Hidden places in Stockholm: The Ghost Park

geister park stockholm

Photo by Mapio-user

In central Stockholm, more specifically in Vasastan, lies the ghost park. It is flanked by The Scheffler Palace, also known as the Haunted Mansion. Have you missed this ghostly place in the middle of town?

The ghost park, despite its scary name, is Stockholm’s only protected park by law. What makes it so unique and is considered having that much cultural-historical value, is its composition; it’s partly an 18th-century classic park with hardwoods and winding paths, but also a baroque garden with gazebo dating back to the 17th century. The park is surrounded by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the School of Economics and not to mention the Haunted Mansion.

On Drottninggatan 116 lies the hidden Scheffler Palace, an old ore farm which since 1830 is known as the Haunted Mansion in Stockholm. Why do these outwardly seen very beautiful places, have got such an unpleasant nickname? Since the 1700’s rumors have been spoken about ghosts in both the house and the park. Myths about strange sounds, music, and singing have been flooding here for years. At the beginning of the 19th century, a burial site was found in the park. Whether it’s true that it’s haunted or not, we don’t know. We suggest you simply go to the neighborhood and feel for yourself. If you dare.

To go to The Ghost Park, walk up Drottninggatan as far as you can (in the opposite direction of Gamla stan). Here’s a google map link.

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Things you must do in Stockholm during Christmas


On the 25th of November, #Stockholmsjul was inagurated and the city is now dressed in one million Christmas lights. Oh, the joy! Here’s what’s you need to do when visiting Stockholm this Christmas.

Visit Skansen
During bigger holidays, Skansen really shines on as the star that it is. The Open-Air Museum, located on Djurgården, is the perfect place to see how the Swedes have celebrated Christmas throughout decades. Read more about it on Skansen’s website.

Go on our Stockholm Christmas tour
To get the perfect introduction to Gamla stan (the Old Town) and hear all about our Christmas traditions in Sweden, why not join our walking tour Christmas Spirit? It includes Christmas songs, history and a yummy glass of glögg (mulled wine).

Go ice-skating in Kungsträdgården
In the middle of the city center lies a big skating rink, surrounded by Christmas decorations and music. This is as cozy as it gets! The ice-rink is open every day of the week until 21.00 / 9PM, except 24th of December when it’s closed. You can rent your skates on spot for a small fee.

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Famous sights in Stockholm: Gustav Adolfs Torg

gustav adolfs torg

Photo by Bengt Oberger

Perhaps you have been walking past it, the square located in the middle of a traffic roundabout? It’s known as Gustav Adolfs Torg (Gustav Adolf’s Square). 

Located just by Norrbro, Regeringsgatan and Malmtorgsgatan lie Gustav Adolfs Torg (Google Map Link here). The square is named after a Swedish King called Gustav II Adolf, who reigned from 1611 – 1632. He was known as “the lion of the North”. He died in Lützen 1632, and for a few hundred years after his death, he was remembered as a hero. The square got its name in 1805.

In the middle of the square, you’ll see a huge statue (seen from far away even). That is Sweden’s first equestrian statue. It was molded in 1778 and places on the square in 1791. Surrounding him you can also spot two lions in bronze. These have been here since 1926, and are copies of an original piece that was sculptured already in the 300s – the originals are to be found in the Vatican Museums in Rome.

What’s kinda spectacular about this square is that it, unlike many other cities in Sweden, works as a geographical midpoint for setting distances to and from Stockholm. Most Swedish cities count their distances from the railway or bus station. So next time you’re in town, make sure you cross the roundabout and check out the square.

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Things to do in Stockholm in December

stockholm im dezember

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year…! December is finally here and we are ready to embrace everything that has to do with it; the cold, Christmas and the New Year approaching. If you’re visiting Stockholm in December, here are things you should (need!) to do. 

Embrace the Christmas atmosphere in Stockholm
Like most European capitals, Stockholm loves to get dressed up in time for Christmas. Enjoy the Christmassy decorations and lightbulbs across the city. During Christmas, Stockholm is lit by a million LED-lights on more than 40 streets. Another thing you should do is visit a Christmas market, the most popular one is located on Stortorget in the Old Town.

