Private Tours in Stockholm

private_tours_in_stockholmWelcome to our private tours in Stockholm! If you want your guide’s full attention and like to decide on your own how the daily itinerary is going to look, it might be suitable to choose a private tour! We have plenty of Private Tours in Stockholm, done by private car or by foot, it all depends on what you’re most interested in. Perhaps you want to visit the Royal Palace of Stockholm, or go somewhere outside of Stockholm city to see another city? If you like your money where you can see it, hanging in your closet, perhaps a shopping-tour is in order? If you get happy with the looks of amazing architecture, we can cater that too. Among our range of private tours, you will of course also find private accessible tours in Stockholm. See below and you shall find all of our Private tours in Stockholm! Please note that the price displayed on our list of private tours in Stockholm are from prices, and based on a minimum of 20 participants.

  • Uppsala’s Secrets (Private) (STO)

    STOCKHOLM. 5hrs. Join us for a private tour to Uppsala's Secrets. During our combined public transport and walking tour we go searching for the Flower King, students and Gustav Vasa? Secrets are secrets for a reason - please keep them.

    • Price from: 1500 SEK /Person
  • Private Stockholm Christmas Walking Tour (Private) (STO)

    STOCKHOLM. 1,25hrs. Are you spending Christmas in Stockholm? What better way to get into Christmas spirit than to join us for a Private Stockholm Christmas Walking Tour!? Imagine snow covered streets, stars shining in the windows…

    • Price from: 745 SEK /Person
  • Vain Vikings (Private)

    STOCKHOLM. 4hrs. Plain vikings, vain vikings - we have had them all. Travel to Runriket and meet Jarlabanke, with a bit of imagination you'll see yourself in the mist of the tv-series The Vikings. This part of history is waiting for you!

    • Price from: 1265 SEK /Person
  • Vulgar Viking Venture (Private) (STO)

    STOCKHOLM. 1,5hrs. Get ready to march the streets of Gamla stan, Stockholm on a viking tour. Our Viking Tour in Stockholm - Vulgar Viking Venture - covers all you need to know about Sweden and is done by a real-life viking... Well, almost.

    • Price from: 465 SEK /Person
  • Salute & Salvation (Private)

    STOCKHOLM. 3hrs. Have you heard of the Vasa Museum? Those who have been never forget it. Salute & Salvation is a celebration of the most astounding event in Swedish History. It is a true WOW experience and something you won't want to miss!

    • Price from: 1100 SEK /Person
  • Amazing Architecture (Private) (STO)

    STOCKHOLM. 3hrs. The capital of Sweden is filled with amazing architecture! Enjoy your own private amazing architecture tour, after you have decided which sites are of interest to you - how about the Gunnar Asplund’s Public Library?

    • Price from: 955 SEK /Person
  • Accessible Vasa Museum (Private)

    STOCKHOLM. 3hrs. Learn all about the antics of the Swedes, visit the most well-preserved ship in the world and enjoy it being accessible. Our tour Accessible Vasa Museum is a three-hour walking tour and includes all of our favorites!

    Upcoming tour 2018-03-20, 09:00
    • Price from: 1475 SEK /Person
  • Stockholm Old Town Private Walking Tour (Private)

    STOCKHOLM. 1.5hrs. Longing to see Stockholm’s Old Town? Do you prefer to be in the spotlight and have nothing but your guide’s full attention? Live it up with our Stockholm Old Town Private Walking Tour! See the best of Stockholms Old Town.

    Upcoming tour 2018-03-20, 09:00
    • Price from: 465 SEK /Person
  • Accessible Royal Palace (Private)

    STOCKHOLM. 3hrs. Feel like royalty with us on our Accessible Royal Palace tour! Our accessible van takes us to all sites royal including, the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Royal Opera. What more could one possibly want? Come!

    Upcoming tour 2018-03-20, 09:00
    • Price from: 1465 SEK /Person
  • Stockholm & Vasa Museum Private Walking Tour (Private) (STO)

    STOCKHOLM. 2,5hrs. To get the perfect overview of the must sees of Stockholm, join our Stockholm & Vasa Museum Private Walking Tour. This tour has a guaranteed wow-experience and is exclusive just for you and your company.

    • Price from: 970 SEK /Person

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