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  • Copenhagen Highlights by Bike (Bike Tour)

    COPENHAGEN. 3hrs. Explore the city of Copenhagen by bike! This Copenhagen bike tour, the Highlights Tour, will roll you from one highlight to the next, from the lively Tivoli to the majestic King’s Gardens. Which part will you like best?

    Kommande turer 2018-10-22, 10:00
    • 250 DKK /Person
  • Oslo Highlights by Bike (Public)

    OSLO. 3hrs. See the highlights of Oslo as you get your daily exercise taken care of - join us for an Oslo Highlights bike tour! If you can't decide between a walking tour or bike tour and want to see the whole Oslo, this is the tour for you

    Kommande turer 2018-10-22, 14:00
    • 380 NOK /Vuxen
    • 300 NOK /Student
    • 200 NOK /Barn
  • Stockholm Craft Beer Tour (Publik)

    STOCKHOLM. 2h. Är du nyfiken på öler? Vår guide tar under Stockholm Craft Beer Tour med dig på en öltur utan dess like, med fokus på hantverksöl. Upptäck nya pubar i Gamla stan, hitta nya favoritöler och lär dig allt om ölens historia!

    Kommande turer 2018-10-26, 17:00
    • 645 SEK /Vuxen
  • Copenhagen Must Sees (Public)

    COPENHAGEN. 3,5hrs. Looking for a tour that covers the Copenhagen Must Sees? Stop looking! During our walking tour Copenhagen Must Sees, you get an introduction to the inner city of Copenhagen before we continue to Christiansborg Palace.

    Kommande turer 2018-10-27, 09:00
    • 400 DKK /Vuxen
    • 300 DKK /Senior
    • 300 DKK /Student
    • 200 DKK /Barn
  • Oslo Must Sees (Public)

    OSLO. 3,5hrs. Want to be able to say that you have been to Oslo with pride? Then this is the tour for you. In our very humble opinion, our Oslo Must Sees offers the best of the best, a walking tour and a visit to the famous Vigeland Park.

    Kommande turer 2018-10-27, 09:30
    • 375 NOK /Vuxen
    • 285 NOK /Senior
    • 285 NOK /Student
    • 190 NOK /Barn
  • Hipster Oslo (Grünerløkka) (Public)

    OSLO. 2,5hrs. Want to discover a different Oslo? On our Hipster Oslo tour, we march from the city center to the hipster area of Grünerløkka. From free thinkers and artists to street art and parklands, Hipster Oslo, there’s a lot to cover!

    Kommande turer 2018-10-27, 10:00
    • 200 NOK /Vuxen
    • 150 NOK /Senior
    • 150 NOK /Student
    • 100 NOK /Barn
  • Free Spirited Copenhagen (Public)

    COPENHAGEN. 1,5hrs. On our tour Free Spirited Copenhagen we skip across the newly built bridge from Nyhavn to the original area of Christianshavn. From swamp to thriving city district, let’s just say there are a few stories to tell.

    Kommande turer 2018-10-27, 11:00
    • 180 DKK /Vuxen
    • 135 DKK /Senior
    • 135 DKK /Student
    • 90 DKK /Barn
  • Oslo City Walk (Public)

    OSLO. 2,5hrs. Did someone say Oslo city tour? Our walking tour Oslo City Walk takes you through the city center of Oslo, showcasing spots like the Opera, Akerhus Fortress and of course we will dig into the customs of the Norwegians.

    Kommande turer 2018-10-27, 14:00
    • 200 NOK /Vuxen
    • 150 NOK /Senior
    • 150 NOK /Student
    • 100 NOK /Barn
  • Copenhagen City Walk (Public)

    COPENHAGEN. 2,5hrs. Searching for the best Copenhagen walking tour? Join our Copenhagen City Walk. Copenhagen City Walk is the perfect introduction to the vibrant city of Copenhagen - we see everything from Nyhavn to the City Hall.

    Kommande turer 2018-10-27, 14:00
    • 250 DKK /Vuxen
    • 190 DKK /Senior
    • 190 DKK /Student
    • 125 DKK /Barn
  • Sup & Samlevnad (Publik)

    STOCKHOLM. 1,5hrs. Följ med oss till en tid då avrättningar på öppna gator och torg var standard, brännvinet flödade och levnadsvillkoren var betydligt sämre än idag - upplev Sup & Samlevnad, en stadsvandring om 1800-talets Södermalm.

    Kommande turer 2018-10-27, 14:00
    • 175 SEK /Vuxen
    • 135 SEK /Senior
    • 135 SEK /Student
    • 90 SEK /Barn

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