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Djurgården på Segway

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STOCKHOLM. 2,5hrs. Stockholm is a place filled with hills. The greatest hill of the all you ask? Södermalm, why we suggest climbing it with a Segway Södermalm tour. On Södermalm by Segway enjoy amazing views whilst resting your legs.

From the glorious palace-like buildings on Strandvägen to the lush, green pathways of Djurgården – you’ll get to experience one of the favourite leisure spots of the local Stockholmers. With Segway as your means of transportation, you’ll explore one of the largest islands that make up the city of Stockholm. With your feet steady on the Segway and the wind blowing in your hair, we'll stop to hear tales about the Royal National City Park, the many museums on the island, the history of the Swedes and their way of life. On the western side of the island, see some of the city’s most popular attractions – The Vasa Museum, the Gröna Lund amusement park and the open-air museum Skansen. As you travel further eastward on the island, the paths quiet as you leave the paved city lanes behind and roll along the dirt paths, getting closer to nature. You may even spot a Swede in their natural habitat (it’s no secret that Swedes love the outdoors)!

Explore areas you wouldn’t usually get to if you weren’t on a bike or Segway. It’s well worth the journey! You may even be so lucky as to see wildlife such as birds, horses, cows and sheep (or maybe not so wild in some cases). By the time you arrive back, you’ll have experienced the green heart of Stockholm, feeling refreshed and astonished that a green area this big can be located right in the city centre. It’s one of many reasons Stockholm is so special and loved amongst locals and visitors alike. So strap on your helmet, step on your Segway, and prepare for a couple hours of zooming around this royal island. We’re sure you’ll be an expert Segway rider after!

Please note: We will be standing for long periods of time while riding the Segways, with possibilities to stretch our legs at tour stops. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes.

• Guests cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (We have a zero tolerance policy toward alcohol and drugs. Breathalyser tests may be conducted at the guide’s discretion.)

• All Segway riders should wear comfortable shoes (no high heels)

• Guests must be able to stand comfortably for periods up to & longer than 30 minutes at a time

• We do not recommend any Segway activity for pregnant women

• Age requirement: 12+ years old

• Height requirement: 140 cm (4.59 ft)

• Weight minimum: 40 kg (90 lbs)

Tour includes: Segway & Guide

  • 600 SEK /Vuxen

Information om turen

Plats: Mälartorget 17, 11127, Stockholm, Sweden


Deltagare: Minimum 1, Maximum 8.

Längd: 2 timmar och 30 minuter

Kommande turer:

juni 17, 16:00 - 18:30

juni 19, 16:00 - 18:30

juni 24, 16:00 - 18:30

juni 26, 16:00 - 18:30

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