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Multicultural Nørrebro Private Bike Tour

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COPENHAGEN. 2hrs. Meet one of Copenhagen’s most sensational neighbourhoods, Nørrebro, on our Multicultural Nørrebro Private Bike Tour. Cool eateries, trendy shops, this is the Where-You-Find-Every-Place-You-Want-to-Come-Back-to-Later-Tour.

Nyhavn? Strøget? Christiansborg Palace? Been there! Done that! Let us introduce you to one of the most remarkable neighbourhoods of Copenhagen, Nørrebro. It's our Where-You-Find-Every-Place-You-Want-to-Come-Back-to-Later-Tour, also known as our Multicultural Nørrebro Private Bike Tour. Cool dinner spots, cosy cafés and trendy boutiques - this multicultural neighbourhood has it all. 

From former working-class neighbourhood to an area where migrants to the city would settle, this beautiful neighbourhood offers a variety of impressions and has developed into one of the most vibrantly popular neighbourhoods in town (the gentrification of this city centre district is in the air). This 'bro (think NørreBRO, VesterBRO, ØsterBRO...) holds the award for the hippest neighbourhood, having so much to offer thanks to the people who call it home. Among the selection, there is a petting zoo, a public sauna bath, an alternative garden and an urban life focus brought back to the residents. 

An insider tip for every visitor of Copenhagen, Nørrebro is a must see. Having explored the incredible diversity and creativity of Nørrebro, we know you'll want to come back. There's so much to look at, remember to keep your eyes on the road! 

Please note: We will be biking on flat surfaces. We recommend bringing a bottle of water with you on the tour.

Tour included: Private Guide, Bike Rental, Helmet

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  • Price from: 656 DKK /Person (Based on a group of 4 people)

Tour information

Location: Åboulevard 3, 1635, Copenhagen, Denmark

Type: Public

Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 12.

Length: 2 hours

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