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Private Walking Tour of Bohemian Oslo

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OSLO. 2.5hrs. Have you seen what’s to see in Oslo’s city centre? Explore a different side of the city with a Private Walking Tour of Bohemian Oslo! We walk from the city centre to Oslo’s bohemian area: Grünerløkka.

Walking alongside colorful houses that could belong in Paris and older buildings with major wall-paintings, on our Private Walking Tour of Bohemian Oslo we will check off everything from artists and free thinkers to street art and parklands, we are in the Bohemian part of Oslo and there are lots of stories to tell!

A river divides the road we are walking on and takes us to the food destination of Oslo, Mathallen. Next, to it, a huge chandelier appear amongst old industrial buildings and graffiti. The mixture of it all is why we call this area Bohemian Oslo.

If you are not convinced (you are, aren’t you?!), this area was once the home to one of Norway’s most known artists - Edvard Munch. Now, prepare for the cultural injection this area will give you, it’s time to go!

Include: Guide

Please note: the price example is based on a group of 4 people. 

Interested in the public version of this tour? Find it here.

  • Pris från: 690 NOK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 personer)

Information om turen

Plats: Youngstorget, 0181, Oslo, Norway


Deltagare:Minimum 1, Maximum 24.

Längd: 2 timmar och 30 minuter

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