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A Norwegian treat: Brunost


Photo by nordicnibbler.com

If it’s one dish that the Norwegians hold close to their heart it’s the brunost (brown cheese), a cheese made with whey, milk and/or cream.

The cheese has been around for what seems like forever in different types of forms and creations, but the modern Norwegian brunost came from a milkmaid – Anne Hov. In the 1800s, her neighborhood went through an economic crisis. Anne Hov, who in 1863 was working at a mountain farm, came up with an idea. When she added cream to the whey whilst it was boiling, it became a fattier, firmer product. She named it Feitost (fat cheese). Since then, brunost has been produced, consumed and loved in Norway.

In our tour Oslo City Walk, a tasting of the famous cheese is included. If you’re not joining one of our tours, we can warmly recommend the deli Fenaknoken (Tordenskioldsgate 12), home to some lovely brunost.

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