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  • Södermalm på Segway

    STOCKHOLM. 2,5h. Segway Södermalm ger dig möjligheten att cruisa snabbt längs branta backar, spana på hipsters och se ett och annat historiskt. Ett roligare sätt att upptäcka den bohemiska stadsdelen Södermalm helt enkelt, på segway!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-25, 16:00
    • 600 SEK /Vuxen
  • Från Lort till Lyx

    STOCKHOLM. 1,5h. Idag tornar lyxbutikerna upp sig, förr var det standard med fisklukt och dunster av latrin. Stadsvandringen Från Lort till Lyx, tar oss med på Östermalms resa från misär till Stockholms dyraste kvarter - från lort till lyx.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-25, 16:30
    • 200 SEK /Vuxen
    • 170 SEK /Senior
    • 170 SEK /Student
    • 100 SEK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

  • Taste of Oslo Private Food Tour

    OSLO. 3.5hrs. The way to the heart of a culture is through… the stomach on our Taste of Oslo Private Food Tour that is! This experience includes flavours of cheese (any colour), waffles, reindeer and aquavit. You’re in for a treat!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-26, 13:00
    • Pris från: 1330 NOK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 personer)
  • Taste of Oslo Food Tour

    OSLO. 3.5hrs. Aqvavit, salmon, brown cheese - can you feel your tastebuds watering? Yes? That’s the idea! On our Taste of Oslo Food Tour, we’ll satiate your tastebuds in search of some Norwegian flavours alongside some city sightseeing.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-26, 13:00
    • 1080 NOK /Vuxen
  • Oslo Highlights by Bike

    OSLO. 3hrs. See the highlights of Oslo as you get your daily exercise taken care of - join us for an Oslo Highlights by Bike tour! Highlight including Akershus Fortress, Tjuvholmen, Oslo City Hall and Vigeland Park… this tour has it all!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-26, 14:00
    • 395 NOK /Vuxen
    • 315 NOK /Student
    • 210 NOK /Barn
  • Oslo’s Craft Beer & Bites Private Walking Tour

    OSLO. 2hrs. Can you guess the national beverage of Norway? Aqvavit? Beer? Find out about the Norwegian favourite on our Oslo Craft Beer & Bites Private Walking Tour as we stroll through cosy Grünerløkka tasting beers and some bites too!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-26, 16:00
    • Pris från: 700 NOK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 - 16 personer)
  • Djurgården på Segway

    STOCKHOLM. 2,5hrs. Stockholm is a place filled with hills. The greatest hill of the all you ask? Södermalm, why we suggest climbing it with a Segway Södermalm tour. On Södermalm by Segway enjoy amazing views whilst resting your legs.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-26, 16:00
    • 600 SEK /Vuxen
  • Oslo’s Urban Treasures by Bike

    OSLO. 3hrs. Looking for the hidden gems and less travelled spots of Oslo? We’ll show you some of our favourites on our tour Oslo’s Urban Treasures by Bike, including ruins, a river and royalty. We’ll even throw in a good view, or two!

    Kommande turer 2019-05-28, 09:30
    • 400 NOK /Person
  • Oslo Must Sees

    OSLO. 2.45hrs. Looking to check off the must-see sights of Oslo? Then this is the tour for you. In our very humble opinion, our Oslo Must Sees offers the best of the best, a city centre walking tour and visit to the famous Vigeland Park.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-28, 10:00
    • 320 NOK /Vuxen
    • 270 NOK /Senior
    • 270 NOK /Student
    • 160 NOK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

  • Oslo City Walk

    OSLO. 2hrs. Did someone say Oslo Opera House, Akershus Fortress and Norwegian customs? Our Oslo City Walk takes you on a walking tour through the city centre of Oslo, showcasing the main spots of Oslo and topics of Norwegian culture.

    Kommande turer 2019-05-28, 14:00
    • 200 NOK /Vuxen
    • 170 NOK /Senior
    • 170 NOK /Student
    • 100 NOK /Barn
    • Den här turen är GRATIS förSpädbarn

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