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Complete Copenhagen by Bike (Small Group Tour)

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COPENHAGEN. 3hrs. When in Denmark, do as the Danes… grab a bike and hit the bicycle paths! Diverse neighbourhoods, favourite selfie spots, this is Complete Copenhagen by Bike, where we’ll show you the beautiful Danish capital, local style.

When in Denmark, do as the Danes do… grab a bike and hit the bicycle paths! From diverse neighbourhoods to favourite selfie spots, we’ll show you the way through the beautiful city centre of the Danish capital, local style.

What do you think about when you think of Copenhagen (other than bikes!)? The statue of The Little Mermaid? How about Nyhavn’s colourful houses, Amalienborg Palace - home of the Queen of Denmark, the canals of the inner-city or the alternative Freetown of Christiania? Together, we’ll cover all the main sights to see, giving you an all-encompassing overview of Copenhagen in just 3 hours!

On our Complete Copenhagen by Bike tour, we get you well acquainted with the city’s extensive bicycle infrastructure, while bouncing from one spot to the next. Discover the melting pot of Copenhagen’s architectural contrasts at the Renaissance summer castle of Rosenborg and the modern Royal Danish Library building, The Black Diamond. Take in military might at the Citadel and the hints of Dutch influence in Christianshavn. Leisurely cycle past the harbour baths and over unique bridges like the Bicycle Snake bridge, which leads us back to the mainland to explore the vibrant meatpacking district in Vesterbro. You may even find a trendy dinner spot in the area - keep an eye out!

To make sure we don’t wear you out, we’ll take a short break where you can stretch your legs and buy a snack, enjoying some relaxing “hygge” time. And by the time we drop you off where we began, we trust there are a few more things you’ll associate with Copenhagen when asked!

Please note: We will be biking mostly on flat surfaces. We recommend bringing a bottle of water with you on the tour.

Tour includes: Guide, Bike Rental, Helmet

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  • 500 DKK /Adult

Tour information

Location: Åboulevard 3, 1620, Copenhagen, Denmark

Type: Public

Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 12.

Length: 3 hours

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