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The Grand Oslo Private Driving Tour

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OSLO. 5hrs. Want to see all that Oslo has to offer (the full monty)? Look no further! The Full Monty (of Oslo) gives you the Viking Ship Museum, the Vigeland Park, Holmenkollen Ski Jump and a drive of the inner city, all in one tour.

We walk through the gate and follow along with the gravel path, a column rises up above you, it seems to be made of men and women lying on top of each other? Thankfully, they are made of stone. Standing at the top of the hill we look out across a parkland lined with trees and filled with similar sculptures. You are in the amazing Vigeland park.

In search of the Full Monty, we jump back into the car and drive along winding roads up the mountain (more like a hill), you can just imagine it covered in snow and the Norwegians zooming past you on their skis. This one’s easy: the big metal structure coming closer is, of course, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump - famous from TV!

From sculptures to skiers, to seafarers. If skiers are the first thing you think of when you think of Norway, Vikings should be the second. On the peninsula of Bygdøy, we find the Viking Ship Museum, home to the three best preserved Viking Ships in the world. We float between the exhibitions before successfully steering our vehicle back to the inner city of Oslo.

Mission accomplished! The Full Monty (of Oslo) - done in 5 hours!

Includes: Transport / Guide / Entrance

  • Pris från: 2170 NOK /Person (Baserat på en grupp om 4 personer)

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Plats: , , Oslo, Norway


Deltagare: Minimum 1, Maximum 30.

Längd: 5 timmar

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