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Medieval Oslo (From Ashes to Rebirth) Private Walking Tour

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OSLO. 2hrs. Billowing smoke, bright flames, this is Oslo in 1624. Fast-forward to today, and this private walking tour of Medieval Oslo, where we pay tribute to the people who lead its rebirth, restoring East Oslo to its former glory.

Are you in Oslo looking for an off the beaten track experience? Good news! Your search ends here. On our Medieval Oslo Private Walking Tour, we take you away from the large crowds at the main tourist attractions to show you vibrant, lively boroughs only known by locals.

If you look carefully between the more recent buildings (historically speaking that is!), you can still see traces of the old town woven in with the present. Invoking a little imagination with this picture, you can almost hear the hoofbeats as warriors ride their horses through town, taking you back to a time long, long ago before the flames came and ravaged the seafaring town. From the ashes, the city was rebirthed, and today we find not one but two achievements: Oslo city centre and East Oslo. If you ask us, this area right up there with Oslo’s main tourist attractions!

Impressive ruins of medieval churches and barracks, tales of thousands of women and men who rebuilt a city turned into ashes, the story of a graveyard known for being the resting place of hundreds of seamen, and a 500-year-old hospital that witnessed an epic battle await us as we follow in the footsteps of Oslo's citizens, past to present. And we'll even toss in some Vikings too! 

From there, we'll discover why the city has an area nicknamed “Oslo’s Petrograd.” We'll uncover the story of Eastern Oslo's return to glory in Tøyen with the help of local artists, craftsmen and workers. Speaking of artists, we won't forget to share where inspiration was found for one of Norway's most famous artists' prized creations. Any guesses to which we're referring?

Whether you are a history guru, an avid lover of architecture or intrigued by modern cultural vibes, one thing is sure: after our Medieval Oslo Private Walking Tour, you will be able to brag to your friends by saying: “I know Oslo”.

Tour includes: Private Guide

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  • Price from: 1970 NOK /Group (Based on a group of 1 to 10 people)

Tour information

Location: Bispegate, 0250, Oslo, Norway

Type: Private

Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 30.

Length: 2 hours

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