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Copenhagen & Rosenborg Castle Private Driving Tour

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COPENHAGEN. 3hrs. Home of a royal castle, picnic hotspot, keeper of crown jewels - where in Copenhagen are we? See where, along with the gem that is the city, on our Copenhagen & Rosenborg Castle Private Driving Tour. It’s a royal treat!

Looking at palaces or museums in Copenhagen and wondering which one to choose to visit? We know it's difficult! We'll happily help you decide. One of our choices is also one of our favourites, Rosenborg Castle. On our Copenhagen & Rosenborg Castle Private Driving Tour, we'll see the opulent interior of this former royal summer residence paired with its prosperous exterior, the city of Copenhagen. So little time and so much to see, it's time to hop in our private vehicle and get going!

Our scenic drive takes us all around the city, checking out the top sites and best photo stops. We'll introduce you to Christianshavn, once a separate town; the Citadel, built to protect Copenhagen; and the Gefion Fountain, donated by the Carlsberg Foundation (if you are thinking about if it’s the same name as the brewery, bingo!), to name but a few. Once we've introduced you to the ins and outs of the Danish capital, we find ourselves at a green oasis.

Arriving at The King's Garden, it's time to hop out and stretch our legs with a visit to Rosenborg Castle and its grounds. Complete with a moat, extensive park, tall towers, and royal guards, Rosenborg Castle is not a sight for sore eyes, it's the cream of the crop both inside and out. Initially built as a summer residence for King Christian IV (you may have heard of him, and if you haven't, we'll give you an introduction), the castle is today a museum and the treasury holding the crown jewels.

After being dazzled by Rosenborg Castle, it's time to drop you off where we picked you up at the beginning of the tour. Hopefully, a little wiser and more enchanted by the beautiful Danish capital, Copenhage

Tour includes: Private Guide, Private Transport, Rosenborg Castle Entrance Fee

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  • Price from: 1380 DKK /Person (Based on a group of 4 people)

Tour information

Location: Vesterbrogade 4B, , Copenhagen, Denmark

Type: Private

Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 30.

Length: 3 hours

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