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Sightseeing out of the ordinary: Skansen


It’s an attraction suitable for the whole family, and it has unbeatable history – the Open-air Museum of Skansen truly fits in sightseeing out of the ordinary. 

The museum was founded 1891 by Artur Hazelius, Swedish teacher, scholar and folklorist. His vision was to build a place where people could go to see the way of life in different parts of Sweden, before the industrial area. Like a museum for the living, of the ones who used to live. Today the museum is over 300,000 m² big and attracts 1.3 million visitors every year. You’ll be able to find a 19th-century town here, including the professions the people had at this time.

If you’re planing to visit Skansen, you’d do best to schedule a couple of hours for it. There are so much to see! Besides from the 19th-century town already mentioned, Skansen is a smaller zoo. At Skansen you can look at brown bears, wolves and moose. Many Nordic animals can be seen here.

The 11th of October Skansen celebrates it’s 125th birthday. Have that as a reminder of why it’s worth a visit – a museum that has attracted visitors for 125 years must be something… Definitely sightseeing out of the ordinary.


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