Walking Tours in Oslo

Oslo, with it’s modern city center, is made for discovering by foot! Therefore, we think it’s extra fun to do walking tours in Oslo. You can easily stroll from one sight to another – in a heartbeat! Did you know that the Royal Palace of Oslo is located about 9 minutes by foot from the City Hall?! We told you walking tours in Oslo was easy. With us you can choose between two types of walking tours in Oslo, depending on how much time you have, if you’re interested in visiting a museum or not during your Oslo walking tour, or if you want to see the bohemian side of Oslo or the dashing city center. Find our Walking Tours in Oslo below.

  • Oslo Must Sees (Public) (OSL)

    OSLO. 3,5hrs. Want to be able to say that you have been to Oslo with pride? Then this is the tour for you. In our very humble opinion, our Oslo Must Sees offers the best of the best, a walking tour and a visit to the famous Vigeland Park.

    Upcoming tour 2017-12-16, 10:00
    • 390 SEK /Adult
    • 300 SEK /Senior
    • 300 SEK /Student
    • 200 SEK /Child
  • Oslo City Walk (Public) (OSL)

    OSLO. 2,5hrs. Did someone say Oslo city tour? Our walking tour Oslo City Walk takes you through the city centre of Oslo, showcasing spots like the Opera, Akerhus Fortress and of course we will dig into the customs of the Norwegians. Come on

    Upcoming tour 2017-12-16, 14:00
    • 210 SEK /Adult
    • 160 SEK /Senior
    • 160 SEK /Student
    • 105 SEK /Child
  • Hipster Oslo (Grünerløkka) (Public) (OSL)

    OSLO. 2,5hrs. Want to discover a different Oslo? On our Hipster Oslo tour, we march from the city centre to the hipster area of Grünerløkka. From free thinkers and artists to street art and parklands, Hipster Oslo, there’s a lot to cover!

    Upcoming tour 2018-02-03, 10:00
    • 210 SEK /Adult
    • 160 SEK /Senior
    • 160 SEK /Student
    • 105 SEK /Child
  • Oslo Nature Walks: island hopping (Public) (OSL)

    OSLO. 4hrs. Do you love the outdoor life and want to see the nature of Oslo? Join us for a hike! Oslo Nature Walks, island hopping, is a 4-hour hike covering three islands in Oslo: Hovedøya, Lindøya and the beautiful Gressholmen!

    • 330 SEK /Adult
    • 264 SEK /Student
  • Oslo Nature Walks: forest to fjord (Public) (OSL)

    OSLO. 4hrs. Are you a true nature lover, looking for a Norwegian adventure? Stop looking! Oslo Nature Walks, forest to fjord, is the hike for you. Explore Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Frognerseteren, Vettakollen and Sognsvann - are you ready?!

    • 330 SEK /Adult
  • Oslo Highlights (Private) (OSL)

    OSLO. 4hrs. What are the Oslo Highlights you might ask yourself? According to us a walking tour of the inner city including the Opera and Palace, combined with two true Oslo Highlights, the Viking Ship museum and the Vigeland Park.

    • Price from: 1123 SEK /Person
  • Private Oslo City Walking Tour (Private) (OSL)

    OSLO. 2hrs. Oslo, with its modern city center, was designed for an Oslo Walking Tour. Join us for our Private Oslo City Walking Tour and see for yourself! We'll check out the city, dig in to the Norwegians and their culture and customs.

    • Price from: 777 SEK /Person
  • Private Walking Tour of Bohemian Oslo (Private) (OSL)

    OSLO. 2hrs. Have you seen what’s to see in Oslo’s city center? Explore a different side of the city with a Private Walking Tour of Bohemian Oslo! We walk from the city center to Oslo’s bohemian area: Grünerløkka.

    • Price from: 777 SEK /Person
  • Private Oslo & Viking Ship Museum Walking Tour (Private) (OSL)

    OSLO. 3hrs. The Viking Ship Museum is not to be missed! Nor is Oslo's city center. During our Private Oslo & Viking Ship Museum Walking Tour we'll pillage and plunder our way through the history of Norway just like the vikings!

    • Price from: 944 SEK /Person

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