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Oslo & City Hall Accessible Private Walking Tour

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OSLO. 3hrs. Which Nobel Prize is handed out in Norway, and where? On our Oslo & City Hall Accessible Private Walking Tour, we explore the history of Alfred Nobel, the richly adorned Oslo City Hall and the well-composed Oslo City Centre.

Have you toured or tuned in to the Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Oslo and Stockholm? Then there's a great chance you'll have seen two of the three (there's the one in Copenhagen too) beautiful city halls Scandinavia has to offer. If you haven't, then we highly recommend our Oslo & City Hall Accessible Private Walking Tour, as in our humble opinion, the Oslo City Hall is a real hidden treasure. 

Starting near the Oslo Central Station, we begin with the Oslo Tiger. If you don't quite understand how the two (Oslo and the Tiger) go together, don't worry, we'll sort you out! From the jungle to the seaside, we head for the water. With Oslo being situated on the Oslo fjord, it's everywhere and many great views to be had by it, like the ones of the Oslo Opera House and Aker Brygge. On our way to the Oslo City Hall, we wander through the streets of Oslo's inner city, tapping into famous sights and complementing those with stories of medieval castles, such Akershus Fortress and celebrated Norwegians including Edvard Munch at the University of Oslo. 

Looking up you'll see an imposing brick building, somewhat modest in appearance, gazing back down at you. We're standing in front of the Oslo City Hall, and it's time to go inside. The meticulously decorated halls serve wedding parties, politicians and Nobel Prize Laureates. If the main hall looks familiar, it's because the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded here on the 10th of December each year. 

Once we have seen it all, we end our Oslo & City Hall Accessible Walking Tour close to the Nobel Peace Centre, another great museum if you wish to continue on the theme of Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Please note: Due to a large number of events, partial or full closure of the City Hall can take place.

Tour includes: Private Guide, Oslo City Hall Entrance (Free Entry)

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  • Price from: 641 NOK /Person (Based on a group of 4 people)

Tour information

Location: Jernbanetorget, 0181, Oslo, Norway

Type: Public

Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 11.

Length: 3 hours

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