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Hipstoric Södermalm Private Walking Tour

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STOCKHOLM. 1,5hrs. Want to hang out with the cool kids in town? Venture with us to the hip part of town for a private walking tour of Bohemian Södermalm. We cover topics like Sourdough dads, girls with dragon tattoos and executions!

Who wouldn't want to visit a part of Stockholm that has been mentioned as one of the coolest places in the world!? Together we zigzag the streets of Södermalm, exploring stories of bars that serve the best beers in Sweden(!), a city in development and executions - all in the setting of Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy.

In Swedish Södermalm is often referred to as Söders höjder, this translates as the heights of Södermalm. Needless to say, along the way, there´s an obligatory stop to enjoy the breathtaking views of Stockholm. 

This private walking tour of Södermalm ends in SoFo (South of Folkungatan), the heart of the island and a great spot for lunch, fika or a drink for you and your fellow travellers to enjoy.

Includes: Guide

Please note: the price example is based on a group of 4 people.

Interested in the public version of this tour? Find it here.

  • Pris från: 780 SEK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 personer)

Information om turen

Plats: Södermalmstorg, 11645, Stockholm, Sweden


Deltagare: Minimum 1, Maximum 30.

Längd: 1 timme och 30 minuter

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