday 12.00 – 20.00 and Friday – Saturday 11.00 – 17.00.

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Stockholm Tunnel Run Citybanan


Photo by Lidingöloppet

On the 25th of March 2017 a running race will take place in Stockholm, for the first and last time ever – Stockholm Tunnel Run Citybanan.

Citybanan is a new 6 kilometer long commuter train tunnel under central Stockholm. It will have two new stations: Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan and will open in 2017. Before the inauguration, the city of Stockholm and owners let runners try it out in a huge race. 40 000 runners will run through the asphalted service tunnel that runs parallell with the new train tunnel, filled with both steep climbs and long descents.

The start will be by Karolinska and when the runners reach the goal line they’ll be at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. There are still spots left at the one of a kind race, taking place only one night. Are you up for the challenge? Book your ticket and read more about the race on the organizer’s website.

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Stockholm’s new museum – for all Vikings!


Photo by Vikingaliv

In April 2017, a new museum is coming to town. Located in an old boat hall on Djurgården, the museum called Vikingaliv will open. It’s a museum for, as you might have guessed, vikings!

The museum Vikingaliv is a museum focusing completely on vikings. It combines historic facts with the latest findings about the vikings. The exhibition will show plenty of aspects of the vikings history: the trade of slaves, the plunder and pillage, religious customs, bargains and much more. You’ll also be able to look at the play of Ragnfrid’s Saga, a journey that (among other things) takes you to Gårdarike and Miklagård, two famous yards from the viking time. The museum will be open from 10.00 – 20.00 daily and will have an entrance fee of SEK 190 (adults), SEK 120 (children 7-15 years old). The adress to head to is Djurgårdsvägen 48. If you want to get even more involved with vikings, we suggest you get to know OURWAY Tours viking on a tour

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