Hideaway from the cold in all the cozy cafés available
If it’s one thing a Swede will tell you that they do during Winter, its to take an indoor fika. Indulge in hot coffee or warm chocolate and a delicious pastry in one of the many cafés we have in Stockholm. Some of our favorites this time of year is Chokladkoppen, Mr Cake, Wienercafeét and Vetekatten are just a few of them. Most cafés will do the trick – you’re in Sweden, the coffee is great everywhere!

Try Swedish Christmas Food
In December, the Swedes eating and drinking habits change somewhat, because of Christmas. For drinks, you need to try mulled wine, red wine with mulling spices. Every year, a new taste is released by the company Blossa, in 2017 it’s flavored with mango, spicy cumin, and hot chili. When it comes to food, you can try a traditional “julbord” (Christmas Table). It’s a smorgasbord of traditional Swedish dishes; smoked salmon, potatoes, meatballs, beetroot salad, and herring. A couple of suggestions on atmospheric restaurants where you can book yourself a delightful julbord are Villa Godthem (choose English in menu to the left), Mårten Trotzig, and Tre Valv (unfortunetely only Swedish website). PS. Planning on visiting the open-air museum of Skansen for their Christmas market? Don’t miss that they also have a julbord!

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Unique hotels in Stockholm

hotels in stockholm

Photo by Hobo Hotel

Are you visiting Stockholm on a weekend and want to add that extra spice to your vacation? Choose a unique hotel! There are plenty to choose between. Here’s our favorite unique hotels in Stockholm.

Haymarket by Scandic
This boutique hotel opened in 2016 and has since then proved it’s spot in the hotel scene in Stockholm – it was needed. Located in a venue that in the 1920s housed the warehouse PUB, where Greta Garbo used to work, you can count on well kept details in the interior and design. It’s just something out of the ordinary, everything from the golden shower cabins to the bed setting. Haymarket by Scandic is located on Hötorget (Haymarket Square) in the middle of Stockholm, close to Gamla stan (the Old Town), the pedestrian shopping street Drottninggatan and many great restaurants. See more of the hotel here.

Another new star on the hotel sky is Hobo, which, opposite to what the name might state, is a new boutique hotel in the city. The room, that consists of approx. 200 rooms also houses a restaurant, a café, two floors of bar and a pop-up area. What’s so special about this hotel is the interior and decoration. If you look at the photo below, you’ll see it’s not our typical clean Scandinavian interior. Count on the exact same standard though, if not better! Read more on Hobo’s website.

Pop House Stockholm
If you’re a fan of ABBA, you’ll wanna live in Pop House Hotel and nowhere else. Located on Djurgården in Stockholm, in the same venue as ABBA The Museum, you’ll find a four year old hotel (inaugurated in 2013). Each room has panoramic windows and fancy interior, sometimes quirky. On Friday’s you can enjoy Pop House Live at the hotel’s restaurant, most often a new artist with focus on music produced in Sweden. Book your room here.

Hotel Kungsträdgården
Just by Kungsträdgården, Berzelii Park and with both Östermalm and Norrmalm nearby, lies Hotel Kungsträdgården. It’s a family owned hotel, located in a building that dates back to the early 1800s. This is something you’ll definitely notice once you enter, many interior details are kept from this era, especially wooden works. The hotel opened in 2015, and when it did, it was done with one of Europe’s largest chandeliers on the hotel’s lovely courtyard. Read more about this hotel on Hotel Kungsträdgården’s website.

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Premiere for the Christmas Market in Gamla stan


On November 18th, the most beloved Christmas market in Stockholm is finally opening for the season! We are of course talking about the Christmas market in Gamla stan, Stortorget. 

If you’re missing just a little bit of Christmas feeling, the only way to go is to Stortorget! Here, the Christmas feeling is alla round. The smell of roasted almonds and glögg is as set as stone, and the cute little red stalls with items for sale offers plenty of things to look at. The market is open until December 23rd, don’t miss it!

PS. If you’re longing for even more christmas feeling, check out our walking tour with Christmas theme.

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