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  • Oslo’s Urban Treasures by Bike

    OSLO. 3hrs. Looking for the hidden gems and less travelled spots of Oslo? We’ll show you some of our favourites on our tour Oslo’s Urban Treasures by Bike, including ruins, a river and royalty. We’ll even throw in a good view, or two!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 09:30
    • 400 NOK /Person
  • Segling Skärgården (Publik) (STO)

    STOCKHOLM. 9h. Sommar, sommar och sol! Inget slår en heldag i skärgården, eller hur!? Du behöver inte att ha en egen båt för att se skärgården. Bada, sola, ät en god lunch när vi ger oss ut bland kobbarna och öarna under Segling Skärgården!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 09:30
    • 1990 SEK /Vuxen
    • 1450 SEK /Barn
  • Oslo Off the Beaten Path by Bike

    OSLO. 3hrs. Let’s go down to the river, down to the river we go…and see the alternative Oslo by bike! Our Oslo Off the Beaten Path bike tour shows you Oslo’s amazing waterfalls and the bohemian, artsy part of the city. Off we go!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 10:00
    • 395 NOK /Vuxen
    • 315 NOK /Student
    • 210 NOK /Barn
  • Stockholm Must Sees

    STOCKHOLM. 2,5hrs. When you join Stockholm Must Sees, we guarantee a wow-experience - the hidden gems of the Old Town and the oldest, most well-preserved ship in the world - The Vasa Ship. The must-sees in Stockholm according to us!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 10:00
    • 570 SEK /Vuxen
    • 485 SEK /Senior
    • 485 SEK /Student
    • 285 SEK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

  • Copenhagen Must Sees

    COPENHAGEN. 2,5hrs. Looking for a tour that covers the Copenhagen Must Sees? Stop looking! During our walking tour Copenhagen Must Sees, you get an introduction to the inner city of Copenhagen before we continue to Christiansborg Palace.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 10:00
    • 300 DKK /Vuxen
    • 255 DKK /Senior
    • 255 DKK /Student
    • 150 DKK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

  • Stockholm City Walk

    STOCKHOLM. 1.5hrs. Nobel Prizes, Stockholm Syndrome, Swedish culture and everything in-between. Explore the ins and outs of Stockholm’s modern city centre with us on our Stockholm City Walk. There’s much more than meets the eye!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 10:00
    • 200 SEK /Vuxen
    • 170 SEK /Senior
    • 170 SEK /Student
    • 100 SEK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

  • Hipstoric Grünerløkka

    OSLO. 2.5hrs. Want to discover a different side of Oslo? On our Hipstoric Grünerløkka tour, we march from the city centre to the hipster district of Oslo. From free thinkers and artists to street art and parklands, there’s a lot to see!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 10:00
    • 200 NOK /Vuxen
    • 170 NOK /Senior
    • 170 NOK /Student
    • 100 NOK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

  • Copenhagen Old Town Walk

    COPENHAGEN. 2hrs. Searching for the best Copenhagen walking tour? Join our Copenhagen Old Town Walk. Copenhagen Old Town Walk is the perfect introduction to the vibrant city of Copenhagen - we see everything from the City Hall to Støget.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 11:00
    • 150 DKK /Vuxen
    • 130 DKK /Senior
    • 130 DKK /Student
    • 75 DKK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

  • Taste of Oslo Food Tour

    OSLO. 3.5hrs. Aqvavit, salmon, brown cheese - can you feel your tastebuds watering? Yes? That’s the idea! On our Taste of Oslo Food Tour, we’ll satiate your tastebuds in search of some Norwegian flavours alongside some city sightseeing.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 13:00
    • 1080 NOK /Vuxen
  • Taste of Oslo Private Food Tour

    OSLO. 3.5hrs. The way to the heart of a culture is through… the stomach on our Taste of Oslo Private Food Tour that is! This experience includes flavours of cheese (any colour), waffles, reindeer and aquavit. You’re in for a treat!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-24, 13:00
    • Pris från: 1330 NOK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 personer)

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