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Sustainable Stockholm Private Walking Tour

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STOCKHOLM. 3hrs. Lush trees and parks, 98% of waste recycled and 760km of bike lane - is Stockholm Green capital? Indeed! On our walking tour Stockholm Green Capital we walk through green spaces to talk about green places!

Stockholm is a green capital in many aspects - the city is filled with parks but has also been awarded European Green Capital Award.

Not only can you both swim in and drink the water surrounding the inner-city (it might be an acquired taste though…) not that we would recommend it though), 98% of Swedish waste is recycled and reused as a form of energy. In other words, we take our garbage seriously. Same goes for the environment, don’t be too shocked if you see cyclists riding through snowstorms during the winter. There’s a reason why the Swedes have the expression: there is no such thing as bad clothing, only bad weather.

The walking tour Stockholm Green Capital takes you from the (some parts of the year) cherry-blossomed Kungsträdgården to the green lung of Stockholm, Djurgården, the former royal hunting grounds, dating back to the 1700’s.

In between, you will walk through the world’s first National City Park, Ekoparken. Located on the island of Skeppsholmen, we will also introduce you to Stockholm's archipelago and the two bodies of water that surround the city.

Soon enough, you will have realized what makes Stockholm a role model for other European cities. Time to go green on Stockholm Green Capital tour!

Includes: Public Transport / Guide

Please note: the price example is based on a group of 4 people.

  • Pris från: 943 SEK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 personer)

Information om turen

Plats: Gustav Adolfs Torg , 103 22, Stockholm, Sweden


Deltagare: Minimum 1, Maximum 30.

Längd: 3 timmar

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