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Our Story

Our story begins April 6th 2011. At the time there were two of us. We had just finished our training as guides, and having worked in the tourism industry in Stockholm for many years, we felt a need to contribute. We asked ourselves: what do we enjoy when we travel?

People, culture, customs, time to wine, dine and enjoy the company of our travel companions. We agreed that the best way to experience a country is to meet an enthusiastic local who is able to share funny facts and insights into the customs and culture of the country. This person would probably also know where to go for a good meal. We asked ourselves – can we build a business around that idea?

We can and we are. Over the past few years people have come again and again, and today we have 18 wonderful guides spread across Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm who want nothing more than to share their city with YOU.

And we want you to be a part of our story too. Welcome!

Available positions

The office

Natalie, CEO (Queen of everything)

We have the pleasure of creating memories for and together with our guests. A privilege to say the least! Read more…Our staff is what makes us great, and it’s a joy to follow our ambitious stars through the early days of their carreers and from season to season see them grow.  Read less

Mira, Digital Overlord

By working at OURWAY Tours, I get to help others explore three of my favorite cities in the world. Read more… I learn more about Scandinavia and the history every day, whilst I get inspired to try new things in all three cities. Read less

Christopher, Financal Wizard

I like the feeling of knowing that my efforts contribute towards more people experiencing our fantastic city.Read more… OURWAY Tours is a fun and vibrant company where we all have a chance to develop the business and as individuals. Read less

Sean, Customer Service & Relationship Guru

I experienced Scandinavia first as a tourist and the way I saw the city made me fall in love enough to make it my home. Now, I get an opportunity to help others see Scandinavia and hopefully fall in love with it here as well.

Our guides



The best thing about being a guide is having the opportunity to teach others about the city of Stockholm because Read more…there is so much to see and learn about. Having the ability to impact someone’s stay in the city, hopefully giving them a good experience is also a bonus. Read less


The best thing about working as a guide is the people you meet, their interest in our town and their own stories Read more…about their own homes. Read less

Felix N

I have always been drawn to working with people from different cultures. I find those meetings the most rewarding.


I love visiting sights myself in my free time and getting to know different facets of a city. I like to meet new people Read more…and to work with them. Read less

Felix C

I want to work as a guide because I really enjoy meeting new people. I love to interact and have fun and I think that is Read more…perfect for this job. Read less


A guide often has a great impact on a tourist’s experience of a city and a country, and therefore a good job is Read more…appreciated, and I want to give that experience to the visitor, as well as the fact that I love to present and represent our beautiful city. Read less


I’m a talkative history buff, so being a guide seems like the perfect job for me. On top of that, I love the Read more…idea of assisting tourists and non-tourists (people of different backgrounds and cultures) alike in discovering Stockholm. And who knows, maybe they will teach me more than I’ll teach them. Read less


I enjoy being able to meet different people from all over the world every day.


I relish in the opportunity to share perspectives with people from around the world. I get to share in Read more…welcoming them to our city, its history and our customs. Read less


I like working as a guide because you get to meet people from all across the world with different backgrounds and stories. Read more…I always try to learn a bit about their culture, as I’m telling them about mine!
Read less


I have different reasons for working as a guide. But the most important one is probably that as a guide, no two days are the same. Read more…very day offers a different tour, new people and challenges. The absence of absolute routines makes this line of work very attractive to me. And then of course the guests. Our company has a very varied clientele, and for every story I tell, I get one in return from a different part of the world. That too is very exciting. Read less



I like to work as a guide because its so incredibly funny to work with people from different countries. Read more…Besides, I love Stockholm and there’s not much that compare to how fun it is to share the passion I have for this city with others. If they leave the city with the same enthusiasm for Stockholm as I have, then I’ve done my job right.
Read less


I would like to know more about the culture of the city I live in and appreciate it’s beauty more. I also really like to exchange knowledge and hope to share my love for Stockholm. Read more…Furthermore I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet new people, which I always find interesting.Read less


I have the pleasure to work with many different people and to make them happy during my guiding trips in Stockholm.Read more…The best part on guiding is to be outside and to share travel experience.Read less


I like to work practically with people and get to move at the same time.


