Where to go shopping in Stockholm?

shopping in stockholm

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Scandinavian fashion is getting quite famous all across the world. We have brands like Filippa K, Acne but also worldwide famous H&M. If you’re urging to getting to know the city by shopping in it, here’s where to go shopping in Stockholm.

As a capital, naturally, Stockholm has lots of shopping opportunities. Whether you prefer vintage over luxury brands, Stockholm has it. Like other cities, much of the same thing is found at the same place.

Vintage on Södermalm
In the bohemian streets of Södermalm (locally known as Söder), you have one second-hand store after another in every corner. Myrorna (Götgatan 29 & Hornsgatan 96) and Stadsmissionen (Hornsgatan 58, Skånegatan 75, Fatburs Brunnsgata 26) are two “chains” of stores with cheap vintage clothing and accessories. On Hornsgatan 77 (close to Mariatorget), you have a Filippa K Second-hand store and Judits on Hornsgatan 75 also offers more selected clothing.

Luxury brands on Östermalm
The area that makes Biblioteksstan is the mecca for shopping luxury brands. Biblioteksstan is the nick-name for the blocks between the squares Stureplan and Norrmalmstorg, around the main street Biblioteksgatan. Here you’ll find brands such as Chanel, By Malene Birger, Gant, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and much more. All stores can be found on Biblioteksstans website.

Budget brands on Norrmalm
In the city center of Stockholm, also known as Norrmalm, the budget brands jostle with each other. The main street for budget brands is the pedestrian street Drottninggatan. Here you’ll find not one but three H&M’s, Weekday, Lindex and other Scandinavian chains.

If you want someone to take you shopping and tell you about Swedish and Scandinavian fashion, check out our tour Passion for Fashion.

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Things to do in Stockholm in April 2018


The long Winter is finally coming to an end, and we are so grateful for April finally being here. If you’re coming to Stockholm in April, here’s a few things you should tick off your bucket-list.

Stockholm Culture Night
For one night and one night only, Stockholm turns purple and stuffed to the max with cultural events. Museums, art institutions, performances, and concerts are all offered for free and restaurants offer a discount. This year, Stockholm Culture Night takes place on the 21st of April. We at OURWAY offer two of our Stockholm tours for free; Gamla stan in English and Östermalm in Swedish. First-come-first tickets are found at Stockholm Visitor Centre, Kulturhuset throughout the 21st.

Department 2018
For everyone who loves electronic music, Department 2018 will be a festival of their kind. It takes place two times this Spring: club-night at the 6th of April at Berns, and with a block party the 26th of May at Slakthusområdet. Tickets and information about who’s playing can be found on their website.

Stockholm Liquorice Festival
Do you have a sweet tooth for licorice? From 14th to 15th of April, a 2000 square meter big licorice festival takes place in Annexet, Stockholm. Indulge in tastings, inspiration and licorice filled entertainment! Tickets can be bought here.

Celebrate Valpurgis Night
Valpurgis, or as we say in Swedish – Valborg – is the official celebration of Spring. We say goodbye to Winter and welcome the Spring with everything it has to offer. This is celebrated through lightning bonfires across the city. Our favorite? The one out on Riddarholmen, that’s usually lit around 20.30.

Go on a tour with us
Springtime is the perfect opportunity to go on a walking tour with us. It’s not too cold and it’s not too warm, and the city isn’t flooded with visitors. Djurgården is just about to be blooming, so why not try our Delightful Djurgården? All of our public, walking tours in Stockholm can be found here.

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Why you should travel to Stockholm this Summer

sommer in stockholm

Wondering whether you should travel to Stockholm this Summer? Stockholm is a tremendous city to visit year around if you ask us (as this is our hometown, we might be a bit biased). The Summer of 2018 is going to be no exception. Here are a few reasons to why you should choose Stockholm as your weekend getaway destination this Summer.

The Swedish Summer – A must experience
It’s perhaps known to you that we in Scandinavia can have quite rough Winters. Well, 2017 – 2018 was no exception. With lots of snow and cold, we’re rooting for a great Summer. A great Summer day in Sweden means 25 degrees, sunshine, and the scent of winds coming from Lake Mälaren. You’ll find the Swedes happy outdoors, having a drink at the outdoor seatings, picnicking in parks and going for a dip in the many bathing spots found around the city.

The events in Stockholm Summer 2018
The city is filled to the max with fun stuff do to during the Summer. 5-10th of June, Kungsträdgården becomes a food mecca when the food festival Smaka på Stockholm (A Taste of Stockholm) takes place. Food trucks gather with restaurateurs to inspire and foodies who love to try out new food. From 27th of July to 5th of August, Euro Pride Stockholm 2018 takes over the city. EuroPride is a festival that takes place in Europe every year with the mission to fight for equal rights for everyone. This year, the festival is split into two host cities: Stockholm and Gothenburg. There will be party, politics and pride parades. From 14-29th of August, Stockholm Culture Festival kicks off. The festival, celebrating culture of all kinds, usually have about 750 000 visitors every year. This year’s theme is Canada!

