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Hipstoric Grünerløkka Private Walking Tour

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OSLO. 2.5hrs. Been there, done that in Oslo’s city centre? Explore Grünerløkka, the hip side of Oslo, first industrial then home to artists and beer brewers. From playwrights to pints this is our Hipstoric Grünerløkka Private Walking Tour!

"Our tourguide Line made the walk from Youngstorget through Grunerløkka ending at Telthusbakken absolutely amazing. Charm, colour, art, Edvard Munch, fairy tales and industrial revolution, green lungs and hidden gems. Strongly recommended for the more modern and artsy charm of Oslo." Norwegian101720, TripAdvisor-user.

Standing by a bubbling river, surrounded by old industrial buildings and parklands, close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the factories well at work. Mixed in with the splashing water and scent of beer being brewed in the air, colourful residential buildings unexpectedly brighten the mood, even on an overcast day (it happens too!). Strolling along, you stumble across a giant chandelier, a collection of old wooden houses from the 1800s and street art covering building facades. Are we in Oslo you ask? Yes! We're in the district of Grünerløkka, the bohemian neighbourhood of Oslo!

On our Hipstoric Grünerløkka Private Walking Tour, we’ll dive into one of our favourite parts of Oslo, full of hipster vibes and history (aka hipstoric). We climb down the quaint street of Telthusbakken, where you’ll definitely want to stop to take a photo of the charming hillside houses and gardens. At the Our Saviour's Cemetery, we'll say hello to Norway's dynamic trio: Ibsen, Bjørnson and… care to take a guess?

If this wasn’t enough to impress you, the area was home to none other than Edvard Munch (if he was your guess, ding ding we have a winner!). Hopefully, you’ve worked up an appetite because, lucky you, around the corner, is the super trendy food hall, Mathallen*, in the more recently established, sustainable neighbourhood Vulkan (a melting pot for foodies and eco-lovers). Trust us when we say it’s definitely worth staying for lunch (hint hint, the tour ends by the entrance)!

Feel the artistic vibes in the air and prepare to be smacked in the face by culture (just kidding, more like bathed in culture)! Bohemian, trendy, savvy, stylish, artistic, historic, creative, hipstoric... this is Grünerløkka.

Please note: This tour ends at Vulkan in the Grünerløkka district so guests may continue to enjoy the area or visit the food hall Mathallen after the tour. Guests make their own way back via walking (approx. a 15 min walk/1 km back to the starting point of the tour) or public transport (ticket not included). Mathallen is closed on Mondays.

Tour includes: Private Guide

Interested in the public option of Hipstoric Grünerløkka Private Walking Tour? Find it here.

  • Price from: 641 NOK /Person (Based on a group of 4 people)

Tour information

Location: Youngstorget, 0181, Oslo, Norway

Type: Public

Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 30.

Length: 2 hours and 30 minutes

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January 27, 09:00 - 11:30

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