This work help me to improve my communication skills while I do something I love: Teach.

Clara B

I love sharing knowledge, catching people’s interest for art and history and telling stories that no one heard before. Read more…Working with people give me so much positive energy, and that’s a big plus!Read less

Anna S

I believe that getting to know different cities and through them, different cultures, are one of the best ways to enricher one’s life.Read more…As I am in love with Sweden and Swedish culture I feel there is so much to know and to experience about Stockholm, when in Stockholm, and to share this knowledge and these feelings with people that may not have fallen in love with the city yet sounds like the best way to give Stockholm something back! Read less


With a genuine interest in history and for Stockholm, I saw the job as a guide as the perfect opportunity to learn more but also to share my knowledge with others.

Anna P

I want to work as a guide because I’d like to share all the great sides of Stockholm that I see every day with people who want to get to know the city better.

Clara B

I like to work as a guide since it enables me to meet people from all over the world and with different cultural backgrounds,Read more…hear their stories and tell them mine. Having an impact on someones experience in Stockholm really motivates me.Read less


I love history and I am lucky enough to live in such a historical city as Stockholm. It is such a beautiful city, and Read more… experiencing it from a tourists perspective allows the discovery of new layers which I find is equally exciting as rewarding. By working as a guide I get to show the beauty of Stockholm whilst getting to share it with people from all over the world. Read less



It fascinates me to see my city through the eyes of the tourists, they always notice the wonders that are Read more…unseen for us as a result of the daily routine. Read less


Because I want people to find out how unique this town is and to fall in love with Oslo just like I did when I Read more…first came here. Read less


Working as a guide gives me the opportunity to create opinions and raise awareness to tourists by presenting the culture, Read more…and the historical heritage that an awesome country such as Norway possesses. Read less


I want to work as a guide in Oslo as I like to travel myself and would love to share the same good impressions Read more…I’ve got of distant places to visitors to my own city! Read less

Marc R

I love to show people the city I fell in love with at first sight. Read more…I also like to get in contact with people from all over the world to stay open minded.Read less


I love the Norwegian culture, language and history and want to share this with everyone who is interested in learning more about the city of Oslo and the Norwegian way of living.


I want to give tourists a memorable glimpse of life in Oslo.


I have always had a deep and overriding passion for travel and seeing new places. Coupled with my love of people and sharing my experiences, it feels like I’m made for a job like this.


I want to show the nice places of Oslo to everybody who is interested.


The mix of my love for history, architecture and people makes a job as a tour guide seem too good to be true.Read more…It combines my skills, my interests and my international background into a dream job. Read less



I think it’s thrilling to share my knowledge about this wonderful city with people from around the world.


I want to give visitors the best possible experience by sharing my passion and knowledge about Copenhagen!


First of all it was self-interest because I really wanted to know more about the city I live in. Now I got so Read more…passionate about the city and the life here that I want to share it with people coming to visit this beautiful place. Read less


The curiosities and different perspectives that people contribute to my tours help me to re-discover Read more…beautiful Copenhagen over and over again. Read less


I love sharing my love of this city with all its visitors!


I enjoy showing my hometown to guests and to entertain people with good stories about Danish culture and history.


I enjoy being a guide, because I get to talk with people and tell them good stories, and meet people from everywhere!


I enjoy working as a guide because I get to share with people what I personally like about this vibrant and colorful city!


Copenhagen is a fantastic place – it combines the coziness of the old parts of the city with exciting new architecture. Read more…It has so much to offer: Parks, castles, museums, the canal, cafés… I want to show our guests why I fell in love with Copenhagen! Read less


I enjoy introducing people to a new city or a new place. I like to communicate my enthusiasm for beautiful Copenhagen.


I love telling people the things the internet can’t: the untold stories, the quirky facts and how the locals enjoy their city. I want people to get the most from their visit.

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