Three delicious restaurants beyond the tourist traps in Stockholm’s Gamla stan


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Gamla stan (the Old Town) in Stockholm has locally gotten a pretty bad reputation as a tourist trap. Sure, it’s the oldest part of the city and therefore has a lot of famous sights, but it has more than that. It’s just a matter of knowing there you need to go. Here are three delicious restaurants beyond the tourist trap in Stockholm’s Gamla stan!

1. Pastis, Baggensgatan 12
This restaurants makes our heart beats faster, just by thinking of it. Located a bit hidden by the square Kornhamnstorg, not many locals knows this exists, neither tourists. It’s so small, making it super easy to miss. Pastis is a tiny tiny restaurant, focusing on French cuisine (and staff). The menu consists of a small range of dishes. During winter, you’ll get rapt by the romantic setting in the restaurant, with high candles and cosy illumination. In summer, you can sit outside on the cobblestones and pretend you’re in an French alley. See the menu and book a table at their website.

2. 19 glas, Stora Nygatan 19
19 glas is perhaps most known for being a wine bar – and a pretty darn good one! They have wine from Sweden’s Sörmland to Otago New Zeeland, all of them in highest class. What many not know is that 19 glas offer food too. Besides from their lunches, they offer 4-courses or 7-courses pre set menus. The items on the menu won’t disappoint you, you’ll find everything from fine parts of meat to exciting vegetables. Since you’ll be eating at a wine bar, expect to be blown with their knowledge on what wine fits with what dish. Booking’s can be made here.

3. Österlånggatan 17, same adress as the name
Österlånggatan 17 is a restaurant under the group of restaurants called Bockholmsgruppen, all of them are built and developed as neighborhood restaurants, with an easy feel to it. Among the siblings you’ll find Nybrogatan 38 and Nytorget 6. On the evening menu you’ll find both smaller dishes, starters, main entrances and egg dishes (who said you couldn’t have an omelette for dinner?!). See the entire menu on Österlånggatan 17’s website.

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3 rooftop bars in Stockholm with an unbelievable view


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Stockholm is a city filled with natural hills and heights, but it’s also a city filled with tall buildings and on top of many of them: rooftop bars. Here’s a list of 3 rooftop bars in Stockholm with an unbelievable view.

1. Urban Deli, Sveavägen 44
If rooftops in particular are your cup of tea, you’ll love Urban Deli on Sveavägen 44, you’ll be right among them, up in the sky. Urban Deli is a Swedish chain of concept: the Urban Deli’s consists of a restaurant, a food store and market hall. The Urban Deli on Sveavägen is the newest addition, and they have gotten very popular due to the rooftop bar on the 9th floor, open during the summer months. The rooftop bar is built like a sculpture park with different seating areas, and offers a 360-degree over the rooftops in the area of Vasastan/Hötorget. Urban Deli 9th floor have simple food for sales and a standard range of beverages. Be here on time, this bar is a regular after work-hangout for the stockholmers!

2. Scandic Continental, The Capital, Vasagatan 22
With an astonishing view over the City Hall, Södermalm and Riddarfjärden, rooftop bar The Capital in hotel Scandic Continental (Vasagatan 22) quickly became a success when it opened in April 2016. Scandic is the biggest hotell chain in the Nordic countries, with over over 230 hotel spread across seven countries. Scandic Continental re-opened in 2016 after a huge renovation (well, in fact it was a complete demolition and new building raised). Continental’s rooftop bar is open for everyone and has room for approx. 100 people and have sun from morning til’ evening. If you’re here on vacation, grab a seat early on and don’t let it go!

3. Champagnebaren, Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Torg 1-3
Located on the hill of Mosebacke, Södermalm, you’ll find Södra Teatern with three (!) marvelous bars with a view. The best? Champagnebaren (the Champagne bar) is located on floor 7 and is the highest positioned bar in Södra Teatern. Champagnebaren is only open to the public during the summer, and has views over Gamla stan (the Old Town) and the north of Stockholm. This rooftop bar is quite small, if you happen to come when it’s full you can always head down to Mosebacketerrassen (Mosebacke Terrace), a huge yard where 2000 people can fit. From here, you won’t have corresponding view to Champagnebaren, but it’s absolutely qualified for looking out over Stockholm. PS. If it get’s chilly, the inside bar Södra Bar has two bars with amazing views over the city.

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The best Swedish lunch in Stockholm? We know where to go!


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Planning your vacation to Stockholm? We often get the question “where should I go for a Swedish lunch?”, and there are so many answers to that question. Below we rank three of our favourites in the city.

A cosy environment and classic dishes on Restaurant Tradition on Österlånggatan 1. This restaurant is pretty perfectly located in Gamla stan (the Old Town), perfect if you want to explore the oldest neighborhood in the city and have a Swedish lunch. On the menu you’ll find Swedish classics such as Beef Rydberg, Toast Skagen and of course the oh-so-Swedish Meatballs. Book your table and see the menu at Tradition’s website.

Tennstopet, with 150 years of history, located on Dalagatan 50. Tennstopet is a storied restaurant with heritages from the end of 1800s, in here you’ll get the feeling that time has stopped. They often have theme weeks and serve things that perhaps have fallen out of the regular menus nowadays, like wild boars. Perhaps not the restaurant for vegetarians… See what they are focusing on during your stay on their website.

Pelikan is loved by both locals and visitors of the city, located on Blekingegatan 40. For 110 years Pelikan has been serving people food in the big hall that makes the restaurants. The menu consists of classic Swedish dishes: meatballs, herring, rhubarb pie and egg-anchovy salad to mention a few. Pelikan is a bit expensive but very well worth it if you want to have lunch in a unique setting. Read more about Pelikan on the restaurant’s website.

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Spring in Stockholm: what you can’t miss


As we are about to leave February behind, we can’t help but to think about spring. Spring is coming! If you’re planning on visiting Stockholm during spring, here’s what you can’t miss.

Go for a stroll! Spring is that magical time of year when the city get’s greener and greener, but it’s (usually) still not warm enough for picknicks. Also known as the perfect opportunity to experience the city without jostling with others. Skeppsholmen is an island connected to Blasieholmen in the middle of Stockholm, close to Kungsträdgården and the Royal Palace. This island is home to many museums and old military offices, but other than that it’s well kept with beautiful nature. Walk around the island and look at the many boats that are docked here. If you want to continue, go out to Kastellholmen, connected to Skeppsholmen by bridge. If you feel like going for a longer stroll, head out to Djurgården. This recreational area is huge in comparison.

Do as the Swedes do and have a drink outside, regardless the temperature. After the long winter, 15 degrees will usually do it for the Swedes, who’ll happily sit on the outdoor seating as soon as it opens (usually around 1st of April). Some of our favorite places are: Blå Porten on Djurgården, Mosebacke Terrace on Södermalm, the café on the hostel af Chapman on Skeppsholmen and Mälarpaviljonen on Kungsholmen. However, if there’s one thing we don’t have a lack of in Stockholm, it’s pubs, restaurants and outdoor seatings. If it’s sunny outside, just head out and look for Swedes leaning their heads agains the sun with eyes closed.

The blooming of the cherry-blossom trees in Kungsträdgården. KungsträdgårdenIf you’ve done your reading, you probably already know that the cherry blossom blooming is big in Stockholm. When the alleys of trees bloom in it’s a mandatory spring picture to post on Instagram for many Swedes; visitors to the city as well as people on their lunch break head to the trees to take photos. The flowers usually pop out in the beginning of April.

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The Semla and Semmeldagen


If you’ve done your research on Swedish fika, you might have stumbled up on the Semla. It’s the traditional sweet roll that even has it’s own day in Sweden.

Semla is a sort of pastry made by light wheat bread, filled with whipped cream and almond paste. In Sweden it’s often spiced with cardamom and icing sugar powdered on the the bread top. Every year in February, a special “Semmeldag” takes place in the calendar, 2017 it’s on the 28th of February. This originates from the past, when semlor only was eaten on Fettisdagen (Shrove Tuesday) in Sweden. Later the tradition of fasting stopped in Sweden and now it has it’s own day instead. Today you can practically buy a semla in a Swedish bakery from december ’til Easter, but a few still wait until the official Semmeldag to have their first for the year. The last few years, the semla has evolved in Sweden. Bakers and chefs all over the country are trying to make the most “crazy” semla possible; we’ve had everything from semmel-wraps to semmel-pizzas and hot-dog semla and semmel-donuts.

It is said that King Adolf Frederick of Sweden (reigned 1751 – 1771) died of digestion problems. He had consumed a very luxurious meal of caviar, lobster, smoked herring, sauerkraut and he swallowed it down with champagne. The meal was topped of by 14 semlor, his favorite dessert.

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Stockholm’s New Design Hotel – At Six


Photo by Hotel At Six

On the 23rd of March 2017, a new design hotel is opening in Stockholm – Hotel At Six. Located on Brunkebergstorg, it’s believed to become the new ‘hip’ hotel.

At Six has some pretty strong names behind it: it’s operated by Nordic Hotels & Resorts together with Yasuragi Hasseludden, Hobo Stockholm and The Thief Oslo, among others. It’s located on Brunkebergstorg, a square in the middle of Stockholm’s city center, that’s for years has been quite dead. Once upon a time, in the 1800s, it was a centerpoint of Stockholm, full of life. Under the 1960s the older buildings around the square was torn, and up until today, the square has been dominated by financial institutions. The project Urban Escape Stockholm is hoping to bring the square back to life: they are planning to make the square alive again together with a couple of properties, squares, hotels, restaurants and much more, out of which Hotel At Six will be an important part.

At Six won’t just be any hotel; it’s an art hotel. It will have an art collection filled with works from some of the most famous artists such as Julian Opie and Olafur Eliasson. The 343 rooms at the hotel are all decorated gracefully; they all have a desk in marble and a cabinet for drinks made of brass, together with a special designed sofa by Edward Barber och Jay Osgerby. Hello, you had us at marble! The social areas of the hotel consists of two floors with restaurants, bars and lounges. On top of the hotel, famous Swedish chef Frida Ronge will run a new rooftop restaurant called Tak (English: Roof). It will also have a bar. Read more about the hotel and make a reservation on At Six’s website.

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