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Photo by Photo: That's Not My Name / Alyson Walsh

What is the normal life of a Swede living in Stockholm? Here’s how we would spend the day!

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Jewish Heritage in Stockholm


Photo by Frankie Fouganthin

If you’re on a quest for your Jewish heritage in Stockholm, there are lots of places you can visit. Start in Gamla stan, or Old Town as you would say in English. Here, Stockholm’s first synagogue and Jewish settlement was established in 1775. It’s an important part of the Jewish society in Stockholm. After your walk across…

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Experience Stockholm Deluxe this summer


Stockholm has a nasty rumor about being expensive. Sure, some things cost more, but as it is in any city – it’s about knowing where to look. Gladly for you, we know the tips! If you really want a luxurious day, this is how we would do Stockholm the Deluxe Way in three steps. Start of with a private walk of the Old Town. Set amongst the atmospheric surrounds of…

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A Stockholm Blog


Welcome to our new Stockholm blog! Just like we always have, we will tell you about places in Stockholm, tell you interesting stories and give you tips on things to do in Stockholm. What’s new is that we nowadays have a blog for each city we have tours in. This means that you not only can get inspired by our Stockholm Blog…

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