Go Ice-Skating at Skansen

skansen schlittschuhfahren

Photo by Gunnar Lundh/Nordiska Museets Arkiv

From January 13th, the open-air museum of Skansen brings new life to an old tradition: opening an ice-skating rink where you can go ice skating!

Once upon a time, in 1929 to be exact, Skansen had an ice skating rink for a couple of years. In the 1940s, another one opened at Sollidenplan, and was alive and kicking it up until the 70s. Now, 2018, a new ice skating rink opens for the public. It will be open for as long as the weather allows it, available the same opening hours as the rest of the museum. The cost of renting a pair of skates is SEK 50 for adults. What a lovely way to embrace the Winter!

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Three hidden places to visit in Stockholm


Photo by OURWAY Tours

Searching the hashtag #stockholm on Instagram, you’ll easily find great locations for taking those out-of-the-ordinary photos during your vacation. If you want to explore more than that, check out this list of hidden places in Stockholm. 

Svartensgatan and Katarina Kyrkobacke
Södermalm in Stockholm is known as the bohemian area of Stockholm. It’s also a mecca for vintage stores, cool bars, and hipsters in the many. On Svartensgatan and Katarina Kyrkobacke you’ll find neither of that. While Södermalm usually is bustling with people, the streets surrounding Svartensgatan and Katarina Kyrkobacke are often quiet. Cobblestoned streets, amazing view over the inlet of Stockholm and old houses are to be expected.

Sven Vintappares Torg
That Gamla stan (the Old Town) of Stockholm is a dream for great photos is not unknown. If you want to capture other stuff than Stortorget, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, and the Royal Palace, our number one tip is to get lost in the streets. If you need a few directions, Sven Vintappares Torg is a lovely little square, squeezed in between Västerlånggatan and Stora Nygatan. It’s the smallest square of Gamla stan.

Långa Gatan on Djurgården
Sure, the island of Djurgården is on its own a fantastic place to go loose with your camera, but there is one street that’ll take you that extra mile. Långa Gatan, translating to Long Street, is only a 150 meters long, but it’s the longest street in Djurgårdsstaden. Here you’ll find houses from the 1700s, most gorgeous is perhaps the old bakery.

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Things to do in Stockholm in January 2018


Photo by Helena Wahlman / Sweden.se

There are two ways to look at January; that boring month after Christmas and New Year’s, or a fresh start. We choose the later! Here’s what we are planning to do in Stockholm in January 2018.

Vårsalongen – The Spring Salon at Liljevalchs
For a couple of years, the art hall of Liljevalchs, at Djurgården, has been closed for renovations. Just in time for the yearly exhibition “The Spring Salon”, the original building opens up its doors again. The art at the Spring Salon is always made by the public: artists get to apply to be part of the exhibition and this year 137 artists were adopted (out of 2423 applicants). The age span this year stretches from 19 to 93. From 12th of January til’ 25th of March, you can visit this exhibition at Liljevalchs, at Djurgårdsvägen 60. Read more about the tradition at Liljevalch’s website.

Formex – The biggest interior design fair of the country
From the 17th to 20th of January, you can indulge in Nordic interior design at Stockholmsmässan. The fair Formex have 900 exhibitors and around 23000 visitors every year, making it the biggest in the Nordic region. Tickets can be bought here.

Try new tastes at Salam Pakistan
For one day and one day only, you can challenge your taste buds at the one-day festival Salam Pakistan in Kungsträdgården. The festival will have tastes from every province in Pakistan. Read more about the festival at Salam Pakistan’s website.

Embrace the cold weather
Stop complaining, let’s get warm instead! January is the perfect time to embrace the cold and go on fun Winter activities. Before January is over and done with, we want to check-off ice-skating at Vasaparken. The rink is open 8-21 on working days and 10-21 on weekends. If you need to rent skates, we suggest you head to Kungsträdgården instead.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Stockholm!


Photo by OURWAY Tours

Christmas and New Year’s is getting closer and we are getting ready to close down for the holidays. It’s time for some well-deserved time off!

Finally, it’s time for Christmas! Us at OURWAY have had an intensive (and super fun!) year and look forward to some days off. We hope that you, our readers, have appreciated our tips and tricks in all three cities, and that you look forward to reading more in 2018. Have a great holiday now, we will see you next year!

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Places that are open in Stockholm during Christmas weekend

stockholm an weihnachten

Photo by OURWAY Tours

Christmas is coming, and Stockholm is adjusting after the Swedes Christmas traditions. If you are coming to Sweden during the dates 23rd to 25th of December, these are museums and venues that are open (and closed) during Christmas. 

In general, it’s December 24th & 25th that’s the most tricky date, because that is when the Swedes celebrate Christmas. On the 23rd, many places are open (like the Christmas market in Gamla stan have their last opening day of the season). Here are a few places that are open:
The Open-Air Museum of Skansen, (only 10.00 – 14.00 on December 24th)
Ice-Skating in Kungsträdgården
The Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) is open on Christmas Eve, from 10.00 – 17.00.There will be live music by pianist Björn Eriksson who’ll play Christmas music all day.
ABBA The Museum, open on the 25th of December.
Hallwylska Museum, open on the 23rd.
Fotografiska (Photography Museum), open 23rd & 25th.
The Royal Palace, open on the 23rd.

Enjoy Stockholm!

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Hidden places in Stockholm: The Ghost Park

geister park stockholm

Photo by Mapio-user

In central Stockholm, more specifically in Vasastan, lies the ghost park. It is flanked by The Scheffler Palace, also known as the Haunted Mansion. Have you missed this ghostly place in the middle of town?

The ghost park, despite its scary name, is Stockholm’s only protected park by law. What makes it so unique and is considered having that much cultural-historical value, is its composition; it’s partly an 18th-century classic park with hardwoods and winding paths, but also a baroque garden with gazebo dating back to the 17th century. The park is surrounded by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the School of Economics and not to mention the Haunted Mansion.

On Drottninggatan 116 lies the hidden Scheffler Palace, an old ore farm which since 1830 is known as the Haunted Mansion in Stockholm. Why do these outwardly seen very beautiful places, have got such an unpleasant nickname? Since the 1700’s rumors have been spoken about ghosts in both the house and the park. Myths about strange sounds, music, and singing have been flooding here for years. At the beginning of the 19th century, a burial site was found in the park. Whether it’s true that it’s haunted or not, we don’t know. We suggest you simply go to the neighborhood and feel for yourself. If you dare.

To go to The Ghost Park, walk up Drottninggatan as far as you can (in the opposite direction of Gamla stan). Here’s a google map link.

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