Stockholm Culture Night 2017


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On April 29th, the city of Stockholm is painted purple and filled with culture. It’s time for Stockholm Culture Night 2017. 

Between 18.00 – 24.00, Saturday 29th of April, hundreds of fun events take place in Stockholm, and they’re for free. Stockholm Culture Night is an event to celebrate the diversity that exists in Stockholms cultural life, a chance to go and see something or do something you’ve never done before. We at OURWAY Tours are offering our Swedish tour Puss & Snusk, and there’s so much else to be found in the program. You can watch ballet at the Ballet Academy, check out Susan Philipsz – Lost in Space on Bonnier Konsthall, celebrate Finland’s 100 year anniversary at the Institute of Finland where a “Finntastic Festival” will be held or go to a DJ-course at Mäster Olofsgården. As you can hear, it’s a diverse program and we are super excited (and also a bit concerned about how we’re going to fit in everything we want to try!).

If you’re in town on the 29th and want to know what’s doable, you can head to the official information hub at Kulturhuset, Sergels torg. There they can answer questions and give you the program in English.

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Three old cafés in Stockholm where locals go


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Well, if you have arrived to the country who invented the word “fika”, you’ve already put yourself in a position good enough. Good coffee can to be found almost everywhere, same goes for pastries. If you’re in the mood to visit a good old café, we got you covered. Here’s three old cafés in Stockholm where locals go. 

Vete-Katten, Kungsgatan 55
This little gem is located in the city center, and has been since 1928. The interior has practically stayed the same whilst the city changed around it, and the atmosphere is still the same here as we only can guess it was in the early 1900s. It was opened by a woman called Ester Nordhammar, 42 years old, who had an idea to start a simple patisserie. She wanted to offer bread, buns and pastries of great quality. She exclusively employed young women in her business, up until she died in 1961 there wasn’t a single man working at the café. Today, Vete-Katten has everything from a fabulous breakfast to lovely pastries. And oh, the coffee is great too. What else would you expect? There are three entrances to Vete-Katten; Kungsgatan 55, Klara Norra Kyrkogata 26 and Gamla Brogatan 30. The closest metro stations are T-Centralen and Hötorget.

Sturekatten, Riddargatan 4
The facility where you today find Sturekatten has been through many phases; it’s said that it was a brothel in the 1700s, and in the 1800s it was a sanatorium. In 1941, a woman called Anna Skog moved in with her sister Hiledgard and opened a café. Since they opened it in “their own home”, you’ll notice the personal touch in the interior, with a lot of the furniture in the café belonging to the sisters. The interior is well-kept with decoration, crocheted materials and older paintings from the 1900s, which will immediately take you back to another time, whilst the pastries and what’s said to be Northern Europe’s best baguettes are daily fresh and absolutely yummy. Sturekatten is located on Riddargatan 4, the closest metro station is Östermalmstorg.

Valand, Surbrunnsgatan 48
Valand is a café and confectionery located in the area of Vasastan in central Stockholm, and it has been ever since 1954. For over sixty years it’s been managed by the founder, Stellan Åström, together with his wife Magdalena, with a little help from their family. The interior here screams 1950s; there’s a brown wall panel in teak, lamps from Svenskt Tenn and leather covered chairs. It’s said that they haven’t changed as much as a screw since they opened. It’s still Magdalena who bakes everything. Hard to beat, huh? To head to Valand, take the metro to Odenplan which is the closest metro.

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Stockholm’s new design hotels on Brunkebergstorg have officially opened


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In March two new cool hotels opened in Stockholm, right next to each other. They’re called At Six and Hobo and are now ready to take your booking. 

Brunkebergstorg has been described as the ugliest place in Stockholm by locals for years. What once upon a time (1800s to be specific) was a vibrant square with gorgeous buildings, has for the last decades been a boring, dead place. It all happened when the city of Stockholm decided to demolish many buildings during what’s known as the Norrmalm regulation.

AMF Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest property companies, and they are also the ones in charge for “Urban Escape Stockholm”, the project to make Brunkebergs torg great again. Two of the first things to open on the new and improved Brunkebergstorg are the two new hip hotels of the city: At Six and Hobo. When the hotels opened in late March people flocked at the square to see the new hotels; design hotel At Six, with it’s luxurious touch, and Hobo, the hipsterish boutique hotel. Even though they are different in so many ways (which you’ll notice if you visit them both), they are sister hotels as they have the same owner. All you have to do is decide which style of hotels you like best – the creative and bohemian or elegant and luxurious?!

PS. If you decide to visit, don’t miss At Six’s rooftop restaurant Tak Stockholm, where you’ll receive this view of Stockholm. Not too bad.

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Three fun events that you should join in on in Stockholm this spring/summer


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If you’re heading to Stockholm this spring or early summer, you might wanna pinpoint one of these events. Regardless if you’re a foodie or want to experience real Swedish culture, there’s something for you. 

Indulge in culture on Stockholm Culture Night 2017
On the evening of 29th of April, Stockholm becomes a purple city filled with free culture. You’ll be able to choose in the buffet of art, music and dance. Among the things offered this evening you’ll usually find everything from guided tours, free movie screenings, concerts and exhibitions. The Culture Night celebrates Stockholm’s cultural diversity. In the beginning of April, Stockholm Culture Night’s new website premiers, you’ll find it here.

Taste what Stockholm’s food scene has to offer in Kungsträdgården
It’s an annual event dating back 26 years, and it’s not just any event. It’s one of the world’s biggest events for food and drinks. Of course we’re talking about Smaka på Stockholm (Taste at Stockholm). For six days, from 1st to 6th of June, Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm will turn in to a food mecka, filled with pop-up restaurants, food trucks, chef’s table and for the first time ever – Stockholm’s largest market square for food, when 50 of the country’s best bakers, chefs, pizza makers and confectioners gather to sell everything from bread, cheese, lemonade to pizza. What we like most about Smaka på Stockholm? The fact that you can try small dishes from many restaurants or have one proper meal at one, whatever you prefer!

Experience how the Swedes celebrate their most beloved tradition of all – Midsommar at Skansen
Have you heard about the public holiday in Sweden, Midsummer? Not only is it pretty much as celebrated as Christmas, it’s three days of from work where the Swedes dance around a maypole and sing about tiny frogs. If you want to experience what Midsummer is all about you should head to the open-air museum of Skansen during Midsummer weekend. Whilst the rest of the city is pretty much dead (it’s common for the stockholmers to head out to someone’s country house), Skansen is very much alive from 23rd to 25th of June. On THE day, Midsummer’s Eve, June 23rd, you can watch and help raise the praised pole at 14.00. After that you can enjoy the folk music and folk dance together with other happy celebrators. The celebration continues throughout the weekend. Here’s a youtube-film about how it usually is. You’ll find Skansen’s opening-hours and admission on their website.

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Three delicious restaurants beyond the tourist traps in Stockholm’s Gamla stan


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Gamla stan (the Old Town) in Stockholm has locally gotten a pretty bad reputation as a tourist trap. Sure, it’s the oldest part of the city and therefore has a lot of famous sights, but it has more than that. It’s just a matter of knowing there you need to go. Here are three delicious restaurants beyond the tourist trap in Stockholm’s Gamla stan!

1. Pastis, Baggensgatan 12
This restaurants makes our heart beats faster, just by thinking of it. Located a bit hidden by the square Kornhamnstorg, not many locals knows this exists, neither tourists. It’s so small, making it super easy to miss. Pastis is a tiny tiny restaurant, focusing on French cuisine (and staff). The menu consists of a small range of dishes. During winter, you’ll get rapt by the romantic setting in the restaurant, with high candles and cosy illumination. In summer, you can sit outside on the cobblestones and pretend you’re in an French alley. See the menu and book a table at their website.

2. 19 glas, Stora Nygatan 19
19 glas is perhaps most known for being a wine bar – and a pretty darn good one! They have wine from Sweden’s Sörmland to Otago New Zeeland, all of them in highest class. What many not know is that 19 glas offer food too. Besides from their lunches, they offer 4-courses or 7-courses pre set menus. The items on the menu won’t disappoint you, you’ll find everything from fine parts of meat to exciting vegetables. Since you’ll be eating at a wine bar, expect to be blown with their knowledge on what wine fits with what dish. Booking’s can be made here.

3. Österlånggatan 17, same adress as the name
Österlånggatan 17 is a restaurant under the group of restaurants called Bockholmsgruppen, all of them are built and developed as neighborhood restaurants, with an easy feel to it. Among the siblings you’ll find Nybrogatan 38 and Nytorget 6. On the evening menu you’ll find both smaller dishes, starters, main entrances and egg dishes (who said you couldn’t have an omelette for dinner?!). See the entire menu on Österlånggatan 17’s website.

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3 rooftop bars in Stockholm with an unbelievable view


Photo by Södra Teatern

Stockholm is a city filled with natural hills and heights, but it’s also a city filled with tall buildings and on top of many of them: rooftop bars. Here’s a list of 3 rooftop bars in Stockholm with an unbelievable view.

1. Urban Deli, Sveavägen 44
If rooftops in particular are your cup of tea, you’ll love Urban Deli on Sveavägen 44, you’ll be right among them, up in the sky. Urban Deli is a Swedish chain of concept: the Urban Deli’s consists of a restaurant, a food store and market hall. The Urban Deli on Sveavägen is the newest addition, and they have gotten very popular due to the rooftop bar on the 9th floor, open during the summer months. The rooftop bar is built like a sculpture park with different seating areas, and offers a 360-degree over the rooftops in the area of Vasastan/Hötorget. Urban Deli 9th floor have simple food for sales and a standard range of beverages. Be here on time, this bar is a regular after work-hangout for the stockholmers!

2. Scandic Continental, The Capital, Vasagatan 22
With an astonishing view over the City Hall, Södermalm and Riddarfjärden, rooftop bar The Capital in hotel Scandic Continental (Vasagatan 22) quickly became a success when it opened in April 2016. Scandic is the biggest hotell chain in the Nordic countries, with over over 230 hotel spread across seven countries. Scandic Continental re-opened in 2016 after a huge renovation (well, in fact it was a complete demolition and new building raised). Continental’s rooftop bar is open for everyone and has room for approx. 100 people and have sun from morning til’ evening. If you’re here on vacation, grab a seat early on and don’t let it go!

3. Champagnebaren, Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Torg 1-3
Located on the hill of Mosebacke, Södermalm, you’ll find Södra Teatern with three (!) marvelous bars with a view. The best? Champagnebaren (the Champagne bar) is located on floor 7 and is the highest positioned bar in Södra Teatern. Champagnebaren is only open to the public during the summer, and has views over Gamla stan (the Old Town) and the north of Stockholm. This rooftop bar is quite small, if you happen to come when it’s full you can always head down to Mosebacketerrassen (Mosebacke Terrace), a huge yard where 2000 people can fit. From here, you won’t have corresponding view to Champagnebaren, but it’s absolutely qualified for looking out over Stockholm. PS. If it get’s chilly, the inside bar Södra Bar has two bars with amazing views over the city.

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