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Copenhagen’s Christmas Spirit Private Walking Tour

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COPENHAGEN. 1.5hrs. Visiting Copenhagen and wondering what a typical Danish Christmas is like? We’ll fill you in! Join us for our Copenhagen’s Christmas Spirit Private Walking Tour for markets, traditions, a sweet treat and a “hygge” time!

Forget all about the frosty weather as cheerful Christmas decorations illuminate the street, locals and visitors alike are awed by the holiday designs that make up the decor of Tivoli Gardens and the Hotel D'Angleterre (they are different every year), Christmas cookies are offered for free in every store and Christmas markets take over the city.

Finding yourself in Copenhagen, wondering how a typical Danish Christmas is celebrated? During our Copenhagen's Christmas Spirit private Walking Tour, we'll learn about who nisse is, why the risengrød (rice porridge) is so important, and what the Danes put in their Christmas Eve dessert, risalamande. Want to celebrate Christmas the Danish way even more? We, of course, can't forget about common Danish traditions such as lille juleaften (little Christmas Eve), the ever so popular julefrokost (Christmas lunch) and how the Danes decorate their Christmas trees.

Oh! But we can't forget to talk about one of our favourite Danes and his importance (as well as influence) in Danish Christmas traditions! Can you guess who we're speaking about? We're talking about fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen! Finally, no holiday tour is complete without tasting a Danish Christmas classic: æbleskiver. These delicious round pancake puffs served with strawberry jam and powdered sugar are so delightful, we bet you'll probably return for more during your stay!

Get ready for a crash-course in genuine Danish Christmas that guarantees you left with a Christmas Spirit that lasts through the whole season!

Please note: We suggest wearing warm shoes and clothes in many layers since the majority of this tour is outdoors, walking at a slow pace and stopping at various sights.

Tour includes: Private Guide, Æbleskiver Tasting (round pancake puffs with strawberry jam and powdered sugar)

Interested in the public option of Copenhagen's Christmas Spirit Private Walking Tour? Find it here

  • Pris från: 581 DKK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 personer)

Information om turen

Plats: Vesterbrogade 4B, 1620, Copenhagen, Denmark


Deltagare: Minimum 1, Maximum 30.

Längd: 1 timme och 30 minuter

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