The 30 000 islands of Stockholm’s archipelago awaits
The islands, islets, and rocks that make up the archipelago in Stockholm is a true treasure. You are allowed to discover it as you please, thanks to Allemansrätten (Right of public access). This is how many Swedes prefer to spend their Summers, and you’re welcome to do the same. Take a ferry out to the islands, stay a night in a hostel and then continue, or go for a week’s vacation in one of the many islands. On Stockholm Archipelago’s website, you can explore your options before you go.

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Things to do in Stockholm in March 2018


Photo by Spritmuseum

It’s the last month of Winter and Stockholm is bursting with things to do. Whether you are into Champagne or gardening, we got something for you. Check out our list of things to do in Stockholm in March 2018.

Stockholm Malt, Food & Distillate fair at Stockholmsmässan
At the biggest fair venue in Stockholm – Stockholmsmässan – a fair focusing on malt, food, and distillation will take place from Friday, March 16th – Saturday, 17th. Visit exhibitioners from restaurant owners to microbreweries and importers and have a taste. You purchase your ticket here, and on spot, you buy the tasting samples. The samples are for sales from SEK 10 and up.

Signature guitars – Pop up exhibition at ABBA The Museum
For music nerds, ABBA Museum’s next pop up exhibition will be one of a kind. They are exhibiting a collection of signature guitars. It’s the Swedish music profile Claes af Geijerstam who’s providing his extraordinary collection with guitars from artists like Sheryl Crowe, Eric Clapton and Slash from Guns n Roses. The exhibition is part of the ticket for ABBA the Museum.

The 90’s Party
If you’re spending your days missing the 90’s music and everything else the 90’s had to offer, the 90’s Party on March 9th will probably be the best night of your night (since the 90’s, that is). At Kungliga Tullhuset at Stadsgårdshamnen (Slussen), there will be DJ’s, a lounge area, light installations and naturally lots of people dressed after the 90’s. Read more about the evening and purchase yourself a ticket here.

Indulge in Champagne at Spritmuseum in Stockholm
Who doesn’t like to treat themselves with little bubbles every once in a while? At Spritmuseum, the liquor museum in Stockholm, you can truly indulge in Champagne when their exhibition Champagne! is on. It’s about the details of the production and its spot in trends and popular culture. On the 10th of March, you can also go to their tasting in Champagne. We can imagine worse days of our lives. Read more about it here.

Hobby- and professional gardeners gather at The Nordic Garden
Whether you have green fingers or just want to learn more about gardening, you’ll probably appreciate this fair. The Nordic Garden offers everything from seminars to tips and suggestions, greenhouses, barbecues, inspiration on balconies and garden space. The Nordic Garden fair takes place from March 22-25. Read more about the Nordic Garden here. 

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Where to buy alcohol in Stockholm?

stockholm alkohol kaufen

Photo by Basid

Perhaps you have heard about it before, that weird country where you have a special store for alcohol…? This is the case in Sweden. If you’re wondering where to buy alcohol in Stockholm, keep reading! 

That weird store is actually a monopoly of stores called Systembolaget, and is owned by the state. Why, you ask? Their purpose is, without having profit as a motive, to minimize alcohol-related problems. This by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without any campaigns or buy 2 for 1-kinda deals.

Systembolaget stores are available throughout the whole country (approx. 430 stores, Feb 2018). In, Stockholm around 80 stores. A full list of stores available in the capital can be found here, on Systembolaget’s website. Have in mind that all stores have limited opening hours. On Saturdays, all stores close at 15.00, and it’s completely closed on Sundays.

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Where to run in Stockholm?

joggingrunde in stockholm

Do you like to go running on your vacation? Stockholm is an excellent city to go for a run in. Here’s where to go for a run in Stockholm. 

Combining workout and sightseeing is like music to our ears (or should we say muscles) – we love to go running in a new city. It’s a great way to get to know the nearest area (and perhaps find some things to check out later?). If you’re staying at a hotel in central Stockholm, you have a couple of options to choose between. Our favorite, since we love to look at stuff while we run, is the route around the bay Riddarfjärden in central Stockholm. Being approx. 7 kilometers / 4 miles long, the route around the area called Riddarfjärden offers a view of three city districts: Kungsholmen, Södermalm and Gamla stan (Old Town). Amazing, huh? Below is the approximate route. Expect to meet locals on their way to work, tourists by the City Hall and to see a big glimpse of what daily life looks like in Stockholm. What else could you want for your run in Stockholm?


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