Amusement park Gröna Lund open for Halloween

halloween bei gröna lund

Photo by Gröna Lund

For the first time ever, Stockholm’s one and only amusement park Gröna Lund open up for Halloween. Between October 27th and November 5th, the tivoli, together with a few scary creatures, welcomes you to celebrate Halloween.

Are you brave enough to visit the amusement park during Halloween? We are honestly hesitating. Besides Gröna Lund’s “regular” haunted house – House of Nightmares – the attraction Blå Tåget (Blue Train) will become even more scarier, and the funny house Lustiga Huset will become… not so funny anymore. For those who really have guts, a new haunted house called Motel Hell/o will open for this occasion. As if this wasn’t enough, the area will be invaded by creatures, zombies and other scary beings after the darkness has arrived…

When you need to calm down, you can take a ride in one of the many (non-scary) attractions or watch the fire-show at the big stage. For the children there will be a slightly less scary celebration, with witches, ghosts and pumpkins. Opening hours and prices can be found on Gröna Lund’s website.

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Things to do in Stockholm in October


Photo by Frankie Fouganthin

October might not be the most fun month of the year, but as a matter of fact, there are several fun things happening in Stockholm in the end of October. Either the city of Stockholm treats the kids (and their parents) who’s on autumn break well, or they just feel bad for us all in the rainy weather. We don’t care why – we love it anyways! 

Kids’ fun at the Royal Palace
The children will have an extra good time at The Royal Palace in Stockholm between October 28th and November 5th. The palace ask for their help in a treasure hunt to find money that Eskil, Gustav Vasa’s loyal servant have hidden away in strange places. Meanwhile, parents can gaze at the gorgeous interior and learn all about the royal family of Sweden.

Visit the Riddarholmen Church
The church on Riddarholmen is not only the only preserved medieval church in Stockholm – it’s where the former Swedish kings and queens have been buried to rest in peace. Goosebumps! From October 28 – 29th, and 31st to November 5th the church is open for you to explore.

Ulriksdal’s Autumn Market
Let the crispy Autumn air fill your lungs as you walk around the beautiful gardens of Ulriksdal Palace. From October 28 – 29th the grounds will turn into a big marketplace. Shop souvenirs in forms of jewellery, candles, ceramics and other crafts.

Feminist Autumn market
Fight the patriarchate at the Feminist Autumn Market! By shopping at this market you will make an effort for creative women (and non-binary people) who can spread their works for a bigger crowd. Shop posters, ceramics, jewellery and vintage. The market takes place at Folkungagatan 44 on October 29th, 11.00 – 17.00.

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Three pubs for beer-enthusiasts in Stockholm


Photo by OURWAY Tours / Mira Johansson

For beer-enthusiasts, Stockholm is the perfect city to visit. Not only has there been a boom with micro-breweries opening up, there are pubs around every corner. Here are three great pubs for beer-enthusiasts visiting Stockholm. 

Monks Porter House, Munkbron 11
Located in an old cellar lies Monks Porter House. Here you sit surrounded by tiles and stone where beer have been kept for hundreds of years. They have 56 beer on draught, out of which the majority are beers from Swedish micro breweries. Monk’s also has their own porter brewery where they brew stouts and porters. Monk’s Porter House is located at Munkbron 11 in Gamla stan.

Omnipollos hatt, Hökens gata 1A
Omnipollo started out as a fantom brewery – which means that they don’t own an actual brewery, they handle their brewing at other breweries in the world. At Omnipollos Hatt they serve their own draught beer and delicious pizza. There’s always ten sorts of draught beer to choose between, and they vary from time to time.

Man in the moon, Tegnérgatan 2 C
For 20 years, the pub Man in the moon have been servering beer-enthusiasts in Stockholm beers of all kinds. In total the pub has around 600 different beers, approx. 30 of them are on draught. The decoration might not be the finest or cosiest, but the selection of beers definitely is the biggest.

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Open House Stockholm


Photo by Bahnhof Servercenter

From October 6 to 8, normally closed venues open up their premises for you to explore. Take the chance to see what’s inside iconic buildings and spaces in Stockholm during Open House Stockholm.

Why open houses across the city to the public? The purpose of Open House Stockholm is to evoke the public’s interest in architecture, design and history. By inviting people to see old houses as well as newly-built / planned houses, they are involved! The list of venues that are open during Open House Stockholm differs a lot from each other. At the Central Station, you can visit the Royal Waiting Hall that’s normally closed for the public. Aula Medica is the newest auditorium at Karolinska Institutet (medical institute), and it has become famous for it’s grand design. HMS af Chapman, a boat really famous from Instagram, is one of the most famous landmarks for Stockholm. Below Vita Berget on Södermalm, the internet supplier Bahnhof have transformed an old mountain room to a futuristic server hall.

Here you can find a map of every building that welcomes you during Open House Stockholm.


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Exhibitions in Stockholm this autumn

Ausstellungen in stockholm

Photo by Matilda Rahm

Autumn is the perfect time of year to get inspired at different museums in Stockholm. Here’s a few exhibitions that strike extra special and fun to us.  What really happened last night in Sweden? In February 2017, the president of United States, Donald Trump, argued about what happened last night in Sweden. Fact is, nothing

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Embrace autumn at Skansen’s Autumn Fair

skansen herbst markt

Whether you like it or not, Autumn is coming and here to stay. Let’s embrace it! One of our best way to do so is to head to the Open-Air Museum of Skansen for their annual autumn fair. 

With the leaves slowly falling on the ground, there’s no cosier place to be than Skansen. Every year, the autumn fair is held in the end of September. The festival gathers local farmers and smallholders, and gives you the chance to see what it was like in the good old days on the country side. You can shop textiles, toys, candy, bread and buns, woodcrafts and much more on the market. There’s food for sale (of course soup in the spirit of Autumn) and warm schnapps to warm you up. Besides the food and shopping, hang around to listen to traditional music, watch old-fashioned dancing and learn about how life in Sweden was in the 1900s. The market is open on the 23-24th of September, between 11.00 to 16.00.

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