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The new food market in Copenhagen – WestMarket


Photo by Steffanie Michela Nordahl Jakobsen

Copenhagen is getting more and more famous for it’s food, and the food markets have never been an exception. They have Papirøen and Tovernehallerne from before and now a third option has optioned in the city – WestMarket. 

WestMarket is located in Vesterbro on Vesterbrogade 97, and is actually Denmark’s biggest. What used to be a building with never-visited shops and supermarkets, have now turned in to a food court. WestMarket, which is open daily from 08.00 – 22.00, have everything from cafés and flower shops to pubs. When it comes to food, you ask? Well, you have everything from gyros to Danish pølse. Everything you could possibly crave whilst hungry, thirsty or just in the mood to go strolling.

Find out more about what’s up in the food market on their Facebook-page or website. Velbekomme, as you say in Danish